What People Are Saying About Clay?


All Points – Coco Beach, Florida

“Clay’s presentation was very beneficial with logical information that can help drive me to a goal. As a speaker Clay presents a logical pathway that is a catalyst to meeting our goals in work or life. I appreciated the examples and humor that helped captivate and make the content resonate. My take away from the presentation was that there is  one goal that all other individual goals need to flow up to. If anyone was considering hiring Clay for their next event I would say Clay helps the company align and commit to the corporate vision!” — John Hoge, All Points  VP of Health IT solutions

“Clay’s presentation was very relevant and timely! Clay as a speaker is good at getting his point across just overall remarkable presentation. The best thing about the presentation was the style and the message. The big take-away for me is organization! If someone is considering hiring Clay as their event speaker do it! He is a great speaker,motivator and timely. He will help you and your company focus. — Tom Niemeyer, All Points COO

“Clay’s presentation was relevant. It had great content. As a speaker he believes completely in what he presents. The best thing about the presentation is just all the good information provided. My take away would be the principles to follow. If anyone is considering having Clay at their event they should do it because Clay is a dynamic speaker with great content.” — Randy Kline, All Points Program Manager

“Clay’s presentation had an excellent structure with the 5 Principles to Focus our Efforts and as a speaker Clay is very passionate! The best thing about Clay’s presentation was attempting to get the company leadership on the same page in terms of approach and terminology. The big take-away for me was that effort does not count. Productivity and results matter. If a someone is looking to have at their event I would tell them to use Clay’s material if they need help developing a strategy to focus.” Kevin Repa, All Points Vice President and General Manager

“Clay’s presentation was awesome! It was concise and applicable to our business. Clay as a speaker is very energetic, positive, clear and concise. The best thing about Clay’s presentation was the interactive breaks. My take-away was the Accept & Agreement. If I knew of someone that was considering having Clay come and speak at their event, I would tell them Clay offers wonderful principles for business and for life.” — Johnny Hall, All Points VP & GM

“Clay’s presentation was structured and executable. As a speaker he has very crisp delivery and a strong message. The best thing about the presentation was the 5 Principles and Clay’s solution to the “got a minute meeting” scenario. The take away from the presentation was accountability and responsibility. Hire Clay as your next speaker.” — Ed Scarborough, All Points VP & GM

Clay’s presentation was very relevant to where we are today as a company. Clay is a gripping speaker. I feel that the best thing about the presentation was the 5 Things to Organize. The big take away was that I have work to do and need to focus. Call Clay and book him for your event! — Dawn Wallins, All Points Chief of Staff

Clay’s presentation was excellent! Clay as a speaker is very motivational and inspiring. The best thing about Clay’s presentation keeping the room focused. The big take-away was Focus!! If anyone is considering having Clay at their next event, I would tell them to do it!” — Robyn Smith, All Points CAO

Clay’s presentation was relevant and timely. Clay has high energy. The best thing about the presentation for me was the alignment with successful business people. My take away would be the need to evaluate options for improvement.” — Steve Lloyd, All Points Chief Engineer

Missouri Association of Realtors – Leadership Academy of Excellence

“Clay’s presentation was helpful with good information and explanations. He keeps you engaged especially when he talked about the 4 Leadership Styles and trust building. My take away was the development of a mission statement, company vision, and core values.” — Kevin Thoenen, Re/Max, Jefferson City

“I thoroughly enjoyed the presentation. It definitely opened my eyes to areas I need to improve. Clay is a very energetic speaker that keeps you engaged. The best thing about the presentation was the team activities. My take away from Clay’s presentation was I need a Ph.D. – Pigheaded discipline. You should hire Clay. Call him now!” — Morgan Sprouls, Keller Williams Realty

“Clay’s presentation was excellent, relevant and thought-provoking. He is an engaging speaker and one of the best things about his presentation is the different types of leaders. Definitely, hire Clay!” — Pam Bowman, Realtor, Better Homes & Garden

“Clay’s presentation was eye-opening and helpful. Clay as a speaker is strong and understanding. The best thing about his presentation was about focusing on developing your business and my take away was a renewed sense of importance for scheduling and time-management.” — Don Marking, Co-Owner, C21 Peak Marking

“Clay’s presentation was interesting and engaging. I really liked the content and team activities. Clay as a speaker is awesome and a great listener. He really moved our group together. My take away from his presentation was the importance of implementing a mission statement, vision and core values. You need to hire Clay. He is fun, engaging and challenges your thinking.” — Liz, Realtor, Re/Max Results


Strand Hospitality Services-Mrytle Beach

“Clay Staires presentation was relevant. He is a great speaker, and easy to understand. The best part of the presentation was the music and his personality. If you want a great speaker, get Clay!” — Denel Rueck, Director of Sales of Springhill Suites

“I loved Clay’s presentation. He had great information to give. Clay is a great speaker because he knows how to keep your attention. The best thing about his presentation was the hiring and group interview process.” — Cathy Kepley, General Manager of  Strand Hospitality Services

“Clay’s presentation was very informative. It was much needed. Clay is awesome, has high energy, funny and thorough. The one main take away was that everyone needs to be on the same page to be sure that the job gets done.” — Diedra Anderson, Director of Sales of Strand Hospitality Services

“Clay is awesome! I really loved his group interview process. He has tons of energy and a lot of useable information. The best part of his presentation was his interaction with the group. What I took away from his presentation was that leadership is key in any business. If want a speaker, Clay Staires is a great choice.” — Kerri Jones, Director of Sales for Country Inn & Suites

“Clay offered great insight on how to manage my time. Clay as a speaker is engaging and helpful. The best thing about his presentation were the action steps.  I’m going to use the group interview process in my business. You’ve got to hire Clay as a speaker!” — Allyson Kolpien, General Manager for Towne Place Suites

“The presentation was informative and directional. Clay is a great presenter and speaker. The best thing about Clay’s presentation was how to write a dynamic ad for interviews. Preparing for group interviews is on my to-do list. Hiring Clay as a speaker will change your life.” Barbara Kessee, General Manager for SpringHill Suites

“Clay’s presentation was direct and helpful. He is direct and to the point with great style. He provided great suggestions and ideas for my business. I loved his group interview process. If you want a speaker then you most definitely need to hire Clay.” — Kelly, General Manager of Microtel

“I really enjoyed the presentation and learned a lot. Clay is energetic and captivating as a speaker. My take away from Clay’s presentation was the interview process. You should hire Clay because he is very insightful and will keep you entertained as well as engaged the whole time.” — Barbara Kasper, General Manager of Strand Hospitality Services

“Clay’s presentation was fantastic! He grabs your attention and keeps it! He gave real and direct instructions on how to have better organization. Clay as a speaker is fun and most importantly, honest reflection of what and how to be a better leader.  One of the best things about his presentation was the examples of the steps to better leadership. My take away was that I need to release my “worker” mindset. You need to hire Clay as a speaker because he is refreshing, energizing and you will walk away with real tools.” — Corina Pierce, Sales Manager of Columbus Courtyard

“Clay was very helpful and relevant for our group. He provided  a lot of actionable items that would be beneficial to our team. He is an excellent speaker . Clay provides his contagious energy and interacts with the audience.  With Clay’s presentation I now know to create a fantastic job ad to filter out the B & C players from the A players. If you want a awesome speaker, hire Clay quickly! — Michael Perkins, Corporate director of Revenue Management for Strand hospitality services

“Clay as a speaker is concise, articulate and clever. He put a lot of humor into his presentation. His presentation was great. Especially understanding the importance of core values. The one thing I took away from his presentation is how I think is the most important thing about me.  If you need a speaker for your event then Clay is the man for you.” — Stephani, Director of Sales for Strand Hospitality Services

Glenpool Chamber Luncheon

‘’Clay has great talent as a speaker. I felt the best thing about his presentation, other than the fact that it was relevant and helpful for our group, was what Clay taught us about managing and supervising in better ways. I took away a new respect for the importance of organization and time blocking in these areas. For anyone looking to hire Clay, he puts on a great presentation.’’ – Mark Scott, Area Supervisor at Jiffy Lube

‘’Pleasant and talented, Clay gave good direction for our group. He is very personable and kept the full attention of the group. I am leaving with a renewed sense of importance concerning organization and its role in success. If anyone were thinking about hiring Clay, I would recommend him as an enjoyable speaker who can create a nice balance of fun and serious points.’’ – Lisa Murphey, Manager

‘’Clay is an excellent speaker and provided relevant information to our group that was helpful and his energy was great. I am realizing, coming away from his presentation, that I need to be more organized. If I knew of someone that was considering Clay as a speaker, I would tell them to do it!’’ – Joe Hardzog, AVP of Commercial Lending at American Heritage Bank

“Clay is a driven speaker. I am taking a new understanding of “vision” away from his presentation. He spoke on organization and time management and is an effective communicator of “vision” thinking, for anyone considering hiring Clay I would recommend him for these reasons.” – Andy Vanaman, Principal at Premier Steel Services

‘’I was engaged throughout the presentation as Clay’s enthusiasm and relevant, helpful information on time blocking and organization kept my attention. If I knew someone that was considering hiring Clay to speak to their group, I would say that he is a must have speaker.’’ – Nicole Hutson, Lending Officer at First United Bank

Glenpool Chamber Board

Clay was just what we needed. The biggest takeaway for our group is our new team vision – and everything else comes out of having that vision. Clay’s content was great and his is an excellent facilitator. Clay is definitely worth the investment! Chad Coomer, Interim Chairman and Director of Teaching and Learning at Glenpool Chamber

Clay’s content was pertinent and supportive for our group and situation and he is simply an excellent speaker. The best thing about the presentation was that everything was applicable for our group! Our group can walk away with a whole new level of organization after having Clay speak to us. Hire Clay! Randy Fulbright, Owner at American Ts

I felt that Clay provided very timely and pertinent content in a very articulate way. Clay is really great about providing meaningful real world examples throughout his presentation. Several of the items he touched on were absolutely crucial for where we were as a group. Clay gave us a whole new way of looking at and working on our organizational chart. Those who have Clay speak to their group can expect to be greatly educated and will thoroughly enjoy his presentation! Dwight Bock, Board Member at Glenpool Chamber of Commerce

I would highly recommend Clay. He is entertaining and provides helpful and relevant content in a very informative way. Clay showed us how to properly structure the organization and helped us refine our mission and core values to a great degree. Curtis Evans, Treasurer at Glenpool Chamber of Commerce

Clay presented his content very well. He was upbeat and clear and can really keep your attention. His content on organizational structure was very helpful and provided much needed clarity for our group. If you hire Clay, you will be getting a clear, fun, and knowledgeable speaker and I can assure you will not fall asleep! Rhoda Thompson, Community Lender at First United Bank

Leadership Jenks

Really enjoyed the presentation this week, and the class did too. Just chatting with several folks afterward, they said it was one of their favorite sessions, and several others gave me the “thumbs up” on their way out. I think that was exactly what we needed for the leadership piece – essentially the combination of motivational aspects and some mindsets/tools about how to incorporate them into daily life. Nick DeMoss, Vice President of Communications and Programs at Jenks Chamber of Commerce

Clay’s natural and relatable style in presenting his enjoyable take on leadership and taking ownership for your own goals is what sets him apart from the rest. Hire Clay! But be prepared to answer some challenging questions about your goals! Kim Whiteman, Onboarding and Development Specialist, BOK Financial

Clay provided a refreshingly relevant leadership perspective during his presentation. He spoke in a motivating and entertaining way about expanding your capacity and influence through accountability and effort. Hire Clay if you want an energetic and educational speaker! Jeff Brown, Manager at PSO

Clay had some great stuff in his presentation. While very relevant and helpful, my favorite thing was how he inspired me to take action and stop making excuses. Christa Sutherland, MRP Controller at Kimberly Clark

Clay’s presentation had very good content and was relevant to running my business. He really got me thinking about the boundaries between personal life and business. Hiring Clay would definitely be worth your time. Gary Kirk, President at Innovative Air Pros Inc.

Clay’s presentation was excellent. I feel it helped me professionally as well as personally. The best thing about Clay as a speaker is how he is able to motivate you and at the same time show you how the information he presents can be adapted to real life. I found myself making a list of people to tell about him by the end! Karen Earle, Account Executive at Cox Media

Clay was great. Very great. He stayed on track, wasn’t far fetched, and talked about real life situations with a personal approach. His style is prideful yet respectful, energetic and still goal oriented. If you are looking for a speaker who knows how to be a leader, Clay is down and dirty! Gene Jiles, Construction Manager at AEP

Clay’s straightforward and driven style of speaking allowed me to really connect to the great content he provided. His talk was realistic and left me with some big takeaways on managing emotional situations in business. Hire Clay for a real and direct experience. Sam Sebo, Business Development at Allan Edwards, Inc

Clay was on point and to the point with direct and relevant information delivered quickly in a very helpful way. Hire Clay to speak at your event, Just Do It! Jacob Miller, Project Coordinator at AEP

Clay is very lively and full of passion for leadership. Clay’s Production Mindset Pyramid and words on ownership and accountability were my favorite parts of his presentation and I really enjoyed the motivation he provided throughout. I have and will recommend Clay to speak at other events! Natalie McBroom, Property Manager at Winfield Property Management

I thought Clay’s presentation was awesome! As a speaker, he is confident, passionate, and inspiring. I left with tools for leadership and meeting my goals as well as tools for expanding influence and identifying different ways to gain it. I would highly recommend having Clay speak to your group, he has a lot of knowledge and good information for anyone listening. Ashtyn Lancaster, Treasury Management / Merchant Services at BancFirst

Clay spoke about things that were both personal and professional enthusiastically. The information he presented was relevant and appropriate for our audience. Hire Clay and expect results to follow. Amy Vargus, Facilitator at Jenks Plac

Entertaining and to the point, Clay presents in a very well organized way and possesses a spot on approach to leadership. Jeff Pense, Owner at 180 Kitchen and Bath

Stand In The Gap Ministries

Clay gave a spot on, A+ presentation for our organization. His articulate brand of high energy, relevant content, and ability to engage his audience make Clay an outstanding speaker. I would tell anyone looking to hire Clay to speak to call me for a reference. Buddy Stone, Founder of Stand In The Gap Ministries

Clay was exciting and kept my attention for the duration of a two-day workshop! Through Clay’s presentation, I learned the importance of the different roles involved in each level of an organization whether it be worker level or leader level and everything in between. After the event, I walked away with really valuable action steps to create systems for managing our program. I would tell anyone looking to hire Clay, “Yes! Do it!” Rhonda Bear, Program Manager at Stand In The Gap Ministries

The content was presented well and can easily be moved to application. Clay is very knowledgeable and motivational about organizational leadership. Clay showed me the importance of knowing your “Why” helped me to understand the Production Mindset in new ways. He is an excellent speaker and brings valuable growth opportunities to organizations that hire him to speak. Rhonda Sokoff, Project Manager at Stand In The Gap Ministries

If you hire Clay, be ready to learn. The information was so relevant and Clay is such an excellent speaker that he was able to get me out of my comfort zone and engaged in new concepts like defining my “Why” and learning about organizational structure. Kathy Poccuk – Project Manager at Stand in the Gap Ministries

Clay’s style visionary, engaging and equipping. He presented some great current and helpful content on time management and understanding organizational roles. Clay is spot on! T.J., Employee at Stand In The Gap Ministries

Clay spoke on systemization and leadership styles in a great and eye-opening way. Clay’s content was very helpful and relevant. Hire Clay to learn about running your business efficiently and effectively from a great and very engaging presenter. Karen Milstead, Office Administrator at Stand In The Gap Ministries

Project Management Institute of Tulsa

“Clay was so fun and engaging! He provided relevant content, my favorite was his “Production Mindset Pyramid”. I took away some big stuff about transforming from a worker mindset to that of a confident team builder. I would recommend having Clay come and speak for any group you have!”  Christina Hartley, Project Manager

Book Clay today if you are considering having him speak. He has great content for leadership, team building, and systemization. – Mark Pate, Project Manager

Overall Fantastic! Charisma, enthusiasm, and passion are talents of Clay’s and he used them well to help me understand my “groove” as a project manager during his presentation to our group. Tyler Sterns, Consultant – The Persimmon Group

Clay’s talent is delivering pertinent content using entertaining stories that you really remember. The best aspect of Clay’s presentation to our group encompassed the differences between processes and tasks. He included concepts of leading and managing processes to include developing other team members. Book Clay, it will have an impact on the way you do business. David Hendrickson, Project Manager

Regent Bank

Clay Staires | Business Speaker - 918-798-0852

“Clay, I have hired hundreds of speakers over the years and I can honestly say that or what I hired you to come in and speak about to my group, you are the very best we’ve ever had! I mean it! It was perfect and it set up the rest of our training day in an incredible way. So many things that I was planning on saying, you gave me the perfect set up. Thank you, my friend.” Sean Kouplen, CEO, Regent Bank

Skiatook Chamber Of Commerce

Clay Staires | Motivational Speaker - 918-798- 0852

“You were fantastic, Clay! I’ve heard so many great things from our members. Looking forward to having you back.” Stephanie Upton, CEO, Skiatook Chambers of Commerce

FCCLA Oklahoma

Clay Staires | Motivational Speaker - 918-7980852

“Wow, that was amazing! I loved the way Clay was able to keep the attention of 400 high school students in a giant auditorium! His presentation and encouraging message was just what I wanted these young leaders to hear.” Diane Johnson, District Director, FCCLA

“Wow! The kids loved you! Thank you so much for coming and being so fun and energetic. I loved your message to the kids about ‘How To Lead Your Friends’ – it was perfect! Diane Murray, Regional Director, FCCLA

Missouri Association of Realtors
Clay Staires | Leadership Speaker - 918-798-0852

“Clay’s presentation was great and very relevant to my position. He has such a great talent for speaking and keeping your attention. I loved the way he brought it all together and helped me to see in myself what I need to work on. If you are thinking about hiring Clay to speak to your group, I would say it would be well worth your time and money.” Isabelle Walker, Eagle Management and Realty – Owner

“Clay provided great leadership content for running my business in his presentation. I would absolutely recommend having Clay speak to your group. His presentation is personal and entertaining and will have you wanting more by the end.” Denise McCorkle, RE/Max Jefferson City – Realtor

“Clay’s presentation was engaging, thought-provoking, and interactive. I would recommend hiring Clay to speak at your event.” Sara Gardner, RE/Max at the Lake – Realtor
“As both a business owner and an association board member, I found Clay’s presentation to be great! He educates in an engaging and motivating way through is speaking.” John Hulsizer, Century 21 – Broker

“Clay was excellent. I learned so much about myself from his easy to follow presentation. Hire Clay, it will change your team.” Jessica Hubbard, Keller Williams Realty – Agent

“Loved all of it! Clay was awesome, a ‘must see’ speaker. His presentation helped me identify my leadership style through many ‘Aha moments’ during his presentation. I recommend anyone considering having Clay speak at their event to do so.” Bonni Luckett Galbally, Keller Williams Realty – Realtor

“Clay’s Leadership insights were very helpful. The presentation content was easy to understand and engaging as he related his points to what most of us are experiencing currently. Hiring Clay to speak is well worth it.” Chris Martin, Reece Nichols – Realtor

“Clay’s presentation helped me realize that we can all be leaders and to focus on strengths over weaknesses. If you hire Clay to speak at your event, you will be motivated by the time it is over.” Ashlee Paxton, RE/Max of Sedalia – Realtor

“Clay was direct and engaging. His presentation was overall good and included interactive exercises for building teamwork.” Jen Langston-Justus, Dreamhomebyjen.com – Owner

“Clay brought up a lot of points that I would not have thought of during his presentation. He is an easygoing and excellent speaker. Text this guy! He is responsive and knowledgeable.” Blake Wesner, Action Realty of Jefferson City, Inc. – Agent

“Relevant and fast-paced, Clay’s enjoyable presentation left me needing time to digest. His breakdown of life and business processes is the best. believe anyone will really enjoy having Clay as a speaker.” Justin Farrell, John Farrell Real Estate – Salesperson

“Love the energy! Clay presents in a personal, relevant, and organized way with high energy. I walked away with great information for prioritizing my strengths and weaknesses and hiring out tasks in my weaker areas. I recommend Clay for any business person who wants to be better.” Luan Meredith, Realty and Associates 

Northeastern Oklahoma Credit Unions
Clay Staires | Tulsa Business Leadership

“Clay was very charismatic and persuasive in his presentation. My favorite part was his practical tips for management. He knows how to keep a crowd engaged.” Carley Johannesen, Western Sun Credit Union

“Wow, if you’re looking for a speaker to energize your group, you have to talk to Clay and ask him to come! He’s very dynamic and presents very relevant content.” Teller, Oklahoma Credit Union

“I love the Jedi Moves! Clays’ presentation was very timely for me. He is dynamic, over the top and very relevant to the workplace today. If you’re considering him as a speaker… DO IT! He’s great!” Ann, Bank Manager

“Great information! I feel energized to get my employees excited about our company! It was very helpful. Clay had so much energy! I loved the way he engages everyone and gets us listening and making it very personal to us and our circumstances. If you’re thinking about hiring Clay, Do it! And get ready to be captured and inspired!” Sandy, Supervisor, Red Crown Credit Union

“I loved this workshop! Very helpful with how to motivate my team. Clay is a motivational speaker who helps you get people to commit to a job you want them to do because they want to do it and do their best! I loved everything about the presentation! Clay really is an awesome presenter and communicator! I can’t wait for our next workshop in a couple months.” Tracie Blackman, Collections, Western Sun Federal Credit Union

“Clays’ presentation was very helpful to me as a new Executive Vice President in our company and in motivating our management team. He was so engaging and informative. If you’re looking for a speaker to bring in to inspire your workforce, I would definitely encourage you to hire Clay Staires.” Dana Brown, Executive Vice President, Muskogee Federal Credit Union

“Thank you Clay for engaging everyone during your presentation. Your content was very relevant to where we are right now as a company. If you’re thinking about hiring Clay, I will let you know that you will learn a lot and you will come away feeling very empowered to lead your team.” Beverly Romine, VP Lending, Muskogee Federal Credit Union

“Clays’ presentation was exceptional! His topic was so relevant and his content was extremely helpful for me as a manager. My favorite thing was that he gave us step-by-step instructions on the process to motivate employees. I highly recommend Clay Staires as a speaker for your next event.” Wendy Zuege, Branch Manager, Tulsa Teachers Credit Union

“As an employee that wants to advance in this company, I think Clays presentation was very helpful and relevant. He made it so personable and included everyone. I loved his comments about embracing the vision of the company and how he called us, as leaders, to draw people to the values of our company and not just the rules. You gotta hire Clay! He’s amazing and makes it very fun!” Savana C., Red Crown Credit Union

“Clay made me lean in!! I’m at a point in my life where I’m looking for personal and professional growth. This came at the best time! If someone was on the fence about having Clay come speak, just jump! He is fantastic and he tells a clear narrative that paints the picture as a whole.” Megan, Loan Processor, Red Crown Credit Union


Missouri Realtors, Excelcior, MO

Missouri Realtors

“I am so grateful that Clay was able to facilitate a day of training for our current Leadership Academy class.  He was positive, upbeat and personable.  He challenged the group to lead and live based on destiny rather than capacity.  The team building exercises got everyone way out of their shells!  There were several nuggets of wisdom he shared throughout the day that could be applied to volunteer, business, and personal roles.  Our group rated him highly.”  Opal Evans, Senior Executive Administrator, Missouri Realtors

“Clay was so engaging and knowledgeable about this topic of team building and leadership training.  My favorite thing about him was his pace and his passion.  If you are thinking about hiring Clay, I say DO IT!”  Victoria Devine, Devine & Associates Real Estate

“Clay had the perfect tone and vision for this workshop.  I loved his interaction with the audience.  If you’re thinking about hiring Clay, you gotta do it!”  Dennis Jordan, House of Brokers

ADSA, Las Vegas, NV


“Clay’s Content was very relevant and helpful to me, I especially enjoyed Clay discussing his experience in helping millionaires.” Mustafa Salam

If someone were to ask me about hiring Clay Staires, I would tell them that you need to do it because it will give yourself and your team the resources you need to become better leaders.” Casey White

“Clay’s Content was very relevant  and important for myself as a future leader. Clay is an excellent Speaker!” Cy Whitener, MWU-AZ, CDM

Clay’s Presentation was very informative and relevant to me! I will use this information to develop myself as a leader and help achieve success in life. His talent as a speaker is extremely engaging and informative. he helped me to find out my strengths and weaknesses in order to prevent failure. I learned that I should delegate my struggle, while this whole time I was struggling to improve it! You definitely need to bring Clay in as a speaker for your next event, buy into what he is saying as well! You must take action and incorporate what he is saying. Vanessa Kristensen

Halliburton, Duncan, OK


“Clay’s speaking style is very energetic, enthusiastic and most of all it is fun, it would be an excellent idea to have him come and speak for you.” Lisa Tyre, PMI

“Clays talent as a speaker is fun and powerful, My favorite thing about him was his excitement about the content, it caused me to engage more.” Dori Garner

“Clay’s content was so great! It cause me to do  a lot of self evaluation”Kim Spikes, Manager

“Clay is full of energy and engaged the audience so well” Program manager, Tracey Ritz

Leadership Bixby, Bixby, OK

Leadership Bixby

“Clay’s presentation was very relevant and helpful to me, his practical delivery really brought home the points that he was making.” Tina Siebert, Circa Properties

“Clay’s content is so great and relevant, it really helps with our walk through leadership.” Gerrie Moore, Keller Williams

“Clay’s Talent as a speaker is awesome. He is real life, practical, inspiring, no “pie in the sky” platitudes, he is living and practicing what he is sharing. If someone were considering hiring Clay to come and speak I would tell them “You have to get Clay! He’s more than an engaging speaker, he is a life transformer!” Michael Jaques, The Jaques company

Jenks Chamber Of Commerce, Jenks, OK

Jenks Chamber

“Clay is great! He is very funny and easy to listen to and follow! Such a great speaker!” Amy Brinkman, Lead CSR

“You need to book Clay! I know you will love it, he is so helpful!” Amy Brinkman, Lead CSR, Woodland West Pet Resort

“Clay’s content was awesome! I loved it! I am inspired to take action!” Linda Clark, Owner, Woodland West Pet care Centers.

“I have been having some struggles with a new team and moving them to the next level. Clay’s content was so helpful to me for this area, it was right on time for where I wanted to be.  After Clay’s presentation I was so motivated to “TAKE ACTION!” Kristen Moore, Branch Manager, Bank Of Oklahoma

Will Rogers Rotary, Tulsa, Ok – TOPIC: Time Management

                                                                             Pic with Sondra

“Clay is a high energy guy, he gives a ton of interesting information and you will definitely get at least one take away that will help change your life.” Doug Bauer

“The best thing about today’s event is that Clay was very entertaining and he got his main point across well: Schedule your priorities!” Michael McLendon

“Clay coming to your group is Time and Money well spent, he relates and engages everyone in your audience young and old!” Sondria McClendon

Philadelphia Electric Company, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania TOPIC: Team Building

                                                                            2015-07-27 11.45.17

“The Content in Clay’s Presentation was so great and very relevant to our current business situation.”

“Clay is a very dynamic and thought provoking speaker! His Team building exercises were the best thing about the presentation.

“Clay inspired me to see things differently and be open to new ways of doing things, The hoola-hoop exercise was fun and engaging and accomplished it’s point of helping me see things in a new light.”

“If some one were considering hiring Clay to come and speak at their event, I would tell them that they ABSOLUTELY need to hire Clay!”

Jenzabar and The South Central Regional User Meeting

“Clay, that was very good! You were challenging but you also gave me tools to overcome the hurdles. If you’re thinking about hiring Clay, I will tell that he’s Really Good!” Karen Leiszler, Cloud Community College

“Clay’s presentation was relevant and inspiring. I love the way he kept the entire crowd connected the whole time. My favorite thing was his funny personal stories. They were hilarious and really made the content stick.” Cheryl VadDerpol, Southwest Oklahoma State University

“This presentation was very entertaining and helpful. Clay was so personable, energizing and educational. If you’re thinking about hiring Clay, he is an excellent speaker.” Tom Rudolph, Jenzabar

“I highly recommend Clay Staires as a speaker. His presentation had great content and it was extremely relevant to where our group is. Clay was energetic and very relatable and had a great connection with the audience. My favorite thing about this presentation was that it had clear ideas that were expressed in an inviting format. I loved it.” Dan Thomas, Jenzabar

“If you’re thinking about hiring Clay as a speaker, DO IT! You will NOT be disappointed!” Jessie White, Hill College

Tulsa Area Human Resource Association (TAHRA)

                                                                         2015-03-18 13.18.00

“Clay was a wonderful speaker for our event. I immediately contacted our state association about having him speak to a broader audience. Our members really enjoyed his presentation and the practical tools he provided.” Michelle Lehman, President, TAHRA

“Clay was excellent and had great content with a wonderful delivery. If you are thinking about hiring Clay, you will be blessed in hearing him speak. He is a true professional trainer.” Travis Jones, CDPartners Inc.

“Clay is able to capture your attention and hold it for the entire time. He doesn’t just read off of the power point. He had so much interaction with our group. Book him now!!” Natahlie Miner, Helmerich & Payne, Tulsa

“This was great! Very motivating and entertaining. Hire Clay… you won’t be disappointed!” Amy Sawn, M&M Manufacturing

“Clays presentation was practical and can be put to use immediately. His speaking talent is engaging and enthusiastic. My favorite thing about the presentation was that I can this take back to the office and implement it today! Clay knows his material and presents it in a engaging way.” May Xaiyasang, Helmerich & Payne, Tulsa

Oral Roberts University Students – The Wells of Wealth

2015-03-11 11.24.33

“Wow, Clay’s introduction really captured my attention! His whole presentation had so much passion, energy and knowledge. If you’re thinking about having Clay come speak to your college students, I would say definitely do it! You won’t regret it.” Jordan, ORU Student

“I really enjoyed this workshop! My big takeaway is that it’s not that hard to dominate my competition when looking for a job. For those thinking about hiring Clay to speak to college students, I’d say, ‘Go for it! He’s awesome!’” Sarah, ORU Student

“I loved this seminar! I was very useful and I’m so glad I came! Clay was very funny and personal. The thing I liked the most was that he memorized my name (along with several others) and referred to me several times. Coming from a college student to anyone interested in bringing Clay in to speak…’Go for it! It will be a great plan for your students.’” Alyssa, ORU Student

“This seminar was very helpful for where I am right now. How to dominate my competition when interviewing; 4 ways to get money; the Wells of Wealth – Wow, loved it! You need to have Clay come speak to your college students. He is pure amazing!” Benjamin, ORU Student

“This seminar was relevant, practical and helpful on so many levels! I can even think of many adults that need to hear this. Clay was entertaining and engaging – we love this as college students. My advice is to get Clay to come, and get ready to take notes and change your life! You are not a kid anymore!” Danielle, ORU Student

“This was so relevant because everyone my age wants to stand out to our employer and be recognized. Clay was so smooth and excited about what he was telling us. He truly brought life into our classroom. You need to call Clay right away if you’re looking for someone who can give everyone something they can relate to.” Danielle, ORU Student

“I loved this presentation! It was very helpful for me right now. You should call Clay right now and hire him to come speak.” Mark, ORU Student

“Very practical and applies to my life right now immensely!” James, ORU Student

“Wow, this was powerful! I was inspired! Clay was, like, bleeding passion! Don’t you dare deprive potential viewers of this presentation on The Wells of Wealth! This one is a life changer!” Matthew, ORU Student

Christian Camp and Conference Association – Administrating Your Vision and Mastering Leadership

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“30 years of sectional and motivational meetings… this has been one of the best! Simplified and fast paced! Love it! Plenty of content.” Jim Behling, Deer Creek Camp

“This was so relevant and helpful! The best thing was all the practical tools and resources. If you’re thinking about hiring Clay, you will learn a lot about yourself and your company.” Josh Beard, New Life Ranch

“Clay was very in depth and professional on corporate leadership. I loved all the resources he provided. If you’re thinking about hiring Clay, GET HIM NOW!” Mark Chapman, Lakeview Camp

“Clay answered specific questions we had! It was so relevant and helpful. You gotta hire this guy!” Greg Morton, Ceta Canyon

“This was very relevant. I feel like I was drinking from a firehose. Clay was very knowledgeable and engaging as a speaker. The best things were all the tools he gave us. Clay is very entertaining while still communicating the info he gives.” =

“This was very relevant! He wanted to just give us a drip, but it was a fire hydrant. He was highly organized and I loved his personal stories. Clay doesn’t do anything halfway!” Mark Black, El Shaddai Retreat Center

“Wow, this was very helpful! Clay was a very inspirational and practical speaker. I loved all the practical content he gave us. If you’re thinking about hiring Clay, DO IT! You won’t be disappointed!” Ben Smith, Camp David Of The Ozarks

“I wanted more time! This workshop was great! Clay is a wonderful communicator and I loved his willingness to share his personal struggles. If you’re thinking about hiring a speaker, only bring Clay if you want a kick in the pants to get moving!” Paul Biles, Camp Tejas

“Three words… Clay Is Good!” Kelly Johnson, Shepherd Of The Ozarks

Sand Springs Chamber of Commerce – Your Daily Steering Wheel (Time Management)

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“Wow, Clay was spot on for me. Brilliant talent as a speaker. Loved the topic and his energy. He has a presentation that everyone would benefit from.” Chris Cook, Phoenix Residential Services

“This was very helpful. Clay was professional. My biggest takeaway is ‘Keep My Hand On The Wheel’. He would be a great choice for a speaker at any event.” Abel Cook, Tulsa Federal Credit Union

“Absolutely relevant and simple to implement! Clay is a very good speaker with very simple steps to put into action.” Jean Hopkins, Tulsa Federal Credit Union

“Clays presentation was very clever and applicable to daily life. I really liked all of his examples.” Kristen Cepack, Post Oak Lodge and Retreat Center

“Loved this presentation because it was so relevant. He did what he promised… EDUTAINMENT! He was excellent in keeping peoples attention. Anyone looking for a great speaker… Call Clay!” Shelly Pahsetopah, Green Country Federal Credit Union

“Mr. Staires, Thank you for your “edutainment” yesterday. Your “4 words of doom” really hit home for me. I am a mental health counselor and in my work with individuals, families, and relationships I often hear the “4 words of doom.” Most often, in my field and most likely yours as well, the majority of issues occur from forgetting to use basic skills that we all know, yet take for granted. Apparently, I need to take my own advice and get back to the basics of time management rather than rely on a an overwhelmed memory, supersized stacks of papers on my desk, and a billion different apps that don’t communicate with each other. I created a steering wheel this morning in 15 minutes and have done so well that I even found time AND REMEMBERED to write a “thank you” email to you. Thanks Again!” Alex Price, MS LPC

Pro100 Realtors Association 2015 Annual Kickoff Breakfast in Joplin, Missouri

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“Clay, from what I heard from many others, and I’ve been in this business for a long time, you were the best we’ve seen at one of our events. You hit the nail on the head! I really enjoyed your presentation and I’ve started on your Daily Steering Wheel Time Management System. I’ve talked with a couple of others and we would like for you to come back next year to our Annual Kickoff Breakfast. Thank you so much!” Allen Hall, President, Pro100 Realtor Association, Joplin, MO

“Clays presentation was SPOT ON – USEFUL AND PRACTICAL TOOLS FOR CHANGE! He was energetic and engaging. My Big Takeaway was the To Do List Printed In Hand! I recommend Clay for other events.” George Brockman, Pro100 Realtors, Joplin, Mo

“Clay really hit home with everyday challenges. He had a fantastic personality and really relates well with the audience. Time Management is one of our biggest holdups. My Big Takeaway is to make scheduling simple instead of using all kinds of fancy calendars and programs. I left feeling excited and ready to take on the New Year! I recommend Clay for other events. Thank you for having him.” Lee Mason, Pro100 Realtors, Joplin, Mo

“Clay’s presentation was very enjoyable – simple and easy to implement into every day. He kept my attention and he was really able to identify with me and my struggles. My Big Takeaway was the Steering Wheel. This time was definitely WORTH IT for me! Clay was entertaining and gave us tools that are easy to implement.” Becky Alumbaugh, Pro100 Realtors, Joplin, Mo

“This was fantastic! Relevant, Practical and Helpful! Clay was great! He was enthusiastic and engaging. My Big Takeaway was The Steering Wheel. I would recommend Clay to help with our time management and planning.” Judy Lowe, Pro100 Realtors, Joplin, Mo

“This was very motivating and relevant. Capacity vs. Destiny was very helpful for me. Clay was able to understand where we are at and was able to help us become more successful. My Big Takeaway was The Steering Wheel. I recommend Clay for other events because I know he’s motivating and can give us more tools to succeed.” Mallorie Larson, Pro100 Realtors, Joplin, Mo

“This presentation was AWESOME! Absolutely Awesome! I’m so encouraged and motivated to move forward. I recommend Clay for more events!” Mechelle Lawson, Pro100 Realtors, Joplin, Mo

“I loved this presentation! Time Management is one of my biggest issues!! Clay was very motivating and keeps the audience involved. I really liked his high energy and useful information. My Big Takeaway was to write your to do’s on my daily schedule to make sure it happens. I definitely recommend Clay for other events.” Andrea Schemet, Pro100 Realtors, Joplin, Mo

“This was EXCELLENT! Very relevant and practical and motivational. I really liked his stories and his Action Items. My Big Takeaway is to follow my daily schedule. I recommend Clay for other events.” Teresa Hefley, Pro100 Realtors, Joplin, Mo

“Clay’s presentation was very applicable to exactly where I am. He was so enthusiastic and passionate. I walked away with tools to put into action today!” Alyssa Hunter, Pro100 Realtors, Joplin, Mo

People From All Walks Of Life Agree – “We Want More Clay!

“Excellent motivational speaker! I wish he had more time!” Rachel Chronister, Pregnancy Resource Center

“Clay was very upbeat and positive. I’m looking to hire someone very soon but have not had much luck picking the right person. I really appreciated his 5 points!” John Brogan, Farmers Insurance

“Clay was very knowledgeable and informative about how to hire the right people. I want him to come speak to my staff!” Pam Polk, City Of Collinsville

“Clays presentation was very motivating and his presentation provided useful tools for me to take back to my office. Excellent! Inspiring!” Teresa Brown, American Bank Of Oklahoma

“Clay is a natural born teacher. He makes knowledge accessible. Great message that’s applicable to anyone. You need to hire Clay to speak at your event!” Brendon Barlow, The Current Magazine

“This was and excellent program for our chamber. Clay was energetic and informative and very enjoyable. He would be great to have at your event.” Joyce Jech, former Elementary School Principal

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“I loved Clay’s presentation! The best thing was the tips on hiring people!” Sarah Hunter

“Clay was very helpful. He was energetic and able to hold the crowds attention. He gave us tools that we could take back to our working environment. You should DEFINITELY hire Clay to speak at your event. He was very helpful and motivating.” Kellie Bird, Lakeside Chiropractic

“I think this was probably the best presentation of the day! It was very relevant to me as a leader/manager. Clay was very dynamic and knowledgeable.” J.B. Wilson, US Lime & Minerals

“Very relevant information on explaining the realities of building a culture (as a leader). If you are looking for someone to come speak, call me and I’ll give you Clay’s number!” G. Kirby Clements, DUIT Construction

“Excellent speaker, high energy and very relevant topics!” Sam Crutcher, Explosive Contractors, Inc.

“Clay is one of the best speakers I’ve heard. He’s inspiring and motivational.” Shelly Claypool, MoDOT

“Clay is an excellent presenter, especially for entry level and middle management audiences, his energy and enthusiasm levels are top notch, I would recommend 100%.” Shane Alford, Sr. Employee Development Specialist, MoDOT

Jacob Bennett

“I would recommend Clay highly for more presentations. He was very relevant and helpful.” Stoner Nesbitt, Marco Industries

“Call him back! This workshop really expressed my feelings. My big take away was identifying my capacity vs. my responsibility” Kent Haney, Marco Industries

“Right on target! Perfect for our situation. Clay was excellent and the best thing was that he tailored it for our situation/group. My recommendation for other people considering hiring Clay: ‘DO IT!’.” Daniel Housley, Marco Industries

“Clay was easy to relate to and had a lot of energy. It was a fantastic presentation to get a lot of things out on the table and to help us grow as a team.” Cody Cariker, Marco Industries

“Very helpful and made me feel much better! Clay was wonderful and used hands on exercises to help keep us engaged. Yes, hire Clay!” Kate Polumbus, Marco Industries

Charlotte Bell

“Clay’s presentation was AMAZING! He was very smooth and his words made such an impact. If you’re considering hiring Clay, I say, ‘Do It’!” Joy Inglish, Beyond Faith Homecare

“Clay was so personable. I felt like I could really believe him and trust him. Be ready to have fun!” Robin Scheriger, Beyond Faith Home Care

“Clay was so personable. I felt like I could really believe him and trust him. Be ready to have fun!” Robin Scheriger, Beyond Faith Home Care

“Clay was so personable and easy to relate to. The best thing about his presentation was the Team Building Activities we did. You should “ABSOLUTELY” have him come speak at your event!” Heather May, Beyond Faith Home Care

“Clay is an excellent motivational speaker. Very personable and memorable.” Vanessa Braziel, Beyond Faith Home Care

“He made me think about where I need to make changes in my personal life. He was AMAZING! The best motivational speaker I have learned something from of value! He has a real gift. Thank you, Clay!” Kelly Chipsum, Beyond Faith Home Care

“He really impacted me today. Clay is an excellent presenter and very motivational. You should absolutely have him at your event.” Susan Duty, Beyond Faith Home Care

“Great personality! Clay has such a love for life and people. You will enjoy his presentation and learn a lot.” Chris Renfro, Beyond Faith Home Care

“Loved the interaction and all the interesting information. Definitely Book Him!” Toby Garret, Beyond Faith Home Care

“I learned a lot today. Clay was a lot of fun and I loved the Team Building!” Sheri Clinard, Beyond Faith Home Care

“I was motivated to learn and grow today! Clay was engaging, fun, funny and an excellent facilitator. He kept me listening. He’s a good choice to have come speak at your event. I’m already planning on when I can hear him again!” Natalie Wilde, Beyond Faith Home Care

“Clay does a great job and is an absolute pleasure to listen to.” Brooke Lowther, Beyond Faith Home Care

“It was so relevant. Clay was very friendly and energetic. The best thing was learning the difference between a Manager Mindset and a Leader Mindset. I thought Clay’s message was applicable for everyone.” Teri Arnett

“I enjoyed the presentation very much! It was very helpful! Clay was Great! He was engaged with the audience and interacted with us. My “takeaway” was, “People are inspired by what you DO, not by what you SAY. We didn’t get bored and we all walked away with something to implement immediately in our work/personal life.” Melissa Van

“Clay was a great speaker! He was funny and covered a lot of material. It was never boring! I loved his interaction with the group. My ‘takeaway’ was, ‘People are inspired by what you DO not just by what you SAY.’ Clay was well worth it. I’m glad you booked him!” Susan Gipson

“Clay was very good. I really enjoyed it. My favorite thing was the “Grow” book.” Traci Pensari

“’You can only think what you think.’ This phrase took a second to settle into my brain and WHAM! it was profound! I must be careful not to get trapped within the boundaries of my own thinking. Clay, thank you for the alert.” Dan Lehman, Regional Credit Manager, Roofing Supply Group

“Clay was one of my favorite presenters ever at our luncheons – very informative and helpful. The best thing about the presentation was figuring out what my leadership expression is and how to develop my strength and stretch. If you’re considering hiring Clay, you won’t be disappointed.” Lee Ann Reed, Glenpool Conference Center Event Director and Past Chamber of Commerce President

“This was very relevant and interesting. Clay was engaging and empowering as a speaker. My big takeaway was believing that ‘I Can Improve’ (as a leader). If you are thinking about having Clay come and speak to your group, he will be a great choice.” Jason Yarbrough, Pastor of FBC Glenpool

“Clay was very talented, engaging and inspiring. My big takeaway was the learning about the different styles of leadership.” Christopher Davidson, Principal, The Davidson Agency

“Clay was so easy to listen to. He was very good and kept our attention with his enthusiasm and energy. I wish we had more time for him.” Reed Coody, Athletic Director, Glenpool Public Schools

“Wow, very helpful and informative! This presentation is a MUST for management. My big takeaway was looking at myself with a new attitude after learning about my leadership style. If you’re thinking about hiring Clay, YOU MUST DO IT!” Debbie Timmons, Manager, Tulsa Goodwill

“Clay’s presentation had very good content and he was so engaging. Call him immediately!” Richard Oltmann, Owner, Blue Sky Technologies

“Clay was upbeat and positive. His presentation was very relevant. I liked the way he engaged the audience by using their names. He makes ‘EDUTAINMENT’ relevant with high energy to support leaders. The best thing about his presentation was that he keeps his audience ‘present through a partnership of interactions’ while he talks. My big takeaway was the action plan he led us through as well as discovering ‘I’m not the only one’ that feels alone in leadership. You should call him immediately to book him!” Laura Dillard, Store Manager, Verizon Wireless

“This presentation was very helpful. I needed this! I really felt connected to Clay and the content – very captivating. If you’re deciding whether or not to hire Clay, YOU CAN’T AFFORD NOT TO!” Joshua Hallford, Farmers Insurance

“His presentation got me so excited to get moving in a new direction. If you’re thinking about hiring Clay, he has excellent motivation on leadership.” Jamie Hallford, Zurvita

“Clay had a great presentation for our chapter meeting. We only had 30 – 45 minutes available, but he was able to condense his information in a way that was still very beneficial to all that attended. Would love to hear Clay speak at an event with more time available!” Jacob Barnett, Branch Manager at TTCU

“Clay is a Powerful Speaker.” Robin Hanner, TTCU

“Excellent information. Clay is able to relate the information to all aspects of the job. If you hire him, he’s an excellent speaker that’s very engaging.” Cindy Brown, TTCU

“Clay’s presentation was very relevant and thought provoking. His is a dynamic speaker. I really liked the way he interacted with the audience. If you are thinking about hiring Clay to speak, be ready for a presentation that is from the heart.” Leon Powell, Energy One

“Clay’s presentation was very encouraging and motivational. He was funny and enthusiastic when he speaks. He was very beneficial to our group.” Tiffany Lovell, Energy One

“Clay energizes the audience. I loved that he was so vibrant and humorous. If you thinking about hiring him to speak, DO IT!” Stephanie McCugh, Oklahoma Central Credit Union



Clay Staires