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This is Clay stairs with Tulsa’s leadership expert. This is podcast number 73. Continuing our our process of how do I hire. Today we’re going to be talking about in this podcast the the part of the personal interview. So what I have experience is Clay stairs Tulsa leadership expert over and over is that when it comes to an interview or a personal interview with a potential client or even a potential employee primarily people don’t necessarily know how to do the interview. Find this over and over again. Leadership Coaching. We’ve never really been trained in doing an interview. We just know that it’s something that we have to do. And we now have a person in front of us that we are talking with and somehow we need to figure out in a short amount of time by having a conversation whether or not this person is going to be a good person for me to hire. Unfortunately because we aren’t really prepared and we don’t really have a process that we’re going through specifically a proven process then what we are left with in that void is an emotional process. So now we’re sitting and talking with the person we’re trying to you know do this connection this mental connection and get the right information out of them and talk to them. And unfortunately by the by the end of the interview what we are left with is a feeling either the feeling that this person is going to work out good or a feeling that this person isn’t going to work out good and we’ve come to learn to trust our feelings and so we go with it.
I just have a gut feeling you know I felt good. I think it went good. I feel really good about this person. And that’s nice. But the feeling once again the feeling it’s hard to find confidence in the feeling especially when we have done this multiple times and people have not worked out. We have a good feeling about them but when they actually get on the job we find out that they in actuality they don’t know how to do the job. In actuality they don’t have a good work ethic. In actuality they don’t know how to show up on time. In actuality they don’t know how to be responsible. In actuality they don’t like people telling them what to do. So but by this point we’ve already hired them they’re already on payroll and it can be a very difficult situation and be very depressing and frustrating because man I need to get somebody on this job somebody producing for me and I don’t feel like I’ve got time to mess around with somebody else that’s not going to be able to do it very well. And more often than not we say well we’ll just give them a little bit more time to figure it out. We’ll give them another chance to figure it out. And so now what we’re doing is keeping a poor performer around longer than they need to be around. And we are paying them for low performance. So it’s a real suck for the finances of the company as well as a real suck on the culture. Leadership Coaching

Real suck on the atmosphere because we have a new employee that is not performing well and it’s a real suck on the emotional and mental atmosphere even in the owners mindset or the managers mindset because they know they have someone that is not working out very well and they just don’t want to go through the process again because in their mind many times they’re thinking well there’s just not good workers out there so you just have to go with what you’ve got. And unfortunately this is something that so many I find us as Clay stares Tulsa’s leadership expert I find so often that this is where business owners get stuck. By the time I am talking with him as a coach they are in this mindset. They’re stuck in this mindset of well there’s just not good workers out there today. So you just have to go with what you’ve got. And again most business owners are in a spot of you just have to go with what you’ve got and do the work yourself. So again now not only do I have a low performer but I’m having to come as the senior manager as the CEO I’m having to come in behind them and do their work for them. So again now I’m wasting my time plus I’m paying them for poor performance and it’s just a bad situation I’m wasting time and I’m wasting money. So in this personal interview process somebody I want to give to you today are some very specific questions that you can begin asking in your interview this personal interview to help you have a greater confidence that this person is going to fit and this person is going to be capable to do the work that you are asking them to do. Leadership Coaching

So if you remember we’ve in the last few podcasts we’ve talked about how do we acquire How do we hire and maintain a level players. We started out with talking about being sure that we understand and and have learned how to communicate well our vision our mission and our core values are very important. As Clay stares Tulsa’s leadership expert this is something that we start with at the very first step in our coaching process. Do we know who we are. Do we know why we exist as an organization. Leadership Coaching. Because if we can if we can clearly identify that and clearly communicate that then from the very beginning we can begin asking people to come and join the vehicle that we are in. So from the very beginning we’re bringing people to join with us and to connect with us that are already going in our direction. So from there we’ve talked about after that than we do our group interview from the group interview we go to the shadowing and then from the shadowing those people that have passed the shadowing test they are now coming they’ve been invited into the personal interview. This is our third level where usually this is where people start. This is actually a third level now they’ve gone through two other filters and this is their third filter. So what we’re going to do is we begin to design this personal interview as we start with your core values take your core values you’ve probably got one two three four or five probably don’t want to have more than five. And what we want to do is ask a series of questions that specifically relate to these core values. Leadership Coaching

So your core values could be the hard work team trustworthy integrity efficiency fast turn around. I mean there’s all kinds of core values that you can have as your company. But what we want to do is kind of narrow those core values down to where you can say them in just one or two words rather than our core value and then you kind of have to say like three sentences. Just very hard to communicate that. So let’s just say that we are let’s just use the the core value of team. That’s one of the core values of the leadership initiative. So the questions that I want to be asking in the interview are to determine if this person has any idea of or if this person thinks like I think when it comes to the idea of team. So my first question would be. OK. Tell me about it when I say the word team. What what comes to your mind. Tell me about what comes to your mind. What pictures and that’s a good thing to ask them what pictures come to your mind when you think of team and they will give you pictures things that come to their mind what you want to be doing as the interviewer is making a quick little evaluation. Are there pictures similar to my pictures. That’s very important. The pictures that they are telling you about are they similar to yours. Clay stares Tulsa business leadership. This is something that we do and some that we coach almost every single week as we are interviewing and coaching people coaching business owners to interview others is do those pictures line up with yours. Leadership Coaching

The next question that we want to ask is How about this if one of our core values is team win. When I say the word team what synonyms or what words come to your mind. Specific words come to your mind when you hear the word team and they will begin to give you a list of words. Once again the question is are those words that are on your list or are they words that are out of left field or just off just not on your list. Again this will let you know. Do they think like you do they see like you the next question we’re going to ask them around team is in your position that you have had in the past. Tell me a little bit about how using your definition of team you use when you’re saying your definition using their definition that they have just told you. Tell me about a time when you have have really had to implement or champion that word and that concept and that attitude and the atmosphere of team when you’ve had to do that. And they will give you an example of when they’ve actually had to do it once again in your mind you can determine is that going to be similar to what they’re going to do on my job site or is this something that’s going to be very different. The next question that we’re going to ask them as it comes to team is TELL ME A Tell me about what was hard about maintaining the team atmosphere. Tell me about a time where the atmosphere was very difficult to maintain team. Leadership Coaching

And what did you do to help maintain that atmosphere. So now we’re tapping into something very important now you’re talking to them about how they have had to struggle to maintain a core value at this point it’s not just a core value that they agree with and they accept as true. But now when they talk about something that they have had to struggle with and had to wrestle with and had to actually champion. Now you’re finding if it is actually a core value for them or if it’s just a nice thing that they are thinking about. So these are just some. And again you can use the same for questions for when it comes to other core values. So tell me about when you think of the word integrity what pictures do you get into your mind when you think of the the word trustworthy. What what words come into your mind when you think of the word exceptional what what what pictures come into your mind. These are the same four questions you can be asking for each of your core values. This will let you know if the person fits in your culture the resume or the application and your reference checks will let you know if they can do the job. But this personal interview is primarily to discover do they fit in your company. Leadership Coaching
Because again we’re looking for the right people in the right seats the right people are not only people that can do the job but they are people that fit in your company culture and people that can thrive in your company culture in the next podcast will be talking about doing the reference checks and background checks to discover if they can actually do the job that you have that you have before them. So this is clay stairs with told that Tulsa leadership expert coming to you with podcast number 73. How do I hire the personal interview. Leadership Coaching

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