Fantastic Orlando Motivational Speaker

This content was written for The Leadership Initiative

Do you want an absolutely Fantastic Orlando Motivational Speaker for your next event? If you are hiring for a speaking event that question is probably rhetorical to you. Not only do you need this you need someone to rock the house with motivation and infiltrate the hearts of your attendee’s with inspiration to change and produce more, be more and live better! The Leadership Initiative would love to hear from you so that the details of your next event with Clay Staires can be discussed. Clay is the #1 rated motivational speaker on gig – a site dedicated to booking the nations top talent and connecting them with the perfect gig that fits their brand. Simply put if you are looking for a fantastic Orlando Motivational Speaker, Clay Staires is the guy to hire!

Clay’s style of speaking is very direct and practical. This has been one of the key components to making him such dynamic speaker in the motivational speaking industry. He is energetic, funny and full of edge of your seat growth information. Testimony after testimony can tell the story for us- Clay Staires helps you to think differently. You honestly have to experience all the reasons that Clay brings such an edge and a difference to every event he speaks at. Start this exciting process by calling The Leadership Initiative at 918-798-0852.

Clay has quite the tenured experience in business and leadership. His family has owned one of Oklahoma’s most prestigious youth organizations to which Clay was handed the keys to as it was going under. Clay than took that business from near dead to thriving in less than a year and is now doing record numbers. He also has owned several business start ups and frankly knows exactly what it takes to be a success in business. His 20 year tenure as a teacher also provides for an incredible edge with his audiences b/c he has such an engaging style.

Most speakers sound great on stage but if they don’t have the wisdom and expertise to back up their talks it’s simply the equivalent of having a immature bag pip artists come to your event. May get some people’s attention but every one will agree that they could have lived their whole life without it. Referencing directly from the thousands of testimonies that give example of the life changing quality of speech that Clay Staires brings! The Leadership Initiative can’t wait to hear from you to discuss this amazing opportunity to have on e of the best in the industry come and rock your event! The Leadership Initiative telephone number is 918-798-0852
End closing, If you are looking for a fantastic Orlando Motivational Speaker to hire the event you are planning you have found America’s Millionaire School Teaceher, Mr. Clay Staires. The search is over! Call The Leadership Initiative to hire Clay Staires and find out for your self how he can bring the boom at your event.
Stage Rocking Orlando Motivational Speaker

This content was written for The Leadership Initiative

Clay Staires is an absolute rock star on stage. If you are looking for an Orlando Motivational Speaker it’s time to stop what you are doing and call Clay Staires from The Leadership Initiative. Clay rocks the stage, this is so evident when you see him go to work up there. It’s like the stage is a mountain road and Clay is a 4×4 land cruiser taking the turns in stride in all of it’s beauty and glory. On a serious note his voice is rapidly becoming one of the most well known and trusted voices in personal and business development. Frankly you are depriving yourself and your event attendee’s from the immaculate life change that will take place in their lives when they have Clay come and speak.
The energy that Clay brings to your audience assures that your event will be nothing short of captivating! Clay is well groomed in the business, helping develop leaders and employee’s in fortune 500 companies Clay Staires knows how to navigate through success in the business realm. Do you want to ensure that everyone leaves the workshop with changed lives? Read and watch through testimony section and you will see the plethora of people who know Clay as “America’s Millionaire School Teacher” and have endorsed him as a “lock” for creating the event results you want! Ready to make it rain for yourself and atendee’s? Then call Clay Staires, America’s Millionaire School teacher and get one step closer to fulfilling that dream.

Clays event are the exact opposite of dry and boring, we mention this because this is a major concern when event planners are hiring to book speakers. Clay brings the BOOM (add O’s as you feel necessary!). Still not impressed? Just imagine the people with thunderous applause, emotion filling their hearts and a burning desire to change their lives in their hearts as they applaud Clay off stage and then everyone asking, Saying- “Wow, what an amazing speaker, who invited him, that’s when you get all the credit for bring him in! You will be heralded as a legend for bringing in such a Legend and Amazing Speaker. So what are you waiting for? Call The Leadership Initiative today!

When Clay comes to speak his main goal is to give all of your attendee’s something practical and tangible to take back to their home or office. That’s why Clay’s main focus is on getting your audience to do more than just sit and listen but to apply, apply, apply what is learned, Clay is well known for making sure that Thunder Moves and action steps are identified in his meetings. Our desire is for your event to be such a success that people leave better than when they came and their pockets deeper and full of gold like never before. Clay will provide that type of event because of his Pprestigous background and well groomed speaking style. So, Are you still waiting? Clay Staires is a lock for your next event! The Leadership Initiative is awaiting your call 918-798-0852
In Short, If you are looking for a Stage Rocking Orlando Motivational Speaker to hire for your event, you need to hire the prestigious America’s Millionaire School Teacher. Call The Leadership Initiative and ask about hiring Clay Staires for your next event and found out about our promise to over deliver at your event so you can look like a rock star along with Clay to all the event attendee’s We look forward to your call.

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