Do not fight fate do not fight professional development training Tulsa training and Clay stairs with the leadership initiative. He is here to help you he is gained the ability to have time for command Financial Freedom from business and able to live a life that he can truly be proud of and design for and you can do so and you can have it too by calling 918-798-0852 and by checking out his website and the leadership initiative at the website

Whether you are a startup or you already have a business model that you were just trying to get it off the ground to becoming a mature business call 918-798-0852. A lot of people have ideas but ideas have a lot of high-energy but add no value and everybody has an idea. But you hit if you have a start-up a startup usually consists of high emotion no value you’re still in a worker mindset not an entrepreneur mindset and there’s more emphasis on your skill. So we want to help you get out of that funk of being a worker we want to get you to the point where you can be an entrepreneur. Because when you are an entrepreneur you take the E out of emotion.

In a lot of people get caught up in that and sometimes business and create a habit of having too much Professional Development Training Tulsa  emotion. We want to break that bad habit and those get you out of working in the weeds. We want to get you to the next level from startup to business model which is instead of high emotion you replace it with high execution. The next is to implement proven systems that your employees and managers can then follow which it makes it easier on you so that you’re not having to hold all the responsibility on every task. That will give you the ability to be able to delegate certain responsibilities to certain people. But it also gives you a chance to practice your mentorship and expand your leadership. When you put leadership and mentorship together that will then create a growth mindset amongst your employees and your managers. It will then allows them to explore what they are looking for in their life and how they want to grow.

That will then open doors in your business for you to be able to allow more people in. Because you want to become the Envy of other business owners. We want to help you find those eight players or the unicorns that are usually hard to find. But once you do find one of them that you can actually run circles around three or four of your you know run-of-the-mill employees who just show up for a paycheck. So call 918-798-0852 to schedule a free 60-minute business assessment to see if this would be the best fit for you at this time in your life. Now if it is do not fight fate. It is could be the right time for this. You do not want to pass it up and then regret it later on. Do not live a life or do not run a business where you were just trying to keep the lights on. We want to be able to help you grow your company so that you can live a life that you were truly designed to live.

Truly a business is there to run without you. We want to help you make money and also have more time to live however you want to. So take the chance take the leap of faith. Call 918-798-0852 and also you can schedule it for the business assessment by filling out a contact form on our website and if you want more information you just have to ask about the professional development training Tulsa program or if you want coaching just let clay know what service you are looking for so I’m go to Some more.

Professional Development Training Tulsa | Test the Water

Professional development training Tulsa and business coaching program from the leadership initiative allows business owners to test the water to see if it would be a good fit for them and their business. The leadership initiative can be call directly to set up a free business assessment over the phone or on an in-person if you are in the Tulsa Oklahoma area and you can call to set that up at 918-798-0852 or you can do it online you just have to fill out the contact form by clicking the red button on the homepage at

You will feel all warm and fuzzy inside because Clay staire’s is the ability to take small business owners to a new level. He can help you and your business surpass your competition so that you are no longer in the back of the pack or in the middle. It is all about making sure that you are found online by your ideal and likely buyer. So what we like to do here at the leadership initiative is that we offer a wow factor or our no-brainer offer. Are no brainer offer is left after the first month of working with us you are not happy with the results of the productivity that our team is giving for you and your company then we will give you all of your money back.

That’s one hundred percent all of your money back if after the first 30 days you are not satisfied. But I will say this really do we give it out because people are actually seeing results and growth in Leeds and cash flow within the first month. So we really want to show you the value and what we offer. And you should know that if money is a big issue for you right now then we most certainly do offer this service as a month-to-month service there is no contract involved. So you do not have to feel the pressure of being signed into a contract by signing away you know your life by signing your name in blood or giving away your first child. We do not want to have that over your head. This really is just a wonderful way for small business owners to get their foot in the door to have more financial success. Play was like you in the beginning. He was stuck in a job that he knew could only get him so far.

He wanted to be able to have that time freedom and Financial Freedom to live a life that he could be happy with and that would enable him to be able to micromanage his business or his finances from a distance. So he went off on his own he quit teaching and coaching and he went off as a no and he got himself a business coach to help them along the way so now he’s in a place where he is the happy entrepreneur venture capitalist author and motivational speaker who has the ability to run 6 successful companies from a distance rather than having to spend every minute or an hour and day of his life making sure they’re just staying afloat.

So if you want to know more you want to know how he did it or how he’s able to teach other small business owners like yourself how to get that time freedom and Financial Freedom it’s just up to you whether or not you want to test the water. Call 918-798-0852 and also check them out online to read his reviews as well as watch his client video testimonials from clients all over the nation at Or simply refer to the professional development training Tulsa program.

Clay Staires