Are you struggling to find a business coach? Find Tulsa Business Coaches can be difficult sometimes but don’t you worry, I got you! Have you ever heard of Clay stairs? if not, that is disappointing. Clay stairs is a very successful entrepreneur, business coach, and motivational speaker. Not only is he loved by thousands across the country but he is able to gain their trust and help them to succeed in their businesses. Clay has been able to do this because he goes throughout the country to different presentations discussing personal and business development to young adults and higher. One of Clays successful businesses is called the leadership initiative and in this program he is able to utilize seminars and workshops to make learning more fun.

If you are trying to expand your business andFind Tulsa Business Coaches, call Clay Stairs! His companies has been featured on Forbes, Forbes business insider, and even Bloomberg. Clay was ranked the number one motivational speaker throughout Oklahoma by the National speakers agency ( because of his unique and interesting approach to others. Others of you Clay as being very persuasive and engaging which overall helps out the audience in their business journey. Fun fact – clay is the preferred speaker for some very popular organizations such as farmers insurance, McDonald’s, Chick-fil-A, and even Starbucks.

On, there are hundreds of testimonies of each individual in the audience of numerous presentations. There are also free videos that show Clay presenting. Clay is the founder of the leadership initiative, one of his most successful businesses. He has been successful with this company for many, many years. This business was recognized as one of the top five business practices in Oklahoma ( The leadership initiative’s main goal is to help small businesses power through in their communities by providing young entrepreneurs business skills, whereas other great qualities that will help with the continued success of their business. Clay also works with businesses that may not be considered small. Find

In presentations, Clay discusses many topics: the six qualities of successful entrepreneurs, seven beliefs of remarkable bosses, how to create a successfull business culture, and how to handle the hardships of true Find Tulsa Business Coaches leadership. Some of the workshops offer important information such as ‘five requirements for ongoing personal growth’ and ‘how you think is the most important thing about you’. What’s most important about clays presentations is tha the audience engaged and they truly the care about what they have to say.

If you would like to visit, you will be able to fill out a form so that you are able to get in contact with Clay to set up a free 60 minute businesss consultion! You can also sign up by calling us at 918-798-0852! By signing up, you will receive a free self-development book! We hope to consult with you very soon. You are also able now to type in your information on the website so that you can schedule Clay to be your next event.

Clay Staires