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Clay: This is Clay Staires with Tulsa Business Leadership in Podcast Number 54: Convergent Circles. In this episode, what I’m wanting to speak about, as the leader of Clay Staires Tulsa Business Leadership, is finding the sweet spot in our life, finding the place where we are passionate, where we are walking in purpose, as well as making a profit.

We’re going to be talking about these three different concepts and how we can bring them together and be working in a spot as Tulsa Business Leadership. We can begin working in a spot where we are in convergence. Convergence is where all three of these areas come together America’s Leadership Expert.

First of all, let’s talk about what the picture is going to look like. If you can get a picture in your head here of three circles coming together. I’m going to use a term from my education days as a school teacher, a Venn diagram.

There’s going to be three circles. We’re going to let these three circles come together. We’ll have two circles that will kind of overlap one another a little bit side by side, and then the third circle will bring up in the center of these, kind of bring them up, and so the third circle is overlapping both of the circles, so there’s a space right in the center now of the three circles, where all three of them come together. This space right here is what we’re going to call convergence.

Let’s talk about what these three circles is, this place in our life. Once again, I get to spend a lot of time, as Clay Staires Tulsa Business Leadership, speaking with business owners, leaders, entrepreneurs across the country about their fulfillment in their life. Many times, business leaders, business owners have started a company and they’re very excited, but even after 30 years, they’re not experiencing the measure of fulfillment and the measure of freedom that they would like to enjoy.

How do we reach that place of fulfillment? How do we live in that space of fulfillment and freedom in our life on a consistent basis? Yeah, there may be days that are better than others, but on a consistent basis, we feel confidence. We have a high level of confidence that we are living in fulfillment and freedom. We are living in purpose.

Let’s talk about these three areas. Once again, as Clay Staires Tulsa Business Leadership, we have the first area, which is what I call passion. Passion. These are things that I am passionate about. These are things that get me energetic. They are things that I become emotional about very quickly.

It could begin with things that I feel are injustices in the world. America’s Leadership Expert Change in the world that I want to bring. Things that I notice in the news. Things that I notice in society that this is not right. This should be different. “I have experienced change. I have experienced something in my life, and I am passionate about helping other people experience this in their life” or “I have experienced this and I’m passionate about helping other people not experience this in their life.”

It becomes a real cause. It becomes a real purpose. It becomes a real passion in our life. Something that we are very focused on and we have a lot of energy on. We can spend hours and hours and hours focused on this specific area.

Again, these are just very possibly just injustices that we see that need to be fixed in the world. America’s Leadership Expert This can be an area where we begin to tap into what our passions are. It’s things that we care deeply about.

The second circle is what I call … We’ll say that the passion circle is the upper left circle. In the Clay Staires Tulsa Business Leadership, the right top circle is going to be our purpose circle. This is the reason for being here on the planet. This is what I have discovered is my reason for being here on the planet. My purpose. My mission. It is my design.

I’ve got a good friend in Tulsa, Oklahoma that runs an organization called Your One Degree, and he helps businessmen and women across the country discover their design. The D is their drivers. The E is their experiences, S is skills, I is interest, G is gifts, and N is nature.

What is your design? I’ve found this so, so often with business leaders traveling across the country, as Clay Staires Tulsa Business Leadership, and finding that there are many leaders that have a vision, many leaders that have a desire to see something happen, but unfortunately, they are not in alignment.

The job that they have or the business that they have, their daily activities today are not in alignment with their purpose why they were here, their natural skills, their natural gift set, the reason why they have been put here on earth, so they find themselves on a daily basis not tapping into a bigger why, W-H-Y, not tapping into a deeper well of fulfilling a purpose in their life.

We have passion. We have purpose. The third one, which is … This is the real interesting one. Again, growing up in a ministry family, my entire upbringing was in a ministry family, we were all connected with the whole purpose and passion. What we weren’t connected with and what we didn’t really know how to do was the third P, which is profit.

How do we make money doing our purpose and our passion? America’s Leadership Expert By adding this third spot, finding a way to make a living, finding a way to create a financial vehicle to help you get where you want to get in life, so your passions can actually be played out, so your purpose can be played out on a bigger and bigger and bigger playing field.

For me, I have always felt, since I was a little kid, that my footprint here on earth would be much bigger than just my neighborhood. It would be bigger than just my town or my city. It would even be bigger than the state that I was in or even the nation. I have always felt, since I was a small kid, that my footprint would be a global footprint. I didn’t know what all that meant. Still, to this point, I’m looking for opportunities to have that global footprint.

The idea here is … The frustration that I would experience, as Clay Staires Tulsa Business Leadership, trying to get my life to be big enough to have a global impact was very, very frustrating because, probably, because I didn’t know any better, I continued to choose financial vehicles that were not large enough to get me to where I wanted to go. What I mean by that is I just wasn’t making enough money.

As a school teacher for 15 years, I loved teaching school. America’s Leadership Expert I felt like I was definitely in my purpose. I was definitely doing my passion in teaching for sure and fulfilling what I feel is the reason for me to be here on earth is to teach, train, equip, encourage. I love doing those things. However, the financial vehicle as a school teacher was not going to get me to the future that I desired, so I had to change vehicles.

As I changed from education, I moved over into the non-profit sector, where I took over my family’s ministry. It was more of a business role running a large organization with multiple employees and facilities and so on. I did that for 10 years, but during that time, I discovered that this financial vehicle is not going to get me where I want to go either.

It was about this time, five years ago, when I discovered and decided to start my own company as Clay Staires Tulsa Business Leadership. As I have started and run this company for the last five years, I’m now discovering that this vehicle provides much more financial freedom than the jobs that I’ve had in the past.

America’s Leadership Expert I’m able to remain in my passion, teaching, coaching, training, equipping, encouraging, speaking. I love doing those activities. Passionate about those activities. At the same time, my purpose, I feel like I have discovered a measure of why I was created, and that purpose is to help people navigate through transition by teaching, coaching, encouraging, training, speaking, using my passions to help people navigate through transitions in life, whether it be personal transitions or business transitions that they are going through. I’ve been able to find a vehicle that provides the profits for me to fulfill my passions while I’m walking in my purpose.

There has been a measure for me today in this season of my life for me to converge all three of these circles together, where I am able to feel a measure of fulfillment and freedom in my life that I have never experienced before.

In the past, I’ve had passion and purpose, but no profit. I’ve also had, in the past, passion, but no real purpose or profit. In the past, I’ve had a time where I was fulfilling a purpose, but lacked in the passion and the profit. Because I was not walking in convergence, America’s Leadership Expert I wasn’t walking in that sweet spot, there was a measure of frustration, a measure of difficulty, and a measure of unfulfillment that I was experiencing in my life.

This is Clay Staires with Podcast Number 54: Convergent Circles in Tulsa Business Leadership.

Clay Staires