Grow Your SELF

“It doesn’t matter which side of the fence you get off on sometimes. What matters most is getting off. You cannot make progress without making decisions.” 

Jim Rohn

One key ingredient in leading your life and leading other people is the ability to make quick, wise decisions!  Ah!  Have you ever felt stuck in the midst of making decisions?  You know you need to make a decision, but, for some reason, you just don’t make it (or you don’t make it consistently).  Many times, it’s not hard to decide what you wan.  What’s hard is figuring out what you’re willing to give up in order to do the things you really want to do.  This is a real struggle for most people.


“We all make choices, but in the end our choices make us.”
Ken Levine, American Game Developer


Choices!  It’s the lack of choices that keeps me stuck!  Do you feel this way?  Today, are you presented with multiple choices in a certain area in your life or in your business and each one of them seem to have a negative outcome?  “If I choose this, then I’ll have to deal with these consequences – and I don’t want that!”  Or if you make a decision, you know it’s going to make people mad, so you just wait and don’t make the decision!  Ah!!!!


“We are the creative force of our life, and through our own decisions rather than our conditions, if we carefully learn to do certain things, we can accomplish those goals.” Stephen Covey


I have worked with hundreds of leaders, managers, business owners and employees that have been stuck and each one of them have been paralyzed by NOT BEING ABLE TO MAKE DECISIONS!!  I remember being in this same spot and I hated it!


Your life changes the moment you make a new, congruent, and committed

decision.”Tony Robbins


I have developed a tool to explain to people why they are stuck when it comes to making decisions and to help them help them get set free to make the decisions they need to make to life the life they were designed to live.  I call it the Wheel of Navigation.


Most people are trying to Make Decisions, Take Action and Be Productive  (the left side of the wheel) but they are totally unaware of how the many things that are actually working against them and keeping them from being able to make confident decisions (the right side).


Take a quick moment to evaluate yourself on each of these areas around the Wheel of Navigation!  If you aren’t happy with your results, give me a call and let’s start examining your Decision Wheel and get you unstuck so you can get on with your life!



Why Did This Happen To Me? – How Life Prepares Us To Lead

Do you ever question “WHY” certain things have happened in your life?  Have some of these questions caused you to actually shut down, get angry and blame the universe for singling you out and holding you back?

Did you know that your life story is designed to have an impact on thousands, even tens of thousands, of people?  That’s right!  You have been designed to IMPACT life on the earth!  However, most of us never see the big picture.  We spend most of our days, just trying to “get by”, “to survive”, that we miss out on the BIG PICTURE of our purpose!  To be sure, management of all the daily details we have in our lives is an important endeavor, but we are each designed for more than that.

You have felt it before… this sense that “there has to be more than what I’m experiencing”.  Well, you’re right.  There is!  The question is: “How Do I Access That Something More?”

This Seminar is designed to walk the listeners through a systematic model of personal development that will open their eyes to the meaning behind many events in their lives.  Far too many of us get caught in the “machine” of life and experience all kinds of crazy events, negative and positive, that we just don’t understand.  Because we don’t understand them, we can easily chalk it up to “good luck” or “bad luck”.  But there’s more to it than that!

This seminar will introduce the process of How Influencers Are Made

  1. Invitation – what does “opportunity” look like
  2. Preparation – the step no one understands and therefore can’t appreciate
  3. Consecration – becoming familiar with sacrifice that leads to expansion
  4. Purification – understanding the loneliness of leadership
  5. Identification – acknowledging and embracing your true design in life

 This is an ancient process used to prepare people for great impact on this earth.  And it’s a process that will repeat itself over and over to increase your leadership capacity to have a greater and greater impact.  Understanding this process is the KEY to living a joyful and hopeful life filled with happiness even in the midst of difficulty and tragedy.

Clay Staires uses his own life story to introduce a model that will change the way you perceive and live your life!

“The challenges that Clay gave us were so inviting.  He lead us from one level to the next is a very personal, non-threatening way.  We were excited to take the next step!  The questions that Clay asked were so thought provoking and lead the group into a new way of thinking.”  Daniel

 “Clay, you were the best speaker we’ve had in a long time!  You had so much energy.  Your information was very helpful – I wish I had about 6 of our employees here to hear this.  I have heard wonderful things from our partners.  An exact quote from a long-time partner: ‘Best speaker ever!’” Krystal

 “Clay, we have got to get you to come do a workshop for us.  So many of our employees need to hear this.”  J. Carol

 “I have been equipped and empowered to not only to lead, but also to equip and empower others.”  Lauren 


Clay Staires