GROWTH 101 Workshop – How you think is the most important thing about you!

Growth 101 Workshop – 1:15 minutes

“How You Think Is The Most Important Thing About You”

This is a 75-minute, educational and interactive workshop introducing the concept that “How you think is the most important thing about you”. (Your Thoughts will lead to your Feelings. Your Feelings will shape your Beliefs. Your Beliefs will determine your Actions and your Actions will ultimately determine your Results). Clay’s approach to personal development is humorous, thought provoking and non-threatening. Most participants are amazed at how empowered they feel from his unique and personal delivery.

This workshop includes:

  1. A motivation presentation that will inspire and energize your group to begin taking the necessary steps to engage in intentional personal growth;
  2. A shocking demonstration to anchor a new way of thinking;
  3. A Personal Development Inventory Survey to isolate significant areas of weakness
  4. A short group break – out session that promises to make you feel like you’re not alone in the process.

This workshop has a reputation for producing many “Ah-Ha” moments for participants that have been struggling with feeling stuck for a long time. Six Power Tools Of Personal Growth are discussed in detail…

  1. Goal Setting
  2. Responsibility For Your Own Actions
  3. Objective (Out of the Box) Thinking
  4. Willingness To Embrace The Process
  5. Thanks And Gratitude
  6. Helping Others

Upon completion of this workshops, participants will have made new decisions in regards to their personal growth based upon new ways of thinking and they will have specific action steps to implement starting as soon as the next day! Although it is just a workshop, it has been known to radically impact people’s lives.

WARNING – Tears (from laughing and crying) are not uncommon during this workshop as participants (men and women alike) realize for the first time that it’s been their “WAY OF THINKING” that has been keeping them from experiencing the freedom, happiness and success that they have always felt was just out of reach! “I wish I had known this earlier” is a common response.

“The challenges that Clay gave us were so inviting. He lead us from one level to the next is a very personal, non-threatening way. We were excited to take the next step! The questions that Clay asked were so thought provoking and lead the group into a new way of thinking.” Daniel

“Clay Staires is the type of leader the world is looking for in its current season. His strength of character is augmented by humor, warmth, and the unyielding belief that everyone has within them the capacity to lead and better themselves. He does not fall into the trap of compassion without action, but is actively creating a road map for success for any individual, at any level.” Elliott

“Clay’s curriculum of Servant Leadership is a gateway to a stimulating work environment, a jubilant marriage, and an energized perspective on all of life’s twists and turns. In a world that craves independence, he teaches freedom.” Chris

“It’s a presentation that makes you think about the areas which need development and Clay does a good job of flushing those areas out.” Taylor

Clay Staires