Professional Development Training Tulsa | Striving Team Members

This content was written for The Leadership Initiative.

Are you wanting to learn a new way of how to manage and steward your employee as well? At the professional development training Tulsa Clay Staires and The Leadership Initiative team you’re going to be teaching and giving management tips on how to best retain your employees and how to best manage them wouldn’t conflict. This will be a very essential training for anyone who is a business owner or a manager in any type of organization. Check out more by going online to or you’re able to call Clay and The Leadership Initiative team up by dialing 918-798-0852. Getting contact with them to sign up.

When it comes to management or finding better ways of how to lead your team, you’re going to have to replace old thinking with new thinking. If you have not been led well, then it’s going to be rather complicated to lead other people. You will probably have a couple things up your sleeve because you’ll never want to repeat what is happened to you, but Clay Staires in the leadership initiative team are going to equip you with the best practice and most effective ways of how to steward your employees and manage them. This is the whole purpose of the professional development training Tulsa is to help business professionals be better at their jobs.

Creating time and space in your calendar for this training is going to be the game changer for your ability to let it be a better manager. Many people are just winging it and trying to figure out how to get their employees to be better be different when in reality it comes down to you being a better manager. Yes, this can be pretty harsh for a lot of people to hear but the reality is that you wanna hire the right people and also manage them really well. It’s hard to teach character but it’s easy to teach scale. This all starts with you looking for the right people. Which, means that you’re going to need to know what your core values are for your business and company. That would be starting point number one.

Clay Staires is a fantastic manager. He has learned a lot from his coaching coaches him but he is also in the lot three trilinear. The whole purpose of the professional development training Tulsa is to help people not have to make the same mistakes that he has. That is where he created this training and is so passionate about helping other business owners and managers around the country. He will come speak for you and teach you all that you wanna hear but also you don’t want to hear. No worries, he’s very entertaining and Keaton gave the whole time so what are you hate what are you saying you’re very much enjoy hearing it from him.

Sign up for the training by going online or calling. When you online go check out and make sure that you look into their testimonial page so that you can hear from real people who have attended this training as well. You’ll also be able to call the leadership initiative and potential he get a hold of Clay Staires when you dial 918-798-0852. This is a great resource for you or anyone who is in the business world or in any leadership position. Sign up and take away for you to get there as soon as you can because this is going to be what gets you to the next level of you becoming who you were created to be.

Professional Development Training Tulsa | Quality Employees

This content was written for The Leadership Initiative.

When running a company, to be really hard and difficult to find quality employees. Clay Staires will be talking about how to find great employees when you attend a professional development training Tulsa this summer. This training is going to be geared towards helping you get the greatest mindset in execution when it comes to finding great employees. You can learn more about this training and Clay Staires along with his team by going to or you can even call them by dialing 918-798-0852. We also would really encourage you to go to the testimonials page to see what other people are saying.

When it comes to hiring new people, this can be a dredging test due to the amount of time that it takes up. It will be very frustrating when it comes to having to do your schedule while also having to run your company. Clay Staires and The Leadership Initiative team are going to help teach you how to run the group interview system. This is someone allow you to be able to use one hour out of the week where you were looking for new candidates. You will not need to be reading resumes until you actually want to hire somebody. This could sound crazy, but this is a revolutionary idea that is taking over the business world.

If you’re wanting to look at a lot in a short amount of time, the group interview is going to be your sweet spot. This will allow you to be able to weed out and filter out people even before they arrive at you. Have you ever scheduled someone for an interview and they never showed up? As we have experienced, like you, this happens quite often. This will be very frustrating when you have a lot to get done that day. The group interview helps filter these people out. If you are able to actually show up on time dress to impress and ready to rock ‘n’ roll, they made it through the first filtering system. Does the first phase of the group interview process.

The next thing that happens is the shadowing event. Clay Staires usually has someone from the group interview that stuck out to him that he gets along with and thinks that would be a great fit, have them come back and shadow for at least 2 to 4 hours. During the time of them shadowing their following you around not really saying a lot, but they are getting a feel and abide for your environment and they you’re hoping that they’re figuring out if they’d want to be in this environment. But you, are also seeing if you would want to work with them. The real question is do you like them and are they competent. You also want to make sure that we are in the shadow that they do one specific task to measure the competency.

After you do a shadow, then you’re going to want to do a literal in person interview with them. This interview is basically going to make sure that they are not crazy and that they align with your core values. This will be very helpful in again filtering the right people to work for your company. The whole purpose of the professional development training Tulsa is to help business owners, like yourself, get the most bang for your buck. We want to help you be more effective and Efficient in your business. Sign up for the professional development training Tulsa by going online to or you can call Clay Staires or some team member from the leadership initiative when you dial 918-798-0852.

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