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Whatever you try to find it Tulsa business leadership you want to go to someone who is willing to put their time into your business but at the same time you’re gonna need to put your time and your business if you haven’t already. The person is going to be willing to help you grow and become bigger clay stairs. Clay stairs is the person that is going to be willing to put as much time as you willing to give him into your business needs to do the best that he possibly can to make sure that your business is amazing Clay story of transformation began when he was 30 listing high school teacher and coach and was living out of his car yeah was homeless. Everyone has a story in the making and he chose to keep his story moving forward and he refused to get stuck now he gets travel around the country speaking coaching thousands of other people on how to expand the capacity to live a better life and make a bigger paycheck because it really is possible. Clay follows multiple business tactics and models that are going to he’s going to put to the test and use them for your business as well he was one of the best quotes is you don’t want to mistake activity for productivity creativity is productivity it just doesn’t feel like it and that’s what the E model is kinda based on because you start with an idea and you work to start up and you have a business model and then you make them visible into mature business and by the time you have a mature business you’re Artie have high experiencing you are scalable you have more accountability as well as your more trusted and you have financial freedom as well as maybe even more time freedom who knows maybe maybe not as much time freedom is way he also has the six steps of freedom you need to have a Y and the Y creates a purpose and the reason you’re doing something and you need to have aware and went to where you need to have goals sent between 1 to 3 or five years and how one of your try to find Tulsa business leadership this where you want to go and then you need to have a what and that means it’s the task you have what you work this creates the growth in your business as well as the how which is your systems or processes and that’s my be able to create your freedom and then what is all about your issues and your hurdles and how you be able to make changes and this can increase the efficiency of your company as well as just the efficiency of yourself. Please worked with so many businesses and owners that have become overwhelmed by all of the details of running their company and it’s sad to see them discouraged in the vision that was supposed to bring them so much hope either they’re having a hard time getting up and going war many times too much for them and Clay has helped them whenever they’re try to find a business leadership because he’s very good at it so give them a call today and 9187980852

Whenever you look to find Tulsa business leadership you are going to want to go to Clay stairs. Clay stairs is going to be able to provide you and your business with everything you need to be able to grow and get bigger and that’s what you should be looking for one of your trying to find Tulsa business leadership someone who is willing to put in the time and the money and effort to make sure that your business makes it to its full potential and not a lot of people are willing to do that maybe not even yourself are willing to put so much money into your business maybe not confident about it but Clay is going to do everything they can to make sure the you or going to you which one and get what you pay for one of you go to him to see once a week is going to want to have a meeting Find Tulsa Business Leadership you and talk to you about the progression sages and what he’s doing to make your business gets where it needs to be in the US pay a monthly bill which is a big deal. You can call Clay today at 918780852 to get your free 30 minute business consultation as well as how if you go on his you going to be able to see all the Find Tulsa Business Leadership that he’s been a part of this like Fox 23 news CBS ABC Forbes list and so many others and if you just now deciding to take action and that this year is going to be the year that you’re going to to take massive action to improve your life and your business the first step is to call Clay do it today and get in touch with him through Facebook and twitter as well. Clay want to help you build a business model that gives you financial and time freedom he wants to manager online and off-line marketing as well as build your duplicate will business system he wants to clarify your vision and train your team to their full potential so that their working to the best of their ability and being very diligent about it he uses the the E Find Tulsa Business Leadership which is all about how he’s going to take your business from an idea to a mature business and you start Find Tulsa Business Leadership ideas and then you have a startup in your business model and then you’re back in a mature business and you’re making money your you have high experiences or scalable year accountability rate or higher your trust with other people as well as your freedom from multiple things is just better everyone needs a coach with no feedback no coaching this is no way to improve Find Tulsa Business Leadership that’s what Clay stairs is going to be able to provide you he’s going to tell you what you need help with and what needs to not happen and when he change he’s going to be there to tell you how to make everything better ideas are easy but implementation is hard and Clay stairs to be able to help you whenever it comes to that so give them a call today and 918-798-0852.

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