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This content was written for The Leadership Initiative.

Professional development training Tulsa training helps small business owners or mediocre businesses become titans of industry. Call 918-798-0852 for a free 30 minute for an appointment with Clay Staires and of course can also go to our website and book online for that appointment as well. Content was written for the detail shop Michigan. Nothing is impossible if you were willing to work hard for it. Many millionaires and billionaires in this world have taken that seriously and to heart. One of those millionaires is Clay Staires the owner and founder of the leader ship initiative in business consulting firm in which helps business owners no matter if it’s a small business or a large corporation live the life that they were truly designed to live by giving them time freedom and financial freedom.

So it is time to celebrate because now you have someone on your side of business coach who knows business and I can see things from a different perspective because he has a different mindset than most people. Now did you know this is a fun fact according to forms 90% of businesses fail that is a whole lot of businesses who can’t seem to stay afloat or you know congratulations to you if you have been in business for more than you know Tanner plus years that is a big deal because you’ve been the statistic but you know you’ve been in business for a long time you can still have those stressors or those anxieties because you’re constantly having to go into the office and put out fires or deal with employees who can’t seem to show up or even when they are there they cannot seem to work and do what you ask him. Professional Development Training Tulsa is the greatest in all the land.

Does that sound familiar? Are you continually in the business all the time because you’re having to pick up someone’s slack? Well we have a simple answer that we have a proven human resource and recruiting system that is designed to take a less time and more money. So you can spend less time in your office having to deal with average employees. Everyone here are the leader ship initiative is the enemy of average. We kick butt in any business owner that we work with learns to do the same. So if this is you if this is the best path for you and call us up with a free phone appointment with Clay and you can see for yourself if this will be the best fit for you but we were we will also see if it is a good fit for us. Call us at 918-798-0852 if you are willing to be a diligent coachable and attentive to detail. These characteristics or what makes the difference between a thriving business and a business that is going out of business. So call us depending on your schedule if the afternoon or maybe even the morning is best for you we can set you up if you live in the area we are in the center of the universe Tulsa Oklahoma so if you were in class or the surrounding area you’re more than welcome to schedule time to drive to her office and meet Clay face-to-face as well as the team and see why we are different from any other business in the United States. You can also go to our website and do some research on us read up on Clay.

Professional development training Tulsa program creates titans of industry. It does not matter what you are selling it does not matter what product is it does not matter what service you were selling. If you are wanting to grow we can help you but you first have to take a chance on hiring us. we can go to or 918-798-0852 If however if after a month you were not satisfied with the production and the results that we are getting for your company we will give you all of your money back guarantee. So we want to give you make sure that you understand us and that we are starting off on the right foot and Clay is a dynamic and engaging coach who will get you hooked and I can say that approval system has worked because we use it ourselves here at leader ship initiative and if it didn’t work we probably would not be in business right now.

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This content was written for The Leadership Initiative.

No more drinking shoes professional development training Tulsa program by Clay Staires. The phone number to call to get more information is 918-798-0852 and also if you can do some research on our website and fill out a form via our companies website This contact was written for the Raiders. Here at the leadership initiative, it is all about being intentional. Clay was not always as successful as he is now. Toys in if you wanted to have time for dinner and financial freedom. So he went out on his own and he created six successful businesses in five years. He was intentional with his time he was intentional and he spent his time with and she implemented all the things that he made for his business card. Yes even an entrepreneur millionaire like Clay has his own business coach.

Every business I need someone that can hold them accountable and make sure that as they are on the path to success. So I’ll get your head in the game and stop dripping into the unknown no man’s land. If you want to have a real change a real growth in your company than you need to have someone on the side with the walkie for approval have a system that was designed to help as of any industry of revenue growth which would then give them financial freedom and time freedom. Our main goal here is to get the freedom to live the life that they were true. Now if you feel that you feel so close for a while or maybe you were so far away from booking and will help you get back on the path and Clay will walk alongside you in that shirt that you deal with it then was intentional so that he can be a better coach or trainer for you to get you motivated and for her to do to succeed. So call 918798 0852 to get sign up for th Professional Development Training Tulsa today.

Your life will improve when you to call. Now call us and I said you up with a free appointment either by phone if you are outside of Oklahoma or you can come in person to meet play in the team for a 30 minute appointment just for Clay to give you fair and Shelley who are real statistics that we have worked with and in the past. I have some good things to say about Clay and he is a character person engaging in dynamic speaking abilities as well as coaching no matter if you have been in business for a year or maybe we have been in business for many years he can get you where you need to go despite any generational gap or age gap. He is successful for a reason he is known as America’s millionaires school teachers so obviously he has some sense of how business goes and how it can change if you have the right mindset. So no more wasting time no more hanging your head no more stressing. It is time for you to experience time freedom and financial freedom but you have to be willing to sacrifice and make some trade-offs in order to make that happen no successful millionaire or billionaire in the United States ever went through life and became successful without making some trade-offs.

Because you might not know this but success is a choice. It is a choice to make trade-offs it is a choice to push through fear and anxiety it is also a choice to hold yourself and others accountable and if you Gotta make Sixers a choice that you have to make. Because through Siri and and gross will come with them through continuous effort struggle. So if you’re willing to have some bad days but also with some good days college 918-798-0852 and get you started on the path. Professional development training Tulsa for some training is the next step in the path to success call 918-798-0852 or and start on the path to growth and success rather than drifting in and out every day. It was all about your mindset on what you were willing to do and how hard you are willing to work in order to not continue working in your business all the time but begin working on your business being able to do the things you want to do with large amounts of time as well as a fat wallet. So policy is that you up with a consultation with Clay. There is no obligation for this so call us today for a free phone appointment with Clay.

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