Currently in the year of 2022, there are many businesses that are in dire need of help and are on the verge of shutdown. Many of these individuals are struggling to manage the business correctly or pay the bills at the end of the month. You may be wondering, what makes a good business consulter? Someone who is attentive to the details, listens closely, and can develop a simple and easy plan to get your business up and running again. Human Resource Consulting Tulsa has all of these qualities plus many more. Why should you choose us to help you in your business? Not only do we have superior qualities of a great business consultant, but we have been voted the best business consultant and Tulsa. Not only that, Clay has been ranked number one motivational speaker in the Oklahoma County.

Here at human Resource Consulting Tulsa, we are a firm believer in the power of God and have the hope that with hard work and determination, we can help the vast majority of the nation in the aid of their business. These struggling business owners go to human resource consulting Tulsa to help manage their business from financials and marketing to employees and clients. Most business owners are independent and struggle asking for help when it comes to their business needs, but human resource consulting Tulsa will make that easy for you! This company makes for a comfortable environment where there can be a one-on-one conversation with you regarding all aspects of the business.

Human resource consulting Tulsa is owned by Clay stairs, successful business owner of over 25 years. Not only are we ranked the best business consultant and Tulsa, but the owner, Clay Staires has been ranked the number one motivational speaker in the Oklahoma County. Stairs is the founder of many successful businesses, his most popular business being the leadership initiative. A set of programs (including seminars and workshops) that was created solely for the purpose of helping others run and manage their businesses. These training programs contain vital knowledge that will determine if your business will sink or swim; this all depends on the work you put in with human resource consulting Tulsa.

Located on are website, there are hundreds of testimonies from individuals that have been helped tremendously by human resource consulting Tulsa. One individual, Anna, a woman from Claremore Oklahoma, was in dire need of business help. After researching many business consultants in Oklahoma, Anna came across Human Resource Consulting Tulsa and read up on Clay stairs biography. After visiting with Clay, and I was able to determine and pinpoint the needs of the business and was able to find a solution to fix these needs immediately. Anna is just one individual who has had an impactful and meaningful experience with this company.

If you are looking to grow your business and improve your life, visit us at human resource consulting Tulsa! You can call us at 918 – 798-0852. You can also go online on our website at to schedule a FREE business consultation with Clay stairs to determine where you are at in your business currently and where you would like to be. After visiting with Clay, we can devise a plan curated uniquely two your business goals.

Who Are The Human Resource Consulting Tulsa Specialists That Can Turn Things Around?


Have you recently had issues regarding your business? Are you struggling to find out why? Let Human Resource Consulting Tulsa help you with your business needs! Over here at human resource consulting Tulsa, we want to help you grow your business and make necessary improvements. After watching many video testimonies located on our website, you will find that his company is the best in Oklahoma and has been able to give an enormous amount of help to fellow business owners. Many people are in dire need regarding their business and some may struggle asking for help. Here at our company, we not only focus on the details but we are able to make for a comfortable setting to discuss the business.

Running a successful business is difficult and all business owners eventually will have many questions and concerns and will be faced with determining situations; that is why every business owner can benefit from the knowledge acquired by Human Resource Consulting Tulsa. Over here at Human Resource Consulting Tulsa, we offer many seminars that can help every business issue that is holding you back. If you are having trouble with finances, we can help you get them sorted. If you are having difficulties with managing employees, we can do that! Or if you are even having trouble with simple motivation, we can turn your day around! We go above and beyond to ensure that we have discovered all issues of the business and have found a solution for each one.

Clay Staires has been the founder of human resource consulting Tulsa since 2001. He’s been able to help thousands of lives with their business demands. Stairs most successful company, the leadership initiative, contains a set of programs that are both interactive and highly knowledgeable. What sets Staires apart from other business consultants is the fact that he is very warm, welcoming, and has plenty of experience that allows him to recognize the parts of the business that you are oblivious to. Not only is stairs uniquely driven, but has been named the best motivational speaker in Oklahoma.

Our seminars are made very simple; we have clear written out steps to help get your business headed in the right direction. We also have acquired vital knowledge from years of business experience. It is easy to get started! To get started, visit and set up a free business consultation with us. After scheduling, we will give you Clay’s free book “The Field Guide to Growth”. This book will set you up for success in your mental health journey and the growth of your business. It will be the start of a successful journey!

If you have a constantly failing business, one on the verge of shutdown, or simply a few business questions, visit human resource consulting tulsa at You can also call us at 918 – 852 – 0852 to schedule a free consultation with Mr.Staires himself! we are available every day of the week at your most convenient time. Let us show you the proper way to run a successful business.

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