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In order to find Tulsa business coaches that will help you develop and the person you want to be, you need to look over the company name. With The Leadership Initiative, we have a leader named Clay staires. Clay’s amazing style of leadership will help you become the person that you want to be in your company. Most people don’t know that managers are unable to motivate the workforce because of a myriad of different factors. But gray companies offer their employees unbelievable training programs, and that is what we would like to offer you for your clients as well. We offer training in increasing company and brand loyalty, executive leadership, and servant leadership. We also offer training in human resources fundamentals to help you know what your rights are in your company.

Because you may be trying to find Tulsa business coaches the for your needs, we understand that your needs may vary. If you are looking to train yourself personally, we have a couple of different workshops for you. We have a growth 101 workshop that will help you develop the personal goals that you need in order to achieve your dreams personally. This will allow you to be more responsible and your personal life, while also providing you the opportunity to embrace the process of growing into the person you want to become. The best part of this program is that you will achieve these goals with gratitude and grace as Clay leads you through this process. You will be able to give thanks to yourself for developing into the person of your dreams.

Many people find Tulsa business coaches that do not fit their needs, but that will not be a problem with The Leadership Initiative. We offer a variety of training programs such as the furnace system. This will allow you to train individuals in a Christian organization, and Clay can help you do that. Or, if you’re looking to grow on a more personal level that has exceeded what you learned from the growth 101 workshops, you can attend a growth 102 workshop. In a growth one or two workshop, Clay will develop the five principles for personal growth found in nature and you will see the benefits immediately. You can prepare the soil of your life, and prune off the dead branches of your life, just like we do with the trees around us.

So when you are ready to develop to the person you’ve always want to be, we know that we will be there to help you. We can develop skills for you so that you will be confident speaking in front of any audiences across the country, and have the ability to wow them with your skills. You will move through your life, and your business with confidence and grace, and we will be there to help you along the way.

Ultimately, The Leadership Initiative is the right business consulting firm for you because we are able to motivate you like never before. This will be an amazing opportunity for you, and for us, as we work together to develop you to the person you want to be. Visit TheLeadershipInitiative at or call (918) 798-0852 today.

Clay Staires