If you are a small or big business owner, you may find this Find Tulsa Business Coaching article very helpful! It takes a lot of hard work to run a business especially if you do not have any help or it is your first time running a business. A lot of business owners have many questions and concerns that are not being answered. I might have the right solution for you! One of Oklahomas top and most successful businessman, Clay stairs, has shocked people at the changes he has made in not only his personal life, but especially his businesses.

Clay staires has been teaching and leading people for almost 30 years. Clay’s journey started in 2001; before wealth and success, he was a school teacher and coach at Missouri high school. He won the award for “teacher and coach of the year” in 2012. Earlier in life, Clay grew up in a family full of leaders in each one of them had a strong personality. Back then, Clay was very shy and lacked the confidence needed to make real Find Tulsa Business Coaching changes. Eventually, Clay went to pursue a degree in education in college.Clay had a huge transformation from going homeless to being a millionaire and because of that America knows him now now as “America’s Millionaire School teacher”. Clay was awarded the number one motivational speaker in the entire Oklahoma County. Be sure to check it out.

What makes Clay staires so important is the fact that he travels throughout the country to give presentations to thousands of people in order to help them grow and succeed. He also specializes in making small businesses better and not keeping them small. Another factor that plays into the role of importance is that Clay takes a different approach than other business coaches; he is calm and collected but is still able to get the Find Tulsa Business Coaching audiences attention. That is what makes him stand out from any other business coach in Oklahoma. Clay always puts the client’s first because he digs deep to find the root of the problem so that he can find the best solution; that is why everyone that Clay has worked with has viewed him as trustworthy and intelligent.

Clay’s seminars and workshops contain very helpful information that you will use as you go along your mental health journey. Clay enjoys focusing on leadership aspect of businesses so that you’re able to better prepare your employees for the workday. Not only that, but you will be able to have a more organized and efficient business.

Clay Staires, considering he was rated the number one motivational speaker, should be your number one choice. Anyone who is interested in working with Clay in the business aspect should call 918-798-0852! We are available anytime.If the phone is unavailable then you can go to Claystairs.com and you can schedule for a free one-hour, business consultation with the Clay! After scheduling, you get to collect a free book, “The Field Guide to Growth” written by Clay.

Clay Staires