Who Needs The Leadership Initiative?

Clay Staires has been transforming the way people think and successfully impacting the lives of thousands over the past 25 years.

“For the first time since last November, I was able to NOT be here on Sunday morning and take a personal weekend with my husband without feeling like everything would fall apart.  I knew we had a structure in place and I had leaders that could manage it without me.  This freed up my TIME which gave me space so I could be away.”  Candace Johnson, Children’s Ministry Director, Discovery Bible Fellowship

“The challenges that Clay gave us were so inviting. He lead us from one level to the next is a very personal, non-threatening way. We were excited to take the next step! The questions that Clay asked were so thought provoking and lead the group into a new way of thinking.”
Danny, Collinsville High School Student

 “Thank you for not throwing answers at me all the time, even when that is ALL that I want to hear from you. I appreciate the way that you offer more questions to consider (even though that’s not always fun!), and you process with me.  You also reassure me that I’m in a good spot.  I am so thankful for the time you have invested into my life.”           Dana Agee, Redeemer Covenant Church

“Clay possesses both zeal and wisdom, allowing his teachings to impact you on hearing as well as for years to come.  I am daily drawn closer to Jesus as i apply many of the principles that I learned under his leadership.”                                        Martha Glover, Attorney, Washington DC

“Clay Staires is the type of leader the world is looking for in its current season.  His strength of character is augmented by humor, warmth, and the unyielding belief that everyone has within them the capacity to lead and better themselves.  He does not fall into the trap of compassion without action, but is actively creating a road map for success for any individual, at any level.”  Elliott Yinger, Lowry Land, Land man/Entrepreneur

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