are you in the market to find Tulsa business coach Clay staires? Clay Staires is a business coach who has been working with thousands and thousands of people for over 25 years and has developed a uniquely effective leadership program that has been taught at multiple universities, high schools, small business and nonprofit boardrooms. Also known as a 2012 citizen of the year for his positive impact within his community, play stairs are here to help you grow, help your business grow and grow your team.

Clay stairs is your next best friend, Tulsa business coach. He has a question: where do you want to grow? A simple question: obviously you want to grow within yourself, you want your employees to grow and you want your business to thrive right? well clay stairs tells you exactly how to do that on his website. When you go and read it under grow yourself you will find A seminar that he has presented that is designed to walk listeners through a model of personal development and growth. The seminar is introduced to the process of how influencers grow and how they are made. the first thing that clay stairs say is the invitation: what does the opportunity that is being placed in front of you look like and what does it bring to you? the second is preparation. What steps are needed to be taken to have this opportunity? Third is consecration, becoming familiar with sacrifice and the sacrifices that you are going to have to give to be put into this opportunity and grow yourself. The fourth is purification and understanding the loneliness of being a leader. Sometimes when you’re a leader, not Everyone likes you. This is the truth. The fifth is identification and that is acknowledging embracing your true design in life and what God has in store for you. What is your purpose is basically what this fifth question and statement is asking you.

Funny. A business coach’s clay stairs are important because he can teach you so much About what it’s like to grow within your business in the community that surrounds you. Clay Staires have an even model when it comes to Growing your business and you want to put it into E emotion. The emotion consists of ideas with high energy and no value, everyone has them. Next is the startup, the high emotion no value of the worker and the emphasis on your skill. The next one is the business model High execution proven systems mentorship and expanded leadership and then lastly the mature business High expenses scalable accountability, trust and freedom. going to his website and taking a look at what clay stairs have to offer you and your business.

c feel free to go check out my website at Clary and you can read my testimonials about how and where to grow and also you can book with me on my website. if you prefer not to look at my website and rather just call me and talk to me on the phone, my phone number is 918-798-0852. I look forward to talking to you soon.

Clay Staires