Servant Leadership

Clay Staires has been training servant leaders for the past 10 years. He has a Six Step Model of Instruction that is powerful in preparing young leaders with the foundation of true leadership – Servanthood! One Step that young leaders need to become aware of is that “Most Struggles In Leadership Come From Having To Lead People You Don’t Want To Serve”. It’s vital for a leader to understand the reason for their personal struggles as well as the struggles of the company or the personal struggles of others.

Bret Simmons wrote a post summarizing the results of a study in the Journal of Applied Psychology based on the evaluation of 191 financial services teams. The study found…

That servant leadership that produced an affect-based trust in followers (which is trust based on an emotional bond to the leader because people believe the leader genuinely cares and is concerned about their welfare) and that type of trust in the leader allowed teams to reach the highest levels of performance.

“Clay’s curriculum of Servant Leadership is a gateway to a stimulating work environment, a jubilant marriage, and an energized perspective on all of life’s twists and turns. In a world that craves independence, he teaches freedom.” Chris Goodchild, Environmental Services Supervisor, The Children’s Center

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