Memorable Orlando Motivational Speaker

This content was written for The Leadership Initiative

If you are looking for a memorable Orlando Motivational Speaker, someone who can make the crowd boom with life, Clay Staires is your guy! Clay Staires, motivational speaker and highly sought after business coach & specializes in making your speaking event a memorable motivational experience for your audience. Call The Leadership Initiative so you can talk to the team about booking Clay Staires for your next event at 918-798-0852.

Calling Clay Staires will be your first step to booking a truly memorable and motivational event. You can be assured that all of your attendee’s will be focused and eager to hear what Clay is going to say next. This will assure that your event will be a success because everyone’s lives will be enriched when they are engaged. No worries, he is not going to be one of those boring speakers that throw numbers and statistics at you where people eventually just walk out.

On the contrary, when you hire Clay Staires you are going to be getting an expert motivational speaker who provides information, in an entertaining way. Hands on tools and an expert presentation is what you are getting when you decide to hire Clay Staires. Clay Staires has been called America’s Millionaire School Teacher, branded this way because he truly has a passion to teach people to be wildly successful and utilize the tools which also made him a success.

Clay’s goal is that the success that he has achieved will spill over into your life and cause a multiplication of growth in your life. The leadership initiative is where you need to go so you and your audience can begin to see the results in your own lives that Clay has had in his. Each speech that he gives is unique to the industry and applies to your business in a profound way. All you have to do is call the telephone number 918-798-0852, so you can talk to the team to see if he is booked for the date of your event or not. If not, you have your man.

If you would like to hire a Memorable Orlando Motivational Speaker, you want to use Clay Staires at your next event, so you can actually get your money’s worth out of a speech with high energy, expert knowledge and hands on tools.You just need to cal 918-851-6920. Clay Staires does nothing but memorable events, call today and ask how he can make your event memorable.



Experienced Orlando Motivational Speaker

This content was written for The Leadership Initiative

Are you looking for one of the most Experienced Orlando Motivational Speakers someone who has the experience and success to back up his talk? Stop what you are doing and call The Leadership Initiative to discuss the details of your event with Clay Staires! Clay is America’s Millionaire School Teacher, has accolades such as Teacher of the year, Citezen of the year in his home city and has many successful businesses ventures. Worried that hiring an Experienced Motivational Speaker could mean hiring a boring one? No worries, Clay Staires is known for “bringing the boom” with his high energy delivery style. Call The Leadership Initiative so we can discuss you booking Clay Staires for your next event at 918-798-0852.
You and the attendee’s of your event truly will be saying BOOM by the end because of Clay’s high impact teaching style couple alongside of his wide array of business and life experience. If you have ever heard Clay speak you know exactly what we are referencing. If you have not heard Clay, it’s time to change that. Clay Staires is your next speaker for your next event. No worrying about day dreamers or bland comments about the speaker at your event, be prepared to have your event overtaken with energy and experience that produces results!
Clay Staires is a high energy speaker that provides the spark you need at your event! Do you want your attendee’s to leave saying they got something out of the event? The it’s time to stop the search for and experienced motivational speaker and it is time to call the Leadership Initiative to discuss the opportunity to have Clay’s experience and energy take over your event.

Rest assured, Some of the most well known and successful businesses in The United States have endorsed Clay Staires. That is a big deal considering you are looking for someone with experience giving the Key note at your event. The Leadership Initiative is awaiting your call to book Clay Staires to speak at your event. The Leadership Initiative telephone number is 918-798-0852, you are on your way to an enriching event.

So, If you are looking for an Energetic Orlando Motivational Speaker, Call The Leadership Initiative to hire Clay Staires at your next event. Find out for your self how he can enrich your life and the lives of everyone at the event.


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