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Now look what he’s doing. He’s done great for himself. He has a business he has his great personal Web sites Web sites cluster’s dot com if you don’t know if you need to contact him as numbers 9 1 8 7 9 8 5 2 and this is the year that you’ve decided to take action. And this is going to be the year that you make a massive action to improve your life and your business and take the first step. And let’s get the conversation going by calling 9 1 8 7 8 0 8 5 2. Because the first 30 minutes they’re free. They’re free. He’s been on Fox affiliate CBS and ABC affiliate along with Bloomberg the Business Insider The pandal daily Forbes and Yahoo. This guy is kind of going on. He knows what he’s doing and can Find Tulsa Business Leadership. He also has a book called Grow, an amazing book. I’ve read it myself it’s helped me personally. And you need to get it. It’s great. He found something called the E model which means you have ideas and then you have the startup and then you have the business model. And then you have above that you’re mature business how it turns out. And I want you to you don’t mistake activity for productivity creativity is productivity it just doesn’t feel like it at first. You’re going to want he’s going to want to build a. Duplicable business model that works without you. He doesn’t you don’t need to be there. He’s going to help you to build a business model that gives you financial freedom and time freedom.
You to manage your online and offline marketing systems build your duplicable business systems clarify your vision and train your team. One point of contact and one predictable monthly payment not a big deal but like I said you can call them right now and your first 30 minutes are free on them. You’re also able to go online and you’re going to be able to see. The navigating change and the notable quotes he’s going to want to get to know your identity your passions your story he wants to know your process processing struggles know your reconcile pain. You want you to make decisions. Take action. Be productive. I want you to grow grow your yourself grow your team and grow your business. And if you haven’t caught that those are some key words that grow. He wants you to be the business you want to be be the person you want to be because you. Are amazing and he’s going to help you get there because of how good he is. You can also scroll down you’re going to be able to see the evaluate your personal wheel of navigation. This is a business technique that he follows and it is a very good one. You’re going to want to fill it out and he’s going to want it and it tells him about you and yours your business and what you want what you’re good at and why you’re going to be able to get to learn more about him. You’re going to know who he is and what qualifies you to lead by, Find Tulsa Business Leadership today.
Since 2001 Clay has impacted the lives of thousands of people due to his unique delivery style and engaging stage presence. Clay’s been ranked as the number one motivational speaker in his home state of Oklahoma. So whenever you’re looking to find Tulsa business leadership this is the guy you want to go to because he is number one baby. He is the best. You are going to get in Oklahoma. Throughout his career here share the stage with some of the nation’s top CEOs and the New York Times best selling author Gary Vaynerchuk. Kind of a big deal. Clay has been featured on CBS affiliates ABC affiliates Fox Felix and his numerous public and in numerous publications he has become known nationwide as Americans millionaire schoolteacher. This guy is good at what he does. So when you’re trying to find Tulsa business leadership you go to placers dot com or you call him at 9 1 7 9 8 0 8 5 2. And I remember the first thing you miss are on him. They’re free grow your business

Clay Staires