Are you currently having complications in your business? Whether these complications are small or big, human resource consulting Tulsa can help find a solution. Many will agree that running a business can be difficult and there are many owners running the businesses without the necessary knowledge for prolonged success. With our help, you can have a more organized business that works for you and not against you. Our owner, Clay Stairs, has had more than 20 years of experience working with business clients, presenting motivational speeches, and running several successful businesses. Clay has been working with human resource consulting Tulsa for many years and this specific company is what led Clay towards the path of success.

Human Resource Consulting Tulsa offers many programs that can assist you with your business needs – from seminars and workshops to interactive presentations. Whether you have a few questions or are drowning in your business, we got your back! We make our seminars super fun and informative in order to to get our message across. Our sole purpose is to make learning and growing the most interesting topic AND on the top of your list! Through the many programs that we offer, we discuss topics such as “the main qualities of successful entrepreneurs”, “beliefs of the best bosses”, “how to create a successful business culture”, among many more. There are programs , we are able to help change the way business owners view their problems.

Clay Staires has been named the #1 motivational speaker in Oklahoma. Due to his unique and welcoming way of presenting, Clay has been able to lift the fog within many people and has created an impact on the many entreprenuers all around the country. Clay has been a motivational speaker in many places; spaces include assembles, graduations, church services, universities, and even summer camps. Human Resource Consulting Tulsa has helped Clay to become the person that she has always wanted to be by changing the way he views arising business problems. They have also helped Clay by forcing him out of his comfort zone and forcing a new way of thinking that clears a distinct path for success.

Featured on our website, there are many video statements from business owners that have have been hugely impacted from visiting our seminars and workshops. Human resource consulting Tulsa has enough dependibility due to the major change that Clay was able to make after years of working with them. If you are still unsure about the company, go to our website and see for yourself major impactions that can be made.

If you are needing to make a major change in your business or simply just have a few questions, visit Clay and get a free business consultation scheduled! Or, call us today at 918 – 798 – 0852 to inquire about availability for our seminars and workshops. After receiving your inquiry, we will send you “A Field Guide to Growth”, a book that will help you begin your personal development journey.

Who Are The Human Resource Consulting Tulsa Specialists That Can Offer Great Support?


Are you looking to start a business? If so, you must have many questions. These questions can easily be Googled but most of the time, it is not the correct information or it is “butchered”. It is more helpful to work with a business coach rather than trying to find the answers yourself. Here at Human Resource Consulting Tulsa, we have a ready-to-go business coach that is tailored for you. Clay Stairs is an award-winning and successful business owner who has worked with this specific company for years. Stairs has been placed in the position of the number one motivational and business speaker in Oklahoma by the National Speakers Bureau.

Human Resource Consulting Tulsa is a business that was built for young adults and older who are interested in becoming an entrepreneur or are in need of assistance in their business. Even if you are currently working on the business plan or simply just getting started, we can help you to revise and conquer it. Most of these business consulting practices give out basic instruction that is the least informative and present it in a way that is monotonous. We are different because we offer many different workshops and seminars as well as a business plan directly tailored to your needs and wants for the business.

We offer the leadership initiative, a set of curated programs created by Clay Stairs that works with Human Resource Consulting Tulsa to help young entrepreneurs with their business needs. The leadership initiative was recognized as one of the top five consulting practices in Oklahoma. What makes this company number one out of all five listed is because we are different in the best way possible.We want to help YOU improve your business and your life

Our seminars and workshops can range from an hour to two hours. These programs offer help with project management, leadership, learning how to be efficient and many other subjects that can determine where your business will be in the next five years. What makes these programs so special is that not only are they tailored specifically for you, but they contain information and lessons that can only be acquired from years of failures/unintentional bad decisions. Each program features a coloful presentation that will inspire and help to motivate. Each workshop contains interactive tools that will help make you feel comfortable and able to connect to others around you. We are more than happy to assist you.

You may be curious, how does this work? First, visit our website and read Clay’s biography so that you can easily identify with him better. Also, please watch the testimonies from the many people we have helped – this will help you make the right decision when looking for the right business coach. Then, you can sign up for a business consultation for free and receive a book that will help guide you on your personal development journey, “the Field Guide to Growth”. If internet is and accessible, feel free to call us at 918 – 852 – 0852

Clay Staires