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This content was written for The Leadership Initiative

If you are looking to Find Business Coach Tulsa has then you really need to be looking for only the ones who were going to lead you in a way that will enlighten you and actually guide you toward a better future for yourself and your business. You need to take a leap of faith that make sure you are trusting in somebody that can actually help you rather than hurt you and take your money. You will instantly find out that The Leadership Initiative is going to do great things for your life. They are led by an amazing human being who is compassionate and truly cares about seeing you find your path to success.

They are extremely generous enough to offer the first business assessment for only FREE. That is correct, that is no charge to you. And it is a 60 minute consultation to see whether or not you two will want to build on a relationship or not. He completely understands that if you’re looking to be mentored then you probably aren’t going to want to spend your money on every person that says they can help you because there a lot of frogs out there too. That’s why he offers it at no cost so that he can figure out where you are and where you’re looking to go and then describe to you how he can help you get there. You then decide whether or not you want to continue. The kind of value is why you want to go and we are looking to Find Business Coach Tulsa area.

You will be swept up with amazement if you just do some research and find the videos from when he was not only on Channel 8 news but also on Fox News. He was credible enough that they wanted to air national TV so that any kid here about his leadership program. This gentleman has a plethora of knowledge, having mentored hundreds of others that are just like you. Clay Staires has over 25 years of personal coaching and corporate training. As well is 10 years as an executive director. He was also awarded for teacher of the year and coach of the year Missouri as well as chamber citizen of the year in Oklahoma. He is a man of many wonders making them an obvious choice when you need to Find Business Coach Tulsa.

Have a lot to offer with their training programs and if you are a Christian leader that has been looking to build and train up other potentials who could at some point lead your Christian community that he is got the program for you! It is called the furnace training system. It is a training school to grow passionate Christians and developing them into disciples so they can mature and effectively help influence their Christian community. Shows them how to be a leader.

Please find them online today by visiting the website. You can go through it by visiting: or you can talk to someone by dialing: 918-798-0852!

Clay Staires