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Oscar’s companies have been featured on Fox ABC CBS Pandora daily for Bloomberg Business Insider and many more professional development training Tulsa training will get you there or you want to go and get your vision and goals in or is it an informative business Consulting program that will take you farther than you can go yourself call 918-798-0852 and also visit us on the web for more information and fill out a contact form for a free business assessment at How you think is the most important thing about you.

Cliff stairs owner and operator to leadership initiative as well as five of their businesses is known more well known as America’s new schoolteacher who is ranked number one motivational speaker in Oklahoma. He’s a speaker in later and clusters has been an authority on Prospect and frustrations and anxieties and when it comes to accompanying leadership in business Avenue. He has worked with thousands of people for over the past two decades he has developed a unique leadership training and business training program that has been taught all over the United States.

Posters first started out as a high-school teacher to coach and he received honors and awards that’s his teacher of the year and State coach of the year. He has 10 years of executive experience in the nonprofit outside. He is also helped me to find and brand a company through and make it in biggest transition in history. He has six successful businesses in 5 years. But those five other businesses run themselves like a well-oiled machine so now he spends his days as the CEO chief executive officer as the leadership initiative create incompetent leaders and business owners that can produce winning results and improve their lives.

He is also a well-known politician speaker and of course he speaks all over the United States that working with small groups and even more cooperation to help better their teams and their leadership. He was also awarded the 2012 citizen of the year for his impact on the hood Community. Play services spoken nationally in front of groups and share the stage with top CEOs and speakers. He takes his on his on his journey of Discovery and enjoyment and I offered it offers them a path and systems to success. He has quite the career of Excellence. If you do not believe me good or website and watch the client testimonial videos as well as we don’t reviews on her business page when you type in his net first and last name into your search bar and you can read the written reviews.

Play Journey has prepared him for help others as facilitate growth and change personally and professionally. He has he himself has experienced the highs and lows of disappointment. But historian includes a success as well. Includes pain and struggle but so much more. He wants to help you navigate what business is it’s a rough ride at the roller coaster but he can under it hope you understand the easy ways to get around to such difficulties. Call 918-798-0852 and professional development training Tulsa training motivation speaker Chamber of Commerce if I have experience training and teaching a Consulting and

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This content was waiting for their leadership initiative.

If you want productivity and results that will take you into the stratosphere of financial growth then professional development trying to get training is the best place to start call 918-7985 online for information and reviews and testimonials and so much more in products documenting downloadables for systems and pass at You can also take advantage of our business Consulting program which clay uses his famous stairs steps to Freedom. What exactly is it? Won’t the stair steps to Freedom actually helped business owners create a business that will run without them so that they can enjoy their lives. How do we do that while Step One is discovering your why what is the why? The why is your mission your vision your core values in your core focus.

When you answer these questions this will create purpose. Then moving on to step two is addressing the questions of where and when and that is your address in your your yearly goals up to five years and this helps create energy. The next step is Step number three addressing the question of who and this is at you know your organizational chart of your responsibility chart who does what in your company as well as finding the right people for the right two seats and holding them accountable this off who creates confidence within yourself and in your staff. The next step is something that a lot of business owners get trapped in.

The fourth step is addressing the what this is the town and the working in your business once you address these this will then create growth the next step step number 5 is addressing the question of how this is a step that most leaders in a collect. Or put off now step number 5 is important and how we do that is by creating systems processes checklist and giving you times and days of when you begin to work on your business not in your business once you get in the study flowing routine of doing that this will create Freedom. The next step is the question of what about this is addressing your issues and hurdles making Necessary changes and breaking those bad habits and those limiting beliefs.

You have no idea how bad habits can really be detrimental to business. Now once the answer a question of what about is answered this will create efficiency and your business will begin working like a well-oiled machine. The leadership initiative is a coach consultant speaker and trainer to on more information if you want to set up a business assessment that is free go ahead and give us a call at 918-798-0852. The number I have given you is actually Clay’s direct line so you’re not going to be talking to some kid and India with a strong accent. Now what exactly are people saying about playing his work well he is a really great guy can’t he knows how to break down leadership into pieces that everyone can understand.

If you’re looking for a boring speakers and play is not the guy. He will keep you engaged and you will walk away with proven systems and Concepts and principles that you can use in business and in life. Call play today. If you do not want to stock call him. He has a system that has immensely helped other teams across the country reach their goals and Visions. Professional development training Tulsa training is something to behold call 918-798-0852 and also good or the website for more at

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