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This content was written for The Leadership Initiative

Clay Staires, One of the most highly sought after speakers is an amazing Orlando Motivational Speaker. If you are needing motivation, humor, wisdom and experience that cuts deep to the core for lasting change at your next event, The Leadership Initiative wants to hear from you! Clay’s reputation is that of one who has begun many successful business ventures and startups, including partnering with NBA legend David Robbins to begin Thrive15, which is an online resource and equipping center for aspiring business owners and entrepreneurs. But that’s not all… Call today so we can share with you more about Clay’s Pprestigous resume! Needless to say, I think you have found your speaker for your next event.

When Clay speaks his energy creates an engaging atmosphere that your audience will be captivated by. If you have ever paid a visit to our website you know from all of the raving testimonies that Clay doesn’t just speak but he pounds for results and application, application, application for what is being talked about. Thus ensuring that everyone leaves with their lives completely changed from Clay’s speech and experience. Clay Staires is known as The Millionaire School Teacher and is truly and Amazing Orlando Motivational Speaker, You need to experience this amazing speaker for your self and for your audience and watch as The millions start raining into your life because of his teaching! The Leadership Initiative is awaiting your call at 918-798-0852 and wants you to discuss the details with our team.
Have you ever been to an event where the speaker is dry and boring? Clay outs the OO in BOOM. Don;t think that’s impressive? He also brings the B and M to the party to create a BOOM in your audience like you have never seen. Just imagine the people raving and discussing excitedly Clay’s talk amongst one another after your event! You will be heralded as a hero for bring such an Amazing Speaker in. Today is the day that you begin the process of chaining your life, changing your event and blowing the mind of your event attendee’s. it’s time to pick up the phone and give clay a call.

Clay’s main goal is to give every attendee something tangible to take home. That’s why Clay focuses on getting your audience to do more than just LEARN but also teaches them to EARN. If you Earn more, it makes you churn more and to bring this around to why we are talking about “churning” if you churn more you get rich, rich, rich. We want your event to be such a success that people leave better than when they came and their pockets richer than they will ever be! Clay will provide the delivery and experience you need to see to it that, that happens. Do you and your attendee’s want to earn more? Well Of course! Than why are you waiting? Caly Staires is a lock to ensure this happens as a result of your next event. The Leadership Initiative is awaiting your call to hear from you and discuss the opportunity to have Clay bring the edge to your event that you want.The Leadership Initiative telephone number is 918-798-0852

If you are looking for an Amazing Orlando Motivational Speaker to hire for your event, you have found what you are looking for! Call The Leadership Initiative and ask about hiring Clay Staires for your next event. so you can find out for your self how he can bring you from learning to earning. We look forward to your call.


The Most Amazing Orlando Motivational Speaker

This content was written for The Leadership Initiative

If you are looking for an amazing Orlando motivational speaker, one that is experienced, one that is entertaining, and one that is incredibly knowledgeable you need to call The Leadership Initiative, so you can learn about Clay Staires. Clay Staires is America’s Millionaire School Teacher, a motivational speaker who has a pedigree for being the best at what he does. He has won teacher of the year honors,citizen of the year and has consulted for some of America’s largest brands. If this sound like the motivational speaker that you are looking for, you need to call The Leadership Initiative today, so you can talk to the team about booking Clay Staires for your next event. 918-851-6920.

When you call Clay Staires you are going to be getting an Amazing Orlando motivational speaker that provides High Energy speeches. Clay Staires is going to be able to motivate your group by being entertaining and making sure that everyone in the group is focused and involved. This helps ensure that everybody that attends your event or seminar is going to be able to take something away after he is done speaking. Clay Staires is not going to be one of the typical dull, boring speakers that you hear horror stories about. He truly knows how to “Bring the Boom” and light a motivational fire in your attendee’s.

When you use Clay Staires you are going to be getting an educator who provides information, the entertaining way. You are going to be able to get hands on tools, success tools that are going to help your industry and your business grow and succeed. This is what happens when you decide to use Clay Staires as your motivational speaker, or even as a coach for business. Clay Staires wants to help as many people as possible be successful, and how he does is he teaches people tools that he used, and still uses with all of his businesses that he owns.

Clay is an incredibly successful, and incredibly amazing man, and you need to use him today. The Leadership Initiative is where you need to go, so you can start getting the great results that Clay Staires is going to be able to provide you with. Each presentation that he does, is unique to the particular industry, and events that he is providing so you are going to love how beneficial it is going to be towards your group. Just call one telephone number, so you can talk to the team about Clay Staires and they can tell you if he is booked out or not.

If you want to use Clay Staires at your next event, so you can actually get practical education, knowledge, and hands on tools in an entertaining and high energy way, you just need to dial 918-851-6920. He is going to provide you with the quality speech, and a quality event, because that is what he does for each event planner. Also, when you call that number, ask about the amazing over delivering that they are known for.

Clay Staires