When you’re trying to find Tulsa business coaching, it’s important to ask yourself how you want to grow. I am Clay Staires and I want to help you grow yourself, your team and your business. I have been working with thousands and thousands of people for over 25 years and I have developed an amazing ineffective leadership training program that has been taught at university campuses, high school classrooms and small businesses. I am the 2012 citizen of the year for the positive impact that my leadership program has made on my community, and I take major pride in that.

If I was trying to find Tulsa business coaching, I would make sure to look at each website and each person and see what they can really bring for me and how they are going to help me because ultimately that’s the most important. If you’re going to pay someone all this money to help you when you’re in business and you know all the stuff will flourish, why would you not go with the best option. And that’s what I believe here and that’s what I expect out of you. With my training, you will get presentations in increasing company, brand, loyalty, executive leadership, presentations, servant leadership, HR, fundamental part, and personal development presentations that will help you even after I’m done working with you. And I’m proud and I am excited to see where I can take you.

Another thing you need to ask yourself when trying to find Tulsa business coaching is what their leadership idea is. For me leadership is important to small businesses. I work with mostly small business owners and I turn them into big big companies. And leadership is so important to small businesses because the biggest expense in business today is your employee turnover. A pole has been conducted of more than 1 million employees. Workers said that they quit their job either because of a bad boss or a very bad supervisor. I don’t want that to be your business. I want your leadership to thrive, and I want your leadership to grow with you personally, and with you in your business. That’s why you should consider me to be your Tulsa business coach.

I encourage you to go check out my website@claystairs.com and look under the products tab where you will find my furnace training system program, my growth 101 workshop, and my growth one and two workshops. 101 workshop is about how you think, OK and what is the most important thing to you. My 102 workshop is the five requirements for ongoing personal development. And then the furnace training system is my executive expert training system that has been implemented everywhere.

I hope that you choose me to help you grow, help your business grow and help your team grow. I take pride in what I do and I really love what I do. And I hope the leadership initiative that I have will help you to become a successful business owner. Feel free to call me at any time. My phone number is 918-798-0852. I look forward to hearing from you.

Clay Staires