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This Content Was Written for Clay Staires

Clay Staires is the award-winning entrepreneur and business consultant that provides the top business speaker Tulsa services for those who are looking to engage their audience and ignite their conference. His number one goal is to bring clarity, information and entertainment to be able to help small business owners reach the next level of profitability, growth, and success in their industry. He’s a strong believer and supporter of small business owners because he is focused on helping them dominate their local economy. Change a culture, change your leadership and change your mindset are all things that he will go over during his business talk at your event. Customize your talk today with Clay Staires and find out if he is the right choice for your next business speaker. Call today at 918-798-0852 to book Clay Staires for your next event.

Clay Staires excited about helping businesses grow through their marketing, branding and their overall company culture. He provides business speaker Tulsa services in order to ignite fire under any small business owners who can’t seem to get unstuck from where they are. There are businesses that it then running for over 25 years but it seemed to hit a stopping point because of the technological advances, the changing of marketing tactics and especially the next generation of buyers. Clay Staires can walk you through the changes you need to making your business, your branding and how to reach out to the next generation of buyers in a way that sincere, authentic and solving their problems. He walks you through step by step all the basic principles that he has applied in his own businesses and will use real-life examples from some of the top companies in the world.

Clay Staires is passionate about helping people succeed. He came from nothing and was able to grow several different businesses over the years which event featured in Business Insider, Entrepreneur, Yahoo Finance, And Bloomberg just to name a few. He believes that by achieving the success it is not just for himself but to pass on to other people. He provides business speaker Tulsa services in order to help people find the holes in their business and begin filling them with the necessary tools to begin to grow. He goes over leadership, company culture and the growth mindset which allows you to change, adapt and be flexible in your approach to growing your business. He is excited about helping people succeed and solve their problems

Clay Staires believes that everyone has the capacity to take their business to the next level of matter how long they’ve been in business. As your speaker, as your consultant and as your number one fan, Clay Staires is going to engage your audience with a laugh and learn format guaranteed to keep them entertained. But it’s not just about entertainment but educating those he is entertaining. People are much receptive to information when they’re laughing and learning all the same time. He provides basic practical action steps that can be applied to careers, businesses and those who are planning on starting a business. He has written several books and is excited to be able to pass on the knowledge he has acquired over the years to business owners like you.

For additional information about how to get this number one business speaker how to your event please give us a call today at 918-798-0852. Clay Staires is passionate about helping people grow, helping people change and showing the path they need to walk down in order to learn from his mistakes. Clay Staires believes that you can either learn from mistakes or you can learn from mentors. Allow him to be a mentor that you never had and engage you throughout an entire conference with information, education and entertainment. Clay Staires has a huge personality and has used it as an asset to be able to get his point across and how businesses can go from where they are to where they need to be.

Business Growth Is Right around the Corner: Business Speaker Tulsa

This Content Was Written for Clay Staires

Clay Staires is the award-winning founder of several different businesses that have been featured in Bloomberg, Yahoo Finance, Business Insider and Entrepreneur. He is one of the top providers of business speaker Tulsa services and is in the number one choice for organizations, businesses and corporations throughout the United States. Clay Staires is a remarkable story about how he started from nothing and how he was able to rebuild his life when everything seemed to fall apart. He strongly believes that people can learn one of two ways either from mistakes or from mentors. Clay Staires wants to be your mentor in business, and life and when it comes to advancing your career. He wants to help you from start to finish find out exactly what your business needs to grow and help you find a practical action steps to get from where you are to where you need to be. Call today at 918-798-0852.

Clay Staires started from nothing. He was at a point in his life when everything was falling apart and he didn’t know if he could go on. But through persistence, mentorship and the refusal to accept defeat, Clay Staires was able to become one of the top business speaker Tulsa service providers and an entrepreneur who has become a linchpin within the community. He talks on leadership, overcoming adversity, marketing, branding and company culture just to name a few. He’s a strong believer that a business needs to be able to apply all of these things and more if they are going to take the cake in their industry he walks you through exactly what you need to do as a business in order start growing today. Choose Clay Staires is your next business speaker at your next event.

His number one goal will always be able to help businesses assess what they’re doing wrong and help them fill in the blank. He was to help you set up scalable systems, duplicatable processes and the right way to engage your employees who are working underneath you. Your employees are the driving force of your company and the way you treat your employees is the way they will treat your customers. By cultivating a quality culture and a community of like-minded individuals you’ll be able to reach out to those customers with confidence knowing that they’ll be taking care by your employees. So many people ignore culture or avoid culture. The culture is one of the key components to a thriving business and put you on the road to great profitability. Clay Staires is going to go over all the aspects of culture you need.

His number one goal is to help you from start to finish finding areas of your business that you need to start changing. You want your business to become a well oiled machine is built upon systems and scalable checklist that can be applied and taught to any new employee you have a walking through the door. You have to think of your business is more than just a building and something that provides product. Your business is a living and breathing entity that thrives upon culture, good leadership and engagement. You need to cultivate a culture and the community where people want to work, people can reach their goals and where people are happy to take care of your customers. It’s more than just about selling products but about connecting with individuals.

For more information on business speaker Tulsa services provided by Clay Staires for your next event call us today at 918-798-0852. We want you to take pride in your event and we guarantee that Clay Staires will not let you down when it comes to education, entertainment and filling in the blanks of all the questions you have regarding your business. Start thriving and quit surviving. Focus on the number one speaker who can provide you with the best business solutions to start getting your business where it needs to be. Our number one goal is to see small business owners reap the harvest of great success and start scaling in a way that’s profitable only for yourself but also for your employees.

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