Find Business Coach Tulsa Clay Staires wants to help you identify yourself in order to Grow Yourself you need to know who you are. That is very influential in who we want to become because if we don’t know who we are we don’t know who we are becoming it just happens before our eyes without ever getting down to the root of why we do the things that we do and the patterns that we have. He likes to use a navigating wheel in order for you to figure out who you are. If you want to take the next step in identifying yourself he has a system that could help you better understand yourself.

The wheel of navigating change can Find Business Coach Tulsa is a great tool to use for those of you who have trouble figuring out where to start when the question “who are you” pops up you are more prepared than ever to answer the question. You first want to know your passions, this is important because your passions are what you love and enjoy doing. Having a passion will help you balance your life. You will also want to know your story, what makes you, you? Where did you come from in the sense of how you were raised and how you grew up, what have you been through that makes you the person you are today? That also plays into the part of processing your struggles, if you have a rough story where you had a rough childhood. Being able to identify your struggles and process them allows you to heal in those areas, therefore, giving you room for growth.

If you are willing to Find Business Coach Tulsa and take the steps we promise you that following the wheel of navigating change can help you figure out who you are in order to grow within yourself! After you have processed your struggles and allowed more room for growth, you’ll then want to reconcile the pain, this is being able to come to good terms with your pain and allow it to become your friend. Your pain is going to be something that often hinders your growth and that is why becoming its friend is going to be most beneficial. You’ll then want to make decisions, wise decisions. This is where you’ll have to make the choice of what you’re willing to give up in order to do the things you really want to do. You’ll then take action, and be productive. These are all on the wheel of navigating change in order to get your life in balance and on the right course.

If you are wanting to make big changes in your life we can assure you that taking action and identifying yourself in order to become the person you desperately want to be is going to be the best option for you to get to where you’re going. That is why you should take the wheel of navigating change steps and consider them applying them to your life in order to ensure greatness and changes in your everyday life!

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