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Hop on the fun train with Clay Staires in the team here at the leadership Initiative for fun and excitement with professional development training Tulsa training. Call us today and we will give you a free complimentary consultation over the phone at 918-798-0852 or and check us out online to our company business compete Business website check us out consultation consultation website contact form at The fun train is about to leave the station.

If you want to get on if you want to have time for him in Financial Freedom than call us today and we can give you a complimentary consultation over the phone with Clay. If you are with end of the Tulsa surrounding areas you’re more than welcome to call or set up a consultation and Via our website by filling out an online contact form and someone on the leadership initiative team will get ahold of you to schedule a morning or afternoon whatever works best for your schedule and whatever works best for clay schedule we can get you scheduled for a consultation with clay in person so you can meet up face-to-face as well as meet the team at the leadership initiative in the back-end team who does all the back end work for business owners. So what are you waiting for a? Give us a call today.

All that matters is that you as a business owner want to continue and have a sustainable business that will make you money without you having to be in the office. Are companies have been seen on Bloomberg Business Insider Fast Company Forbes Pando daily Yahoo ABC affiliate CBS affiliate and fox Affiliates. Everyone needs a coach. And here at the leadership initiative we give you the full coaching experience in which we can help reduce your marketing costs by 80% which will save you hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars.

Stop wasting thousands of dollars chasing after those creative Artisans who will cost you thousands and thousands of dollars just individually. Our services include graphic designers web designer search engine optimization proven template systems and examples of parents Executive coaching public relations coaching online advertisement and reputation management sales training speak and coaching as well as personal finance coaching. You can get all of this for the same cost it would cost you to hire a full-time employee for $8.50 an hour. Whereas if you wanted to get all of this just personally an outside and as individuals it would probably cost you around $27,000 a month.

That is a lot of money. And here we understand that money is big concern. That is why we help our business owners have the time for them in Financial Freedom that they truly desire. If you have a call if you have a financial goal in mind that you want to hit in the next year call 918-798-0852. Check out for more information regarding professional development training Tulsa training.

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This content was written for the leadership initiative.

Professional development training Tulsa training with the founder and owner of the leadership initiative and five other successful businesses clay stairs is the one who is driving this hot tamale train. If you want to have business success if you want to have more money in your wallet and in your bank account then call us at 918-798-0852 and for more information including reviews and online testimonial videos go to

It is Affordable and you get a truly exceptional coaching experience which will save you thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours and marketing and advertising. You can get a business coach as well as graphic designers web designers search engine optimization writers and uploaders systems examples Executive coaching one-on-one public relations coaching or advertisement management staff training Management training leadership training sales training coaching speaking and finance coaching for the same cost it would be to hire a full-time employee for $8.50 an hour.

That is saving you a whole lot of money. A lot of business owners are on the police right now and where they need help but they do not seem to know where the money is coming from. That is one thing that we help our business owners with is find money and to collect on Monday. A lot of business owners don’t realize that they have a money going out the door and not a whole lot coming in. Because they’re constantly in debt and they’re just living paycheck-to-paycheck themselves and they cannot seem to play their employees or key even keep employees for that matter.

If that is you if that’s something that you’re dealing with right now and you need help in order to get yourself out of the ditch that you cinch a dog yourself then call us at 918-798-0852. Here at the leadership initiative we are in the business of helping business owners continue and grow to become great leaders and have a entrepreneur mindset. It is imperative to understand that the Maya said that you have is there to help your employees and expand the way you think. And it will help you delegate responsibilities when you can become a better leader and have your employees work with you rather than just for you. We create a great training series for managers and leaders that will go over help them overcome daily obstacles.

And rather than having a bottleneck in your company where everything has to funnel hear you. We can help you create a system in which the funnel begins to disperse more than ever supposed to daily responsibilities in the data on a day-to-day operations and Company test your employees in your managers rather than you having to do with it all yourself. 918-798-0852. Play stairs is a one-of-a-kind individual entrepreneur investor venture capitalist speaker and author. He’s a great teacher and Coach who wants to be a great mentor for anyone who comes through his door. It’s all about creating systems and trainings to help you as a business owner he’s out of working in your business all the time to then getting you to the point where you’re able to work on your business. Call 918-798-0852 for free consultation no obligation consultation at And professional development training Tulsa training.

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