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This content was written for The Leadership Initiative.

When you commit to professional development training Tulsa training you will get the velocity to shoot you and your business into the atmosphere. Call 918-798-0852 and also go on our company website to view our testimonials page both written and video. These videos on her website are for real clients he’s a real people with real businesses who had real problems before working with Clay Staires and his team here at the leadership initiative. So if this is something that might peek your interest go ahead and call us and will set you up a day and time that works best for you whether it be you know coming in the morning or I’m talking with my late afternoon just whenever your schedule allows and will schedule you a free 30 minute phone consultation with Clay himself.

It will tell you more about the program and what it will do for you if you choose to be diligent to her. Get on the right track with the leader ship initiative and the business consulting program. It will change your life in many ways. One way it’ll give you the time freedom and financial freedom that you deserve as a business owner. When you go in the business you should have a business that works for you read it and hold you, hostage, every day. If you are having a feeling when you’re constantly having to spend all your hours morning noon and night in your business because you can’t seem to get things in order or maybe your team isn’t meeting your expectations then call us and will set you up with a free phone appointment with Clay there is no obligation.

The call is free. It’s the word free means it is free you don’t have to pay for it and also the consulting itself it is bye month by month so there is no contract involved you do not have to sign with us using your blood. If after one month working with us you’re not fully satisfied then we will give you all of your money back and I we will go our separate raise. If by chance you have said about business consulting before and you just were not sure if it could benefit you or you didn’t know if it would deliver the results for you based on what your industry is I can say with certainty that are proven system was designed to help many businesses in many industries. It does not matter what you are selling with the service or product is.

We can help you with your revenue goals, human resources and recruiting, staff training, time management, scheduling, organization, accounting, bookkeeping, and so much more. We are in this business for a reason. Choose professional development training Tulsa training and the ship will Will increase velocity and you will go to the moon. This is something that all businesses should consider. We believe that every business owner should have a coach. We believe in it so much that Clay himself has his own coach. Countable we encourage you and motivate you and we make sure that all the systems that we are teaching you you are implementing your company so that you can see the growth that you desire. So call 918-798-0852 and check us out at and will schedule a free phone appointment with Clay and you can find out for yourself if you feel that it is the best fit for you.

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This content was written for The Leadership Initiative.

If you are wanting more success, personal development training Tulsa is what you need. Clay Staires, a motivational speaker and highly successful business consulting coach specialize in making your business grow by 33%. Call The Leadership Initiative so you can talk to the team about booking Clay Staires for your business to grow at 918-798-0852 and know that professional development training Tulsa is in store for you if you check out the website at Calling Clay Staires will be your first step into launching your business sky high to levels that you never thought possible. Clay is a wizard at helping businesses skyrocket with the knowledge that he has from many years of trial and error and building multiple mullion dollar businesses himself.

Again if you’re looking to add value to your business, it would benefit you tremendously to check him out. So many people want to have a successful business but they just aren’t sure how to achieve it and Clay Staires is the sorry I was a business coach to help you with your growth. He is full of energy and has expert knowledge of how to scale businesses to levels that you never thought. He has a passion for helping businesses achieve massive success and thrives with professional development training Tulsa at his back. When you book Clay Staires as a coach, you will not be disappointed in his wealth of knowledge.

Clay Staires a.k.a. America’s millionaire schoolteacher branded this way because he truly has a passion to teach people to be wildly successful and utilize the tools which made him a success. If you’re looking for a highly energized, nationally recognized speaker, author, coach, someone who will keep you accountable for the success of your business, you are missing out I need to go to his website at Are you wanting more success in your business, but just I’m not sure how to manage it? That is a common phrase we hear a lot. When you hire Clay Staires he will do his absolute best to make sure that your business shoes to the moon and gross like you always have dreams.

Many clients of Clay‘s clients have been able to scale their business for them to have more time to focus on other things with the business and let it run for itself. Clay is unique to the industry and he will bring a powerful punch to help the success of your business. Clay‘s goal is that the success that he achieve will spill over into your life and cause multiplication of growth in your life. The Leadership Initiative is where you need to go so you can grow your business and get the results that you’ve always hoped for. Every time you meet with Clay he will bring a unique approach and open up your mind to other methods of business growth you have never experienced before so if you would like to hire Clay Staires as your coach check out professional development training Tulsa and you will not be disappointed. Just call 918-798-0852 and visit our website at and get started today.

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