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This content was written for The Leadership Initiative. 

When it comes to training, this will be unlike anyone you have ever attended. The professional development training Tulsa is all about how to help business owners retain and keep their employees and clients. This sounds like a very simple subject but also one of high importance. Clay Staires will be teaching and coaching you and your friends at the training with his team The Leadership Initiative. Find out more about Clay and his team by going to or giving them a call at 918-798-0852.

So, this could be pretty bizarre talking about the importance of lighting in your office. One fun fact about lighting is it sets the mood for whatever atmosphere you’re trying to have. If you ever walked into a hospital, you know that the fluorescent lights cause you to feel like it is a rather sterile environment. That is appropriate because it has a hospital and we would all prefer that it is sterile. But if I walk into a club and there are fluorescent lights on, it’s going to get weird. Clay Staires and his team are dedicated to helping you figure out what works for you.

Again, the professional development training Tulsa could sound like all you going to learn about is how to be a better librarian and wear your suit tighter. Those deafly not the case at this training. Clay Staires and his team want to make sure that you were able to keep your quality employees while also making sure that your clients are stoked out of their minds that they work with you. Figuring out the lighting for your office is a hard task. First thing you need to do is decide what kind of company you want to be telling people coming to your office what do you want them to experience.

These are vital questions to ask yourself when it comes to setting the tone atmosphere within your company and business. The lighting is what’s going to make people feel the vibe that you want them to feel. Yes, the music is important, the noises, but the lighting is going to be the true mood setter. If you’re wanting it to be an industrial vibe, then you’re probably going to want to go with Edison lightbulbs. These lightbulbs create a very cool soft atmosphere. It’s not shocking it’s not overwhelming but warm portly it’s inviting. This is just one idea that you can go off of.

Clay Staires and The Leadership Initiative team will be speaking more about how to appeal to the five senses of your customers and employees. Go online or give them a call to find out how you’re able to get into this training. You can give them I shout out online at or call them at 918-798-0852. When you go online and make sure that you read the reviews and see what other people who have attended had said. This will give you a really good idea of what you can expect and also show you video of what has happened in the past.

Professional Development Training Tulsa | Upbeat Environment

This content was written for The Leadership Initiative. 

One of the wonderful things that you’ll be learning on you attend our fantastic training as how to make your environment better. The whole gone purpose of the professional development training Tulsa is to have a quick business leaders and managers with how to best and be better. Clay Staires and The Leadership Initiative are going to be giving out tips of how to create an upbeat and memorable. This will only be imperative for your retaining employees but also wearing your customers. 

Being a business owner to be hard if you do not know how to make money. It’s also matters when it comes to getting a good employee also keeping boys. To do this, you have to have a lot of tact. Clay Staires is going to be teaching at the professional development training Tulsa on how to be better at retaining employees and while your customers.  Clean his team will be giving you a little tip here in there of how to add the atmosphere in your office but even how to up your interaction with all of your customers.

Retaining employees, they never quit a job, they quit their manager. So, if you want to make sure that they enjoy their lives and they will work with you, then you are going to need to create an environment that they want to be in. This is going to come with the decorations, you’re definitely going to one overhead music, what is your office smell like? And what is something tangible that they can have whether it’s every day or access to. This could be snacks, drinks, or some type of man apparel given away at different times. Do you want to make sure that you are appealing to all of their five senses?

Has been found is that if you put employees in an upbeat environment, they will produce better results. Simple ways that you can do this, is having overhead music. If you are in an office where is dead silent, that could be really frustrating, hard, and annoying. Some people like to work in silence, but if you want to inspire people you need things happening. We suggest that you would put overhead music over and that one person is in charge of what that sounds like. Ideally, you, the business owner, would be picking out the music because that will reflect you and what your business is all about.

Learn more tricks of the trade whenever you attend the professional development training Tulsa this coming fall. Claims he will not only go over overhead music, but they’re also be talking about lighting, what you put on the walls, decorations, furniture, and the whole experience. Don’t wait on signing up for this Training. You can go online at or you can even call 91870852 to get a hold of one of the team members. Whichever way you decide to go about signing up for this training, just make sure you do it as soon as you can because tickets are going quick.

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