Are you trying to find a business coach in the Tulsa area? Look no further, my name is Clay Staires and I want to help you grow. I want to help you grow yourself, grow your team and grow your business. One of my most used quotes is you don’t have to keep feeling alone and overwhelmed. You can actually hire an entire team for your company for about the same cost as a barista at Starbucks. I truly believe in the statement and I live by it every day. I have worked with thousands of people for over 25 years and I have developed a uniquely effective leadership training program that can be taught at any university campus high school classroom or even a small business and a nonprofit board room. I’ve recently just been named thanks to this guy who took the Chamber of Commerce theater 2012 citizen of the year for the positive impact That this program that I created has made on this community.

When you’re trying to find business, Coach Tulsa, what you need to look at is how that business coach is going to help you. Me personally, I’m going to help you grow and teach you five keys that will get you ahead of your competition for jobs and I think that is important and I think everyone should know this because if you’re a boss or if you’re a employee that is looking for a job somewhere if you can step ahead of the game and know what’s going on and you know what to expect than that is super important. so the first one is the invitation and this is simply what does the opportunity look like here? What is it gonna bring you? Is it gonna give you? What are you going to get out of it. Second is the preparation. This is an under -appreciated step because what do you need to do to get this job or to get this position or to get this employee?

Continuing in your search to find a business, Coach Tulsa Area I want you to know that Clay Staires is your best option. that clayThe third step to getting ahead is consecration. This is simply becoming familiar with what you were going to have to sacrifice so that you can hit expansion in your life and your personal growth. The fourth is purification, and this may sound sad, but purification is understanding. The loneliness that comes with leadership being a leader can be lonely because not everybody wants to follow you, but when you find those ones that do that’s what’s important. And finally the last step to get ahead is identification and this is acknowledging and understanding your design and then putting on life. What were you put on this earth to do?

One of the most important things that comes with growing your life and yourself and other people is having the ability to make quick and wise decisions, and this is a very big struggle for some people.

I encourage you to go check out my website at and read more about me and some of my testimonials from my customers and my clients. Also feel free to call me at anytime at 918-798-0852 if you have any questions about my website, who I am or anything like that. I look forward to helping you grow in the future.

Clay Staires