For the Love of Pete stop running in circles and choose the leadership initiative as your business coach as well as take on the path from the professional development training Tulsa training program. These are all operated under one person and one business called the leadership initiative and you can reach them at directly at 918-798-0852 or by checking out them out online to fill out of get in touch with your name phone number email and reason for reaching out of what services you are looking for by going to the website that is mobile friendly and website friendly by typing in the URL address into your browser that whatever one year on right now you can type it in directly they website address I’m about to give you right now is very simple and straightforward it is

Affordable is just an understatement when it comes to business coaching with the leadership initiative. Get the idea out of your head that business coaching is a far-fetched idea or a super expensive idea. I really is not. We strive to provide affordable practical action steps that you can Implement in your company right away to begin to see change. We believe in our program so much in the services that we offer that we pretty much give small-business owners a month free. If after the first month the first 30 days you were not fully satisfied with the productivity in the results that we’re getting for you and your business then we will give you all of your money back guaranteed. That is our promise.

We do not skimp on productivity we do not skimp on results. We want to make sure that you’re staying profit increase as well as lead generation. That is ultimately working what’s connect what is going to get you to that time for him and Financial Freedom that you have been longing for. So in order to get there we actually need to let me know talk with you over the phone or maybe if you were in the Tulsa surrounding areas you can come in person to meet clay face to face and do a free business assessment with you as well as meet the entire team behind the scenes of the leadership initiative. It all starts with a phone call at all starts with a just the first meeting. We want to be able to get into more detail of what it is exactly you’re looking for what kind of help you need and what certain areas of issues you’re dealing with so that we can determine whether or not this is the best fit for you or if you are the best fit for us.

Sometimes it just does not work out. We completely understand that a lot of people have really good ideas they have really good intentions however they are not willing to do what is necessary in order to get to their goals. Or maybe they are just too hard headed and they do not believe in what we’re actually selling we have testimonials and we have written reviews for a reason. People have seen success but it actually takes them that takes them to a place where they have to decide where they want to be?.

Soap success is a choice. It is up to you to decide for yourself what you are willing to do or what you were may be willing to give up her sacrifice in order to get there. If you want a successful business if you want more cash flow going into the business but also more cash in your pocket then there’s got to be steps that need to be taken in order to get there. So the first stuff you need to take for the love of Pete is call 918-798-0852 to get more detail about the professional development training Tulsa training program and Clay stairs the owner of the leadership initiative you can also view him online and read reviews to see what people are saying by checking out the website

Professional Development Training Tulsa | Seize this Coaching

Cease this coaching that you get from the leadership Initiative for the power and authority of the professional development training Tulsa training located in Tulsa Oklahoma. Call 918-798-0852 to get information about or on and also go online to the website at Little leadership initiative has been owned and operated by Clay scares none other than the world-renowned business coaching as well as venture capitalist entrepreneur motivational speaker and author. You can find them online now to call and set up a free consultation do today.

Is the opportunity because clay stairs in his coaching as a real thing or. It really takes you apart and put you back together again to help make sure that you were more effective and efficiently during your company so that I can run without you. If you want to have a business that is designed to run like a well-oiled machine so that you do not have to be involved in every single every Avenue of the visits were taking out every single fire putting out every single problem in the company but actually being able to spend time working on a business and helping you grow improvidently generation and call us today at 918-798-0852. Now is the time for you to take full advantage of the leadership that away too.

So we would help you build a life. You can be proud of. And so all about helping you create a dynamic leveling to your company so that you can have a different levels of your company so that you do not have to become the bottleneck. We want to keep you at the top and help the business go down. So that means creating a pyramid so that it’s you at the top 10 managers and or Regulators then it’s your employees and then cheerlead and all that kind of stuff we can help you set that up with accountability charts and tracking as well as responsibility charts that can help you and your employees see a clear picture of how it look will look in your company up having more organization is scheduling a tracking as well as accountability and responsibility charts.

So call us at 918-798-0852. The time to seize this coaching is now. Give us a call today would love to set up a free consultation with you to have a free business assessment as free as well as a free website report from clay. So the professional development training Tulsa turn the best place for business owners start especially if they are in a place right now where they do not know they are actually making money or they just have a lot of money going out they are just not sure about their numbers.

Or if you might be in a place where you are just cost having to deal with everything and anything that comes in a comes your way and we can help you get out of that by helping you implement strategic systems and processes to help you be more organized and begin delegating Pier employee so that you can have more capacity to do other things outside of the business if you want to. So call 918-798-0852 and ask about the professional development training Tulsa training program or go online to our website and ask or get some more details and fill out a contact form at

Clay Staires