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This content was written for The Leadership Initiative. 

Are you looking to get more done on your teams’ production? This mainly comes down to micromanaging your team which Clay Staires will be talking about at the professional development training Tulsa this weekend. If you’re looking to create a more productive outcome within your company, then micromanagement is the care. Check out to learn more about Clay Staires and his team at The Leadership Initiative. You were also able to give them a call at 918-798-0852 to ask a human over the phone any questions that you may have.

Clay Staires likes to use a shock factor of the phrase micromanagement because most people hate that phrase. The true facts are that if you ever really want to get anything done, then you always need to trust and verify. If someone says if they got something accomplished, then you were going to have to literally go look at it to make sure it is a comp done. The whole purpose of the professional development training Tulsa is to help business owners and managers get better and are operating in their role. 

The power of the micromanagement will get this done. Select paragraph micromanagement is you, the manager or the owner, continuously following up to make sure that things get done. This sounds like a very simple concept but is the one thing that is keeping your company from executing more. If you’re wanting to make more money and have people like you, then you’re going to need to get your team on top of their A game. Keeping them on there a game is someone managing them and making them stay on task.

Clay Staires is going to go into distinct detail of what it looks like to micromanage your team. At the professional development training Tulsa Clay is going to break it down very simply with practical tools, sayings, and things that you can do as a manager to make people more efficient. This is going to be so practical that you were going to be able to walk away and immediately implement it into your company. A production here we come!

Find out more information on Clay Staires and The Leadership Initiative team by going to their website which is or giving them a call at 918-798-0852. When you call or even go online you will have the ability to ask all the questions that you may have. Online there will be a FAQ page but if you call over the phone one of the team members will gladly answer any questions that you have pertaining to the training or anything that they are about. Don’t wait any longer but give them a call today!

Professional Development Training Tulsa | Trusting in Business

This content was written for The Leadership Initiative. 

Are you currently looking for new employees? So are we Clay Staires and The Leadership Initiative are teaching at the professional development training this coming weekend on how to find the right people for your company? Sounds like a very simple concept and you probably heard it all before, but Clay and his team are going to be teaching you how to look at a lot of people so that you can find the right people and a faster amount of time. Go online to or call 918-798-0852 to learning more information. 

Is vitally important that you hire on people that you can trust. Yes, this is very hard to do with the very first impression, but we are going to show you a couple things that you can look for when you’re wanting to hire. You were able to look at someone when they come in for your group interview and see if you like how they carry themselves, dress, and if they’re able to show up on time. When you have them come in for the shadow, you were going to want to see if you enjoy being around them and they seem competent. Then, you were going to do a one on one interview to make sure that their values align with your core values of your company. If they get through all of this, you still don’t have to be sold on them once they’re hired.

We have watched many business owners fall into the trap of once they hire someone, they cannot fire them. Clay Staires is going to revolutionize your mind when it comes to hiring and firing employees. When it comes to business there has to be trust built, and if you don’t have trust, you will lose. Trust is not something that happens in one day or happens overnight, it is something that happens over time. At the professional development training Tulsa Clay is going to be showing you the specific things to be looking for.

It’s very hard to wait when you need to hire someone ASAP. As long as you know that you are needing to hire someone just to fill the spot and you are OK with firing them after you find the person that you do work, then you’re going to be all right. Implementing the group interview is not only going to save you time, but it’s going to lie till I go to a lot of different people in a short amount of time. This way you’ll be able to hire on someone and fire them within the same week and not have to fret about it because you already know that you have another group interview coming up.

Find out more information about Clay Staires, The Leadership Initiative and this training when you go online to You can also contact the team via telephone when you dial 918-798-0852. Whichever route you decide to get a hold of them, do not delay, but take action and make it happen.

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