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This content was written for the leadership initiative.

We have workshops of all kinds for all types of businesses for all types of business owners professional development training Tulsa training is the best place in the first step in order to get Financial Freedom and Time Freedom. Give us a call today at 918-798-0852 and also We have workshops of all kinds. That can help with creating unique customer identity remarkable experience for every customer that walks through the door winning the heart of the mommy creating systems that reduce stress and unnecessary time during your day. And with each Workshop, you will get at making sure that it’s uniquely tailored to you or unique needs and stressors video recording notes and outcomes and tangible useful and practical policies that you can have for your own training manual.

For more information on the benefits of employee training check us out at The lack of training and workshops that threatens staff safety and morale. Here at the leadership initiative clay stairs the owner and CEO executive Chief Executive Officer of the leadership initiative in five other businesses believes that creating a great culture within your company is where you’re really going to make the difference for your employee’s people if your culture is great people are going to want to work for you and stay with you long term rather than leave after only a few months.

Workshops are meant to bring managers and leaders along with their staff together so that rather than just someone talking and the others listening you have to get to work together on it a certain problem or problems. It’s all about developing new and exciting ideas well as if perspectives on how to make your company better and help us move forward. With workshops, your employees can then have a chance and Bond as a plane and I’ll learn how to work with the managers rather than just for it managers. You can unite your staff and create a more sustainable Power Solutions.

And workshops really help you produce the most needed energy in your company. You cannot find new ideas and do as a group. That will really Propel your business and your staff to a whole new level. It’s all about creating new ideas attitudes and a direction clear company. Call 918-798-0852 to get more information about what workshops we offer here at the leadership initiative. As well as one more and more information about professional development training Tulsa training and the staff training management training and Executive coaching that we offer as well.

And this isn’t going to cost you an arm and a leg. Clay stairs aren’t a leading expert when it comes to training and workshops. And he has a long-standing reputation of helping people solve problems in their culture and understanding how it will all affect the bottom line. It’s all about being strategic and implementing necessary paths and sisters to help eliminate problems and to get everyone in a cookie Civ or level area when it comes to policies and how the company should be run. If your business owner of the business is there to serve you not the other way around. If you feel that you’re being held hostage by employees call us today and then get you on the road on the path to time for him and Financial Freedom. 918-798-0852 and For professional development training Tulsa training.

Professional development training Tulsa | Growing, and Achieving

This content was written for the leadership initiative.

Here at the leadership initiative CEO chief executive officer founder clay stairs of the leadership initiative is all about growing and achieving using his professional development training Tulsa training staff training Management training and executive leadership training. Give us a call today for a complimentary consultation by phone or in-person if you are in the Tulsa area surrounding area 918-798-0852 not to follow us on social media such as Facebook Twitter LinkedIn and our YouTube channel 4 workshops to show your employees in your managers

It’s through new ideas new policy new Pathways and systems that will take your company in a new direction that we’ve benefited for the long-term. It’s all about growing in achieving your goals. And we all need a little help sometimes. It’s all about trying to maximize your company and help it more run a little bit more effectively so that use the business owner do not have to spend all your waking hours in your business but actually giving you a chance to work on your business to help it grow and be sustainable so that you can go out and live the life that you were truly designed to live.

What are our main goals here at the leadership initiative with our Business Consulting program you ask? Simply it’s to give you more time freedom and Financial Freedom. That’s all any business owner can ask for. We give you the truth about the best coaching experience. You save you hundreds of hours thousands of dollars through our coaching program while also giving you fully functioning skills full back and team. We offer you graphic designers web designers for web design and web maintenance search engine optimization uploaders and Riders proven pass systems templates and examples Executive coaching one-on-one with the coach public relations coaching advertisement marketing for petition management sales training sales lead conversion training accounting and speaking as well as Finance coaching. We have been seen on Business Insider Fast Company forms pandodaily Bloomberg and many more.

And you can get all of this for the same cost of hiring a full-time employee say at a Starbucks. Whereas if you were to get all of these things individually most likely it would cost you between twenty-seven thousand dollars every month in order to get everything like such these things that we offer done for your company. It is completely up to you. And growing and achieving and I’ll see whether or not you want to put in the effort to do so. Calling 918-798-0852 will be the beginning of the past it’s the first stepping stone making sure that you as a business owner have long-term success in your company rather than having to close the doors. Professional development training Tulsa training is the best way to start the best place to start.

Along with the business owners were work with currently and in the past our first starting out feeling frustrated and overwhelmed with their company. After example, they’re looking for more leads more cash flow more time a better employee or just better structure within their company they just are not sure how to get there. Does that sound familiar to you? Call us at 918-798-0852 and checks out online for client video testimonials and reviews and for downloadables at

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