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This content was written for the leadership initiative.

With professional development training Tulsa training in your corner, you received checklist and systems out of your ears. Give us a call for a free complimentary consultation by phone with Clay stairs the owner and founder of the company the leadership initiative. The leadership initiative provides business Consulting staff training Management training and executive leadership training. You can visit us online at

It’s all about it is all about how you think about yourself. If you think that you are an unsuccessful business owner with no real potential to move your business forwarding you feel like quitting then that’s what is what will happen. But when you have a business coaching your corner light clay stairs and then you will have a see yourself transitioning to a whole new mindset. And we want to help you change to a new way of thinking so that through our checklist and systems and our training and business coaching you will see time for him and Financial Freedom.

Clay stairs companies have been featured on Fox ABC affiliate CBS affiliate Pando daily forms Bloomberg and Business Insider. Please stairs are well known as the number one motivational speaker in Oklahoma and people even known by the name of America’s Millionaire school teacher. He actually before he was the successful entrepreneur venture capitalist investor author and motivational speaker that you know today was actually a private school and public school teacher and sports coach for a number of years. Of course he finally realized that the vehicle of teaching would not get him to where he wanted to be with when it came to being financially successful in free. He is the foremost authority when it comes to dealing with frustrations and difficulties that come with owning a business.

He has helped and worked with thousands of people over the past 25 years and he is walked and coached people through leadership business training programs that have taught been taught in classrooms campuses and small businesses and nonprofit boardrooms. He is a leader and he is a speaker. He has spoken spoken nationally in front of large groups for Fortune companies he filled his days as the chief executive Operating Officer of the leadership initiative and he helps create confident leaders that can produce results and their businesses. He was awarded the title of Skiatook Chamber of Commerce citizen of the year for his impact in his community. He has had a career of Excellence. He is a trainer and growth expert. Has been on quite a journey.

His recognitions are as follows number one motivational speaker in Oklahoma Chamber of Commerce citizen of the Year state track coach of the year who’s who among America’s teachers teacher of the year 15 years of teaching and coaching experience 10 years of nonprofit executive experience founder of the leadership initiative founder of the Furnace leadership training school founder of the right foundations Outreach Chamber of Commerce board member life coach an ordained minister band faithful husband and father of two daughters. All the checklist and systems that you could ever want or just a phone call away. Take advantage of our no obligation free complimentary consultation by phone at 918-798-0852 and And find out more information about professional development training Tulsa training.

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This content was written for the leadership initiative.

Reviews are important. Professional development training Tulsa training clay stairs in the leadership initiative have a ton of them call 918-798-0852 or follow our company business on this has come to a website on our website for more information at To read reviews and to watch client video testimonials. Play stairs and the leadership initiative is a type of company that will help you through your business problems your day-to-day operational problems with humor warrants and an end and I believe that everyone has the capacity to grow. He is absolutely being anemic. Whether he’s talking to an individual or a group he will keep you captivated and you will enjoy being around him. You get tangible information that you will be able to take back and utilize and Implement within your company.

Play one great thing about him is he’s able to break down systems and Pathways that everyone can digest. It is something that you won’t walk away from confused. You will be fully on board the hot tamale train that is play stairs. He is America’s millionaire school teacher and he has the authority when it comes to helping individuals and groups through the difficulties of running a business. He is a speaker leader entrepreneur investor venture capitalist author and motivational speaker. Our services include public relations staff training Management training executive leadership training Executive coaching public speaking public relations videography and photography and so much more. Look now at Nothing will grow until you do.

With our proven path in business assessment path you will then begin to discover your leadership expression and how to develop your strength and stretch yourself as a business owner. So that you can become a better leader and a business business owner for your company and for your team. He has a high skill level in dealing with issues of all shapes and sizes. And he will help you to Envision your goals and how to achieve them. He’s all about seeing the big picture and creating a pass in order to get that picture. He uses humor combined with serious topics to create a vision. And he helps you with time management and how to create better structure in your company so that the day-to-day operations are not something that you can have to concern yourself with. It is all about helping business owners spend less time in their business and give them more opportunity to work on their business to have Financial Freedom and time Freedom.

He keeps you and Gage and he wants to work with people who are coachable diligent doors and ones who will take the path and the systems with them and then begin implementing and immediately and begin to show that they have the real attitude to get things done. You will not be disappointed if you choose clay stairs in the leadership initiative. We offer free consultations by phone however if you are in the Tulsa surrounding areas you are more than welcome to schedule a morning or afternoon to drive over to our offices and meet clay face to face as well as meet the team that is considered the back in team that helps you with everything behind the scenes. Play stairs was on high school teacher and Coach. He was very courageous when he left the teaching world for the business world.

He was able to establish himself in the community as a Authority and how to grow your business. He embrace the opportunity to grow and help others people get there as well. He has launched six different companies in the past 5 years. And they his company’s impact communities and they Embrace growth. He has shaped many people individuals and large groups through his strategic business Consulting and his leadership training. He is a man of excellent. And he wants to work with people who are the same. Professional development training Tulsa training at 918-798-0852 and also

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