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Clay Staires:    This is Clay Staires  America’s Leadership Expert with podcast number 23, how to have an energized life every single day. This is all about embracing the extraordinary. This is once again Clay Staires with Tulsa Business Leadership and what I want to talk about today is how to live each day with a level of energy that isn’t just an energy that you carry inside but it is an energy that when you walk into a room, it ignites the environment. Being able to energize your environment, changing the environment from dull to extraordinary America’s Leadership Expert. So we’re going to be talking about a concept today that is something that I have had to definitely learn.

I was, before I was a part of Tulsa Business Leadership, I was a school teacher for 15 years and I learned really quickly about how to get stuck in a mindset that kept me at a level of performance that was subpar or sub extra ordinary. Again it wasn’t that I was a bad teacher, I was actually teacher of the year a couple years in row and was the Missouri state track coach of the year for three years in a row. So it wasn’t that I wasn’t a good teacher, good in the classroom, or good in the field. But I found that I was consistently limiting myself on a daily basis in what I was doing.

So as we are talking about this concept today, I just want to help you get to a place where you are free from the doldrums, where you are free from I’m tired, you’re free from oh this is hard and you are about to step into a daily life filled with energy, expression, extra ordinary fulfillment.
And it begins with this, again what I get to do across the country with business owners and business managers and even workers that I get to work with, is through Tulsa Business Leadership is I help people get into the life that they want to live. And unfortunately there are so many people out there today that are living a life that they don’t feel like they chose. So, how do I get out of that thing? Well lets talk about this.

First of all lets take this idea, I’m sure you’re probably like me. Okay? We wake up early, because we got a bit day. And so this is me on a daily basis, alarm goes around five o’clock, contrary to popular belief, I do not wake up energized. That’s right, I wake up tired. I wake up sleep. I wake up and my eyes don’t want to open. And then I swing my legs over and I put my feet on the ground and you know I’ve got that thing called plantar fasciitis, and oh my lord I put my feet on the ground, and like my first 10, 15 steps are extremely painful. But I get up, get dressed, get showered and get all that thing going.

But the question I have for you is on a daily basis when you are tired, when you are feeling down, when you are feeling frustrated, when you are angry, you have an opportunity to either own that emotion and own and mindset, own that place in life, or choose a different mindset. Because what’s going on, and I work with both of my daughters. I’ve got a daughter that is 16, a daughter that is 24. And they are in that place in life where their emotions are still pretty much strong driving force in their life. And I found this with … And I have found this with people that I have worked with across the country with Tulsa Business Leadership that business owners can be the same way.

We are drive primarily by emotion. And all of a sudden we get tired because we’ve been working really hard, we get tired because we have a lot going on and the next thing, the primary emotion that is our lives on a daily basis is tired. I’m to busy, my brain is flooded, I’m overwhelmed, I’m angry, I’m frustrated, why is this not working, and my brain is just overloaded and I am tired. And unfortunately what we do is we own that thing. Just like my 16 year old daughter. She wakes up in the morning and she’s dragging around, I’m sleepy, I’m tired. Eyes are barely open and she’s trying to eat, and try to get ready for school. And what do you know? She’s actually leaving the house a little bit late because she’s just dragging around. Hey have a good day today honey. Oh whatever America’s Leadership Expert . And she goes into school with this mindset of I am tired. And she is completely owning that sucker.

And unfortunately what that does for people that own that mindset is they will always, once again they will always live a life that is limited by their capacity. Whether it be their physical capacity, their emotional capacity, mental capacity, financial capacity, whatever it is they will always feel on a daily basis minute by minute they will feel the limits of their capacity. And they will own the emotion of the frustration and the anger and the limits of their own capacity.

But unfortunately again, I’m no different than that. I experience the same stuff, I have these thoughts of I’m really tired, I haven’t gotten enough sleep, I got a big day going on. But what I do and I think one of the things that makes the difference between living an energized life and living a life of drudgery is this one step. And it’s not easy, it’s not easy at all and it takes time to perfect, but it’s this one power move that will help you move from being an emotionally filled to being an energized filled day.

And this one step is to make the choice. Make the choice of which mindset you’re going to own. Yes, I wake up every day and I’m tired but I know that my destiny is to be an energized leader that influences entrepreneurs. That’s the person that I’ve been designed to be, it’s the person that I’ve been created to fulfill is the imprint on this world that I have been designed to make, while I’m here walking on this earth.

So at Tulsa Business Leadership what I do on a daily basis America’s Leadership Expert , I wake up, I’m feeling tired but I don’t own that thing. Again I don’t act like it’s not there, I don’t pretend that oh I’m not tired, because I am. But I don’t own that emotion. I choose to break through the barrier and I take ownership of what’s on the other side of the barrier which is the energized, fulfilled, happy, joyful person on a daily basis. Again it’s not easy, and it’s definitely hard at the beginning when we’re first trying to learn this new way of thinking. But the question is on a daily basis, and even hour by hour as you walk through the day, which mindset will you own. When you get to work and somebody frustrates you, you can easily look at that person and look at your situation through the lens of your capacity America’s Leadership Expert.

And I promise you you will always find yourself. You might have even said this earlier today, that’s not fair. I don’t get it. How come they get things and I don’t. I’m frustrated. These are things that will consulate. I don’t have enough of this. I don’t have enough of that. It’s harder for me. And when we look at people that are actually accomplishing things and successful in their life, when we’re on the side of the barrier of owning the negative mindset, we will always look at the positive mindset and we will try to shoot holes in them. We’ll try to say well they just are acting that way. Well yeah they’re successful but I wouldn’t want to live their life because they’re probably too busy. Yeah they’re successful but whatever. There’s something negative that we have to come up with because we’re trying to reconcile that life.

And then here’s a great thing that we do too.  America’s Leadership Expert We’re over here and I promise you you have been designed, you have been created to live a life filled with energy. It is in your makeup. You have been created and designed to be the Ferrari, to be the Porsche, to be the high energy, high producing vehicle. But when you live your life on a daily basis without the energy, without the positive thinking, your subconscious will realized that you are not living up to your destiny. You subconscious will pick that up and you will have to reconcile the difference between the life that you know that you were designed to live, and the life that you are choosing to live. You will have to reconcile in that inside of your brain.

And one of the ways that most people choose to America’s Leadership Expert reconcile this is they look around the room and they look for somebody else that is negative. They look for somebody else that feels like they feel. And they get close to them and when that person, when that other person that we look at, when they say you know I’m tired. They we immediately go I’m tired too, hey if you’re tired and I’m tired, then that must mean I’m okay. Bam. You have reconciled your negative thinking by comparing it to the thinking of people around you. And before long what you will find is you will be surrounded. Again it just happens naturally, it’s this subconscious thing that goes on. There’s probably some science behind it but I don’t know what it is.

But at Tulsa Business Leadership what I get to do with entrepreneurs and managers and workers across the country, is help them begin to change that mindset. Because if you’re not careful, what you will do is you will surround yourself with other people that are in that same mindset. And that is how we reconcile our negative thinking. It happens all the time, it’s how we reconcile continuing day after day after day living in our capacity rather than choosing to break through the wall of emotion and get to the other side and live the life of destiny. You have to break through the barrier, you have to choose that you will own a few identity. America’s Leadership Expert You will own a new a new emotion. This tired that I feel, is it real? Yes it is real. This frustration that I feel, this anger that I feel, is it real? Yes it is real. But I don’t choose to own it. I choose to own the energized, the joyful, the happy, the productive, the active, the forgiving identity that I know that I’ve been designed to live.

So this is how you live. There’s got to be a choice. This is how you live an energized life on a daily basis. Just had some people earlier this morning go Clay you just always seem to energized, and I look every time somebody tells me that, I try to make an effort to say it’s an choice. I’m not just naturally wired like this, I’m tired like everybody else. But I make the choice of which mindset I’m going to own in that moment. And before long you’re making the choice, you’re making the choice, you’re making the choice, you’re making the choice and then all of a sudden you find that you are living in a life that you’ve been designed to live. Because you are embracing the extraordinary. Living in your destiny, rather than settling for your capacity.
So this is Clay Staires with podcast number 23 talking about how to have an energized life every single day. How to embrace the extraordinary America’s Leadership Expert.

Clay Staires