What should you look for when you’re trying to find business coaches? should consider a business coach who has extensive experience in a field of coaching and has a good track record of helping businesses improve their performance. My coaching business has a strong understanding of business principles and strategies as well as the ability to share knowledge and expertise effectively. and I want to help you grow your team and your business grow.

When you’re trying to find Tulsa business coaches it is important that you look at the leadership initiative which is what I clay stairs preach upon here at my business coaching business. My communication skills are unmatched and this includes listening, questioning and giving back feedback and a clear and concise manner so that you can’t understand it. I always want what is best for you. My coaching plan is always tailored to your specific needs and goals along with using what I have used in the past to continue to grow people, their teams and their businesses.

I know it can be hard to find Tulsa business coaches that meet the same needs and expectations that you do and I can promise you that I do that! I am a result oriented guy as a business coach. I understand and I should have clear understandings of results that you want to achieve and should be able to provide you with the desired outcomes that demonstrate your progress. I do guarantee that my business coaching will bring you growth and improve your business, your team and yourself as a leader. I believe that being a leader is important but I also believe that being a follower is even more important. put your team first, your business second and then you third and your life will be very simple.

Ultimately choosing a business coach is a personal decision based on your specific needs and goals. It is important for you to do your research to find the right coach so they can help you achieve your goals. I live by this and I can guarantee that I will help you go on your way. I started the leadership initiative and I worked with thousands and thousands of people over 25 years. I’ve helped them grow into multi-million dollar companies along with growth and character values and respect.

I encourage you to go and check out my website at claystaires.com and look under the tab that says where do you want to go. This will give you three options to choose from: grow for yourself, grow for your team or go for your business. I encourage you to read those and watch those videos in those tabs. you can also read a little bit more about me and why I think I would make a perfect business coach for you and your business. Also, go ahead and read my testimonials that are on my website so you can see what I have done in the past with other businesses. If you see something on my website that you like or that you are concerned with please don’t hesitate to call me at 918-798-0852. I look forward to speaking with you soon and helping you grow your team and your business.

Clay Staires