Stepping steps is the first sign that you actually need help in choose the professional development training Tulsa train brought to you by none other than the incomparable beautiful magnificent Triumph fantastic wonderful amazing clay stairs owner and founder of the leadership initiative as well as five other successful businesses in the Tulsa Oklahoma area. Give him a call to find out more and find out how he has been successful at by calling 918-798-0852 or checking out his website to learn more about him and his businesses by checking out the website at

Do not stop yourself from having time for you to minimum Financial Freedom. A lot of business owners sabotage themselves. But it does not have to be a continually uphill climb. Many business owners who are successful Millionaires and billionaires started with a routine to get them through the day from the beginning to the end. They did not get stuck in the date ofThey chose to get into a routine that was strategic to get them to the point of time freedom and Financial Freedom so that they were no longer having to be glued to their desk or glued to their cell phone. That can be you too.

Play even achieved at himself. He is now in a place where his five businesses are actually running like wild machines and he doesn’t have to be knee-deep and problems and issues. Now he spent the majority of his time in the leadership initiative helping other small business owners like you get out of the mud or in the out of the ditch that you have found yourself in. Of course many people find themselves in a ditch and they are not really sure of how they got themselves into it in the first place. That is what a business coach does he gets into the trench with you to find a way out in to build systems that can help you climb out of where you’re at right now.

So if this sounds like something that you are in desperate need of call nine one eight seven nine eight zero eight five to to discuss with Clay if this is going to be a value to you and if it can actually benefit your company and to help with grow. But of course this is entirely up to you. It sounds like a good idea where it sounds like you something you use right now but it actually takes work on your part in order to get things done and to get to the goals of your choice. So many people don’t understand this or they don’t take it to heart knowing that success is a choice you have to make a choice to get up every day at a certain time you have to make a choice to delegate you have to make a choice to say no. So take the stuffing steps in order to get to the goals that you have for yourself and for your company.

If you want more time to spend with family and friends then you need to be able to delegate tasks to other team members on your in your business in order to do that. But it will not happen overnight and might even require you putting in extra hours a week in order to do it so. Now call 918-798-0852 to discuss more with Clay stairs about the professional development training Tulsa training and his business coaching program that he offers as well. There are many others other staff training and manager trainings that he does as well that could very well benefit your team. But you need to add call and ask instead of a free consultation with him just get more information and detail and also check out the website

Professional Development Training Tulsa | Seize this Moment

Seize this moment to have time for the Midwife initial Freedom when you get on board the leadership initiative train and choose the professional development training Tulsa training to take your business to the next level. It does not matter if you are in Tulsa or Sapulpa Bixby Jenks Owasso Sand Springs Enid or even out of state so make the move and call 918-798-0852 to discuss more in detail of what this moment could do for your company and what business coaching can do and also go to our website for more information video testimonials reviews and other downloadable resources that you can download for free on the website at

Do not let this chance pass you by. Clay stairs is in high demand from business owners across the state I was also across the country. He’s built himself a positive reputation for being known as America’s millionaire school teacher. And he was even voted number one motivational speaker in Oklahoma by He is really cemented in cell phone place in at the motivational speaking Hall of Fame. He was a school teacher and coach for a number of years where he was just feeling like he was skating by I never really achieving the financial success that he wanted to. He felt that there was a the wall in the way of Kim getting to where he wanted to be financially. So he decided to do something about it and he decided to get another vehicle that would take him to his goals.

Teaching was great for time coaching was great for a time but it was only for a season. Now he’s in a season of life where he can help other small business owners achieve the time freedom in Financial Freedom that he achieved as well. If that is something that you want is that if that is something that you desire then the first step in taking part in this moment or cease to seize this moment is the first step is what you need to set up a morning or afternoon phone conversation with Clay stairs to do a business assessment with him. You can do it over the phone if you live out of state or maybe too far from Tulsa duddy just don’t feel like driving in that is perfectly fine.

However if you are comfortable enough and actually setting up a morning or afternoon free consultation with Clay to do that business assessment you are more than welcome to come in person and me clay face to face as well as get a tour of the office and see the environment that we have here at the leadership initiative. And you also get to meet the entire team behind the scenes. Because that’s what’s great about our program is that you not only get business coaching one-on-one but you get an entire team to help you with your marketing strategies your three-legged marketing school year accounting advertising online ads search engine optimization website building Website Maintenance Graphics photography videography and more.

The only thing that we do not offer any more is cat juggling services. So that I’m really sorry people really bummed that we don’t offer that anymore but I can guarantee you the rest of the things that we offer our list of services what actually save you about $26,000 a month. That is a huge chunk of change and we want to be able to give you what you need in order to make a big difference in your life. So reach out to us at 918-798-0852 and also find Us online at For professional development training Tulsa.

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