Excellent Orlando Motivational Speaker

This content was written for The Leadership Initiative

Are you looking for an Excellent Orlando Motivational Speaker? Chances are you need a motivational speaker for you next event, look no further than Clay Staires! The Leadership Initiative can not wait to discuss the details of your next event with Clay Staires! Clay has been rated the #1 motivational speaker in his native state of Oklahoma and is pumped up to bring the boom to your event and prove to you why that accolade belongs by his name. For an Excellent motivational speaker look no further than Clay Staires at the Leadership Initiative.

Once you talk to Clay, you know exactly why he is a highly sought after speaker. His style is energetic and engaging to the point of making your audience grab hold of the key take aways and GROW from the event. His goal at every event is to leave his audience with at least 3 actions items that will ensure growth and success. This ensures that everyone leaves with an enriched mind and thirst for growth. Clay, is known for his engaging speaking style and providing an edge to his events. You need to find out how the experience of having Clay speak at your event will make you look like a rockstar! Start now by calling The Leadership Initiative at 918-798-0852.
Clay isn’t your run of the mill speaker. Clay encourages people to trust but also to verify the things that he tells you in a talk. This is one of the traits that gives Clay Staires an edge over other speakers. This strategy is implemented to see to it that people are take something away from his talk to apply it to their lives. If you have not heard Clay, it’s time for change. Clay Staires will bring excellence and unique edge that you are looking for.

With Clay, you are going to get a speaker that sounds so professional and amazing on stage and give tangible life nuggets to go home with. Let’s simplify the reasons why you need to hire Clay Staires with a proverb. If you jumped from a plane with no parachute in the sarenghetti desert. Clay would come out of no where with a spare tandem parachute on him with a cooler of ice water, helping you land safely in the desert and not just survive but thrive while you are there. Ok, Obviously thats a small stretch but the picture it gives you is that Clay is going to bring such help and to your critical situation of having an excellent Orlando motivational speaker in your arsenal, not just for your benefit but for the benefit of your entire audience.
So, If you are looking for a grand slam hire, for your next event,  especially if you are looking for an Orlando Motivational Speaker, you have found what you have been looking for! The Leadership Initiative telephone number is 918-798-0852. Call The Leadership Initiative to hire Clay Staires. Find out for your self how he can bring you an excellent experience because of the excellence he carries with him everywhere.
Orlando Motivational Speaker

This content was written for The Leadership Initiative

If you are searching for a OrlandoMotivational Speaker, someone who can bring the boom with them to your event, Clay Staires is your guy! Clay Staires, is a highly sought after business coach & speaker. His specialty is in making your speaking event an experience that is memorable for your audience. Call The Leadership Initiative so you can talk to the team about booking Clay Staires for your next event at 918-798-0852.
Calling Clay Staires will be your first giant step to creating a memorable and motivational event. You can be assured that all of your attendee’s will be engaged, focused and eager to hear what Clay is going to teach next. This will assure that your event will be a success because everyone’s lives will be enriched when they are engaged. No worries, he is not going to be one of those boring speakers that throw numbers, statistics and pie charts at you and people eventually just walk out.

Contrary to this, when you hire Clay, you are getting a Orlando Motivational Speaker who provides what we like to call edutainement here at The Leadership Initiative. An expert presentation & hands on tools with a twist of entertainment and humor that will keep your audience engaged is what you are getting when you decide to hire Clay Staires. Clay has been called America’s Millionaire School Teacher for a reason, branded this way because he truly has a passion to teach people to be wildly successful and utilize the tools which also made him a success. What better teacher can there be than one who has great content and entertainment value mixed in to help you make it stick.

Clay’s goal is that the success that he has achieved will permeate through him and into your life and cause an excess of growth in your life. The leadership initiative is where you need to go so you and your audience can begin to see the results in your own lives that Clay has had in his. Each speech that he gives is unique to the industry and applies to your business in a profound way. All you have to do is call the telephone number 918-798-0852, so you can talk to the team to see if he is booked for the date of your event or not. If not, you have your man.
If you would like to hire an  Orlando Motivational Speaker , you will definitely want to hire Clay Staires. That is, as long as you want your money’s worth out of a speech with high energy, expert knowledge and hands on tools.You just need to call 918-851-6920. Clay Staires does nothing but memorable events, call today and ask how he can make your event memorable.

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