Hi! My name is Ari and I own several businesses on the West Coast. I was having trouble with my businesses and constantly struggled to understand why. I decided that I would take the time to research potential life and business coaches. I came across clay stairs, successful businessman and entrepreneur of 20 years. I have had the pleasure of working with Clay stairs personally and I would like to tell you why you should choose clay stairs to be your business coach. With the help of Human Resource Consulting Tulsa, You too can have a successful business!

human resource Consulting in Tulsa aligns with the leadership Human Resource Consulting Tulsa initiative, a company originated by Clay stairs that was started as early as 2001*. the leadership initiative was created as a curriculum for Young adults to help them with their up and running businesse – Or even starting from base one. Even if you have been an entrepreneur for years and currently have a strong- based business, there is always room to improve. this company can benefit everyone greatly from their business to their personal life. It is simply a place for change and grow.

After visiting stairs website, I was able to sign up for a free 1-hour business consultation. I was shocked to find that it was free, although I still had to pay for the services. The price was fair and definitely worth my time, which was a win-win in my book. I gained so much knowledge not only from the website, but from speaking with Clay personally. clay and I worked together for months and I can tell that there was a huge Improvement in my business. not only are my business finances more accurate, but I am able to lead my team in a more advanced way. human resource Consulting in Tulsa helped me in such a tremendous way. I personally thought the my business was at its peak and that I was doing very well. After reading Clay’s website, I got a change of heart and realized all of the mistakes from my business were due to misinformation and simply not understanding aspect of business success.

I was under the impression that my business is successful; Especially running Human Resource Consulting Tulsa smoothly. After many visits with clay, he helped me to understand what was going wrong and what I can do in the Future to improve the business. it was very humbling to speak to the most humble man in Oklahoma. from Clay and I’s first encounter, I was very impressed. he took the time to go through my entire business folder and start from base one. He went through financials, products, employees, and so much more. I was shocked to find out that I could have been making more if I focused closely on finances rather than the product itself. I have never had such an enlightening business consultation and I am pleased to send you to Clay stairs.

After many months of consulting with clay and hours of hard work, I can now say that I own a successful, running business with very little faults. I was able to rehash all of the problems that have occurred and was able to solve them diligently. If you are looking for an improvement in your business, you should definitely call Clay stairs and set up a free 1 hour business consultation. you can either go to claystairs.com or call us at 918 – 798. 0852.

Who Are The Human Resource Consulting Tulsa Specialists That Can Do What’s Necessary?


Clay stairs is a wealthy, Independent business man from Tulsa Oklahoma. you may be thinking, how can this man help me? Well, Stairs has managed to run many businesses that have accumulated millions of dollars and has worked hard to create a life of giving and love. Clay Is a run of the mill, family man who loves, works, and plays hard. One of his most successful companies, the leadership initiative, has not only brought in millions, but has helped an enormous amount of people throughout the country with their businesses and their personal life. You may wonder how clay has achieved so much in so little time – He has not only used his resources, but has taken the time to consult with human resource Consulting Tulsa.

human resource Consulting Tulsa has helped an extensive amount of people throughout the country for help with managing employees and Staff schedules to organizing Financials and Utilizing special marketing techniques. This specific company has worked with Clay stairs and many other successful business men and women all around the country. Stairs has over twenty-five Years of experience and continuously runs prospering businesses. On our website, there are articles that explain the numerous seminars and workshops that are offered. These seminars feature cutting-edge technology and offers incentives that will push you towards your goals.

Located on our website, there are thousands of testimonies from individuals who claim that human resource Consulting in Tulsa has helped them tremendously. One individual, Anna, affirms that clay stairs has literally saved her life; not only in her personal life, but in her Professional life as well. Clay stairs businesses have improved so Immensely that he is now in partnership with human resource Consulting in Tulsa. What makes this company stand out is that not only are they able to figure out the extensive logistics, But they will take the time to sit down with you and figure out each problem area to find a greater solution.

I would like to talk a little bit more about the leadership initiative. This Human Resource Consulting Tulsa company was developed in particular to help motivated individuals who want to improve their business and life In general. Dana, a person who participated in this program, attests that Clay stairs is “one of the best business coaches” that she has ever come across. Clay has been able to reassure her that as long as she puts the work in and listens to the advice that has been given to her, she will land a successful business in no time – Not that her business was consistently failing, But it needed continuous Improvement. Today, Anna is a happy and charismatic business woman that is able to Suffice for financials and can manage a staff to the best of her ability.

Starting a business can be terrifying, but with the help of clay stairs and the human resource Consulting Tulsa, you too can have a successful, running business. We the people, Of the United States, can call 918-798-0852 or visit claystaires.com to schedule a Free business Consultation.

Clay Staires