GROWTH 102 Workshop – The 5 Requirements For Ongoing Personal Development

Growth 102 Workshop – 1 hour

This 60-minute workshop is an overview of the upcoming book, Growth –

In Clay’s upcoming book, he lays out Five Principals Required For Ongoing Personal Growth. These principals surround us 24/7 in nature, but for some reason, as humans we have abandoned what is natural for what we desire to control…and it’s not turning out real well!

This workshop includes topics such as –

  1. How To Prepare The Soil
  2. Sowing Good Seeds
  3. The Miracle Of Water
  4. The Purpose Of Pruning
  5. The Art Of Harvesting

This workshop provides multiple take away “Tools For Your Greenhouse” –

  • Evaluation Tools
  • Educational Tools
  • Experiential Tools
  • Pruning Tools
  • Harvesting Tools
  • And much more…

Upon completion of this workshop, participants will be equipped to make decisions that will help them accomplish their goals for freedom, happiness and success. And they’ll probably want to actually go out and plant a garden! Clay’s approach to personal development is humorous, thought provoking and non-threatening. Most participants are amazed at how empowered they feel from his unique and personal delivery.

“Engaging and Unique!” Michael

“(Clay) was so relatable. He understands the situation we are in. (He) was energetic and he kept my attention the whole time. The presentation was very helpful.” Larry


“Clay’s dynamic attitude was very persuasive and engaging. I loved, loved, loved this seminar and I’m so glad I didn’t miss it.” Danesha


Clay Staires