Professional Development Training Tulsa | What Gets Scheduled Gets Done

This content was written for The Leadership Initiative. 

Do you ever wish that you were more organized? One powerful best practice that Clay Staires will be teaching on at the professional development training Tulsa is the power of scheduling your meetings. This could sound like a super simple idea, but this will actually be very revolutionary to a lot of different companies. Many times, we have found, that business owners do not have calendars or to do list, so they are flying by the seat of their pants. Clay Staires has created an entire curriculum of how to beat the on organized business owner and how to get them organized. Find out more information by going to or calling 918-798-0852.

 when it comes to scheduling anything in your company, you’ll find that this will help your entire company run much better as an organization. If you currently are operating without a calendar or without a to do list, chances are you feel like everything is a little crazy. Clay Staires and his team really want to help you break free from feeling crazy on a regular basis. You’re able to sign up for the professional development training Tulsa when you go online or give the team a call or the phone. Whatever way you desire, you can reach out to them.

Every week you’re going to want to hold a staff meeting, staff training, and a weekly group interview. These are going to be very essential for helping you stay organized. If you pick a date and time for your staff meeting, then you’re going to want to try to make that date and time repeatable every week. For example, if you do your staff meetings on Monday at 9 AM, then the following week you want to try to do it at the same time for consistency. This will only help you be organized, but this will help your team know what to expect. And consistency helps things operate more smoothly. 

If your team knows what to expect every week, this will help them be more mentally calm. It will also help them feel organized. It is really true when they say that all the important things slowdown from the top. Your mental and emotional state will affect the rest of the company. As long as you’re confident and organize, the rest of your team will learn to be confident and organized. And create space in your calendar, well first, get a calendar, and then put repeatable meetings that you can have every week in the same slot. Obviously, there will be different weeks that you guys will randomly had to change meetings, but keep it as consistent as possible.

Did your tickets to the professional development training Tulsa by going online or over the phone? You can go to or you can call 918-798-0852 do you do this. When you call over the phone Clay Staires will have one of his leadership initiative team members talk to you and help answer any questions they may have. This will be very easy and helpful for letting you know what to expect from this training. When you go online and make sure that you check out the videos, I’m from people who have attended this training before. They were interviewed so that we could let others know what it is truly like. There is no scams or anything that would cause you to think that this isn’t real, there are real people just like you who have attended, so sign up. 

Professional Development Training Tulsa | Know Your Role

This content was written for The Leadership Initiative. 

Many employees and even managers, or not great at getting their job done because they do not know their specific role. The professional development training Tulsa is going to help all business owners and managers get better at communication within their company. Clay Staires and The Leadership Initiative team are going to be teaching on the best practices of how to communicate with your team very efficiently. There is more information about clean his team when you go to but you were also able to give them a call over the phone but dialing 918-798-0852.

Do you have ever experienced employees telling you that they do not understand something or they did not know that that was “their role“, then this will nip all of that in the bud. Clay Staires is going to be showing you at the professional development training Tulsa how to communicate expectations to your employees and your management team. First, you always want to Make sure that you verbally communicate the expectations, then you won’t want to have them written down, then you want to post them somewhere, and you also want to have it in a video. You want to make sure that you are over communicating what it is that you expect so that there can be no questions.

I was going to make sure that when someone is hired on or comes to work for you, that they are told verbally what it is that you’re wanting them to do and what the expectations that you will personally have on them when he comes to their job. Then you always want to make sure that they sign an agreement that they agreed to these expectations and what you will be asking him to do. These two simple steps will help alleviate confusion. If that isn’t enough, then you also want to make sure that it is posted and or that you referred to it on a regular basis of what your expectations of each employee is.

Finding new and better ways to communicate with your team Will be done at the professional development training Tulsa with Clay Staires and his incredible team. Clay Staires is going to equip you with the language of what it is that you need to be saying to employees that you bring on, but he’s also going to show you different systems that you can put in the place to help your life be a lot easier. This may sound super simple, because Clay is really good at making things that seem complicated very simple. If you are wanting to be successful, all you have to do is listen to what he is saying and implement it into your daily life.

Get creative and a better communication when you sign up for the training by going to You can also get a hold of Clay Staires and The Leadership Initiative team when you dial 918-798-0852. Someone will be on the other end of the phone ready to answer any questions that you may have a bout this training, about the team, and anything that you would be able to be expecting. This will be a super helpful training if you choose to attend, so give them a call or reach out today.

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