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Hop on the leadership initiative bandwagon and professional development training Tulsa train to get to where you want to go and get to your destination. It is all about how you see yourself and how you want to grow call 918-798-0852 and for more information and more testimonials and reviews about clay in the leadership initiative in our training program now more than ever business owners like yourself are in desperate need of this. What are you waiting for question. How do you think is the most important thing about you. That is something said by Clay stairs. I mindset can change everything at your negative all the time about your business and never really positive about how your business can turn around with just hard work and some discipline than they should not be in business at all.

We have business owners call us all the time about how much they want to change and how much they want to grow but they are not willing to implement or be intentional with their time and their employees. So that is a definitely a deal-breaker with us. We do not want people who are just you know hoping that things will change but people who are diligent to make things change to want things to change will actually follow through on what they want and what they need. As a business coach playlist to give you a new perspective and actually give you on a silver platter of prison systems and past that will get you there. But you have to be willing to put a headboard. If that is you if you want to put in the work because you are just determined to make things successful in your company than you can definitely give us a call at 918-798-0852.

Hop on the bandwagon that is Clay staire’s a leadership initiative. People love him people want to be around him Hugh hasn’t he will have you booked within a few seconds. Because he has such an energetic personality and a warm sense of humor that he welcomes anybody in and will actually help anybody Thrive if they want to if you wanted to grow personally if you want to help grow your team or if you want to help grow your business it doesn’t matter which one it is he is ready and willing to help you in any way that he can. He wants to be the person in your corner and courage you motivate you and Coach you along your along the path to owning a business.

Owning a business is like running a marathon and the or either writing of the Bulls in the rodeo. Sometimes you fall off but it is all about how much you want to get back on. Play is there to help you get back up and get back on the pony and leave you alone for a while Dr. No one said business was ever easy. So call 918-798-0852 to get to know him a little bit more and get to know each other get to know if its potential. We often understand that it is important for how much it actually cost. You should know if you want to put into perspective at that we cost the same amount as hiring one full-time employee in paying them $8.50 an hour. Of course we do more work than just one individual.

We are a team and we are coaches combine to help you as a business owner to feed. If you want a cheese professional development time for him and Financial Freedom do you give me to give us a call. You can schedule morning or afternoon Monday through Friday we are closed on the weekends however we be more than happy to accommodate you in the morning or afternoon at to have a scheduled phone call with you between you and Clay stairs. So it’s simply call us today at 918-798-0852 or go online to fill out a form with your information at Regarding development and growth for professional development training Tulsa training.

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This content was written for the leadership initiative.

Come on board to the wonderful world of wonderful joys of Countryman Financial Freedom by joining professional development training Tulsa training Guru play stairs and his company to leadership initiative go to online at the And also call 918-798-0852 to schedule a free no-obligation phone assessment with Clay stairs so you can get an idea of what we do how we do it and see if this is ultimately add value to do if it is a good fit. A lot of business owners that we speak to know that there is not even if they want to do it but unfortunately they are just not the best fit. And we want to determine that that’s right away rather than waste your time to waste our time. So how we do that is on the first phone call Clay will just lay out system and protocols and facts and statistics from real business owners that we’ve been working with perfect and present seeing idea that we are who we say we are in Clay staire’s is the one to do it.

So that this something that you want to do me if you’re curious or maybe you know someone has been here for a member of friend who actually owns a business but a personal business or they or just looking simply for maybe some help for hiring and recruiting help than we can definitely do that as well. We offer one on one coaching at one time a week each each week day every day at the same time because we want to create 14 and your life. And we also want to help you with your scheduling in tracking of individual employees as well as for your financial so that you can be a loyal machine without having to be a mess trying to search for things that maybe need maybe things that you have not been able to identify because you’re not really sure about what your numbers are.

We want to help you identify what problems are how much money you need or how much money you have in order to make your business keep going. We want to make sure that you can get your business into your through and through your door and on the phone that we want to make sure that your phone is ringing and that we hope you beat out the competition for every single bed that you do. We work with industries of all shapes and sizes we do not work with just contractors or Builders we work with interior designers plumber dentist eye doctors nonprofits all sorts. This is not just for a certain industry.

We want to make sure that every business owner and his who’s in America actually knows what it means to live in with time frame and Financial Freedom. You are the business owner in a business should be working for you not against you. 918-798-0852. Questions can offer you some insight into your business as well as get you a look into your financials to make sure that this is really the best fit for you. We do not work with just anybody who walks through the door or give us a phone call. We want to make sure we are picking we want to make sure that we’re working with people actually Implement rather than complain and who will be diligent in their work and went to actually see their growth.

So it is all up to you professional development training Tulsa training is not for everyone. So you need to make sure you have a stomach and you have the mind and the mindset in order to grow. If you have a growth mindset then we will get along just fine but if you want to go to my setting you ready to work for it and give us a call nine one eight seven nine eight zero eight five visit us on the web today.

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