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Who Is Clay Staires?

Action Oriented Approach:

Transformation from Living Paycheck To Paycheck to becoming

America’s Millionaire Schoolteacher!

Clay’s story of transformation began when he was 30 years old.  He was a single parent, a high school teacher & coach and he was living out of my car (yes, that means homeless)!!!  All of us are a “Story In The Making”.  He chose to keep my story moving forward.  He refused to get stuck!  Now he gets to travel around the country speaking and coaching thousands of other people how to expand their capacity to LIVE A BETTER LIFE AND MAKE A BIGGER PAYCHECK!  It really is possible!

Since 2001, Clay has impacted the lives of thousands of people.  Due to his unique delivery style and engaging stage presence, Clay has been ranked as the #1 Motivational Speaker in his home state of Oklahoma (  Throughout his career he has shared the stage with some of the nations top CEO’s and the New York Times Best Selling Author, Gary Vaynerchuck.  Clay has been featured on CBS affiliates, ABC affiliates, FOX affiliates and in numerous publications.  He has become known nationwide as America’s Millionaire Schoolteacher.

25 Years of Personal Coaching and Corporate Training: Clay is an authority in leadership training. He has been teaching, training and life coaching with leaders for over 25 years and has taught hundreds of people how to navigate safely through the dangers of life, leadership and personal development.

Executive Experience: He spent 10 years as the Executive Director of Shepherd’s Fold Ranch where he created a culture of leadership development all the way from the Board Member to the Day Camper. He is an expert in Non-Profit Board Development and Motivational Speaking in Tulsa.

Leadership Consulting

I grew up as the youngest of four. I remember my earliest days of being loud and dramatic around the dinner table in an attempt to get attention. My family was full of leaders and strong personalities so it took quite a bit to be heard. I was raised in the country on about 100 acres in Northeastern Oklahoma. My time was spent outside exploring with my horse. After college I was really scared about having to launch out into the working world. Although I had a degree in education, I lacked the confidence needed to go do the interviews to get the job I wanted. I just didn’t know how to navigate through all the emotions I was up against at that age. I felt very alone and ill-equipped to process life and make good decisions moving forward. It took several difficult years for me to discover my identity and how to navigate through all the “pot holes” that life can throw at you. In 1998, I married my wonderful wife, Lisa! She is truly my best friend and adventure partner! She’s also a last born so we love to be extravagant together! We have two great daughters: Maddy, 20 and Clare, 12. We also have a perfect little dog named Dolly Mae! Currently, we’re living in Skiatook, Oklahoma and loving life in the country!

Simple Concepts With Profound Results:

And his advice starts with on simple concept: a leader must know how and when to ask people to follow!

Just because YOU’RE ready (or because you really NEED THEM) doesn’t mean THEY are ready. It’s the classic video of the guy asking the girl to marry him in front of a stadium full of people… and she says NO and runs off! HE DIDN’T PREPARE HER FOR THE ASK and as a result he didn’t get the answer he wanted! Don’t you think thes guy is still kneeling there thinking “What did I do wrong here”?

Clay Staires can help you, as a small business Owner/Manager, avoid this “afterthefact” question! He can help you lead by preparing your team for the invitation to follow AND THEY WILL SAY YES 100% of the time!

What if you could turn your company into THE COMPANY TO WORK FOR in your industry and you had PEOPLE WAITING TO WORK FOR YOU?

What if you could have YOUR PICK OF WILLING, LOYAL AND EQUIPPED EMPLOYEES to fill in your weekly schedule?

What if you had SYSTEMS TO REPRODUCE YOURSELF so you could reduce the stress of having to be in so many places at one time?

What if you could see a HUGE INCREASE AND RETENTION of the two most elusive people groups in the workforce today… the teens and twentysomethings?

What if your company had the reputation for THE BEST PRODUCT AND THE BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE… at the same time?

Clay Staires has had great success in each of these areas. It’s all about developing your employees to “Share The Load Of Success”.

A History of Success:

Clay’s has been awarded The Teacher of the Year and Coach of the Year in Missouri and was recently awarded the 2012 Chamber Citizen of the Year in Skiatook, Oklahoma. With his engaging, humorous and relevant delivery style, Clay has a unique ability to connect with today’s leaders in a memorable and impacting way. Clay knows how to build successful teams!


Engaging and Interactive Presentations:

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