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The content was written for The Leadership Initiative.

With professional development training Tulsa program by Clay Staires you will begin to learn about E motion. 918-798-0852 to find out more about what this is you can also check us out on our website If you have been struggling with ideas, starting your start up creating a business model or experiencing a mature business then call us today. We want to help you with your high energy creating a vision and a long-term plan also a note-taking out the high emotion in your company as well as the emphasis on skill rather than character.

Staires was not always a business owner and he was not always as successful as he is today. And he was a high school teacher and coach for many years and while he was very good at his job I mean he had many awards for his accomplishments as a teacher and sport coach but he knew that that vehicle of teaching would only get him so far. What he really was wanting to do is have more time freedom and financial freedom on his side but he was not gonna get there with just teaching and coaching alone so he decided to take the leap of faith and begin opening his own company and that company was one of the most profitable ever and it is called the leader ship initiative and leader ship mission is a business consulting business that helps small businesses or even large corporations.

So if I have picture interest why don’t we schedule you a date and time to talk with the America’s millionaire schoolteacher. It is a free 30 minute phone consultation with Clay Staires and yes he will be talking to the Clay Staires and not some random cold calling worker in India that has an accent that you can’t understand. So if this is something that you have been curious about or maybe you haven’t even really thought about it or maybe you think you don’t even need it call us anyways so we can get to know your business and what industry and product you were trying to sell. And it does not matter what industry you are in we work with all types of businesses no matter the industry and no matter the product or service that they try to sell.

Professional development training Tulsa program by Clay Staires is rated about number one and it’s industry and I can guarantee you that you will walk away with useful and practical information but you have to make the first move in order to get started so call us 918-798-0852 or you can fill out the online form with your name, phone number, email reason for reaching out in any other comments or messages that you would like to ask Clay or tell Clay. It is not that difficult I have to do is pick up your phone to call 918-798-0852 now so stop reading this article get off the website and pick up your phone and call us of course do your research on us we have a great testimonials page from real clients that have put their testimonials on video.

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This content was written for The Leadership Initiative.

Sooner than later you will want more information about professional development training Tulsa training. For more information call 918-798-0852 orange check us out on the web at our website for all the information that you could ever hope and one for your life will get better when you do so why don’t you get a hold of us today we can set you up with a free 30 minute phone call assessment with Clay Staires and self of course we do want you to do your research on us make sure that you know that we are real humans we are flesh and blood people who want to impart our wisdom and expertise to help grow your business.

What are you waiting for call us today we can go ahead and get started on the training as well as the coaching today so if this is something that you have been thinking about or maybe you haven’t thought about it at all until you you know happened upon this article we want to import our wisdom on you so that you can know that the way your business is currently running it doesn’t have to stay like that so we want you to know that we are here for you we want to help you grow your company and to help you stay more organized and we do that with systemization and intentionality and we don’t wanna work with happy helpers we want to help diligent doers who are ready and willing to put in the work so that they’re businesses can grow.

Call today and we can schedule you a time and date on the calendar for you and Clay Staires to discuss your business and also just for Clay to verify all the great results that we are getting with other business owners that we are working with. We work with numerous businesses it doesn’t matter it does not matter what your industry is and with all the systems that we have are proven and to help you get to your goals. That is why we are in this business we want to help business owners whether it’s small business or large corporations to get to their goals and to find their sweet spot.

Professional development training Tulsa training is by far one of the most informative and practical conferences is out there. You can also call Clay to discuss the possibility of you becoming a client of ours for our executive business coaching with our executive business coaching you not only get Clay as your coach to speak with him once a week but you also get the team and the team can help you with your search engine optimization, website building and maintenance Google reviews sales leads and so much more if this is something that you were interested in or maybe just do you wanna know more or maybe you should know someone who could use our help call 918-798-0852 or go to our website

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