Professional development training Tulsa training program from the leadership initiative located in Tulsa Oklahoma can help you provide that much and needed reset in your life and in your business. Call us to schedule a free consultation phone call to type of business assessment done by Clay stairs the owner and operator of the leadership initiative as well as five other successful companies in the Tulsa Oklahoma area by calling 918-798-2852 or by checking out the website for the leadership initiative at

Are you in desperate need of a business reset? Are you in need of a personal reset? Well then look no further than the leadership initiative who has been run and operated by Clay stairs. He is a well-known business coaching the Tulsa Oklahoma area. He is also successful entrepreneurial venture capitalist author writer and motivational speaker. He has become known as America’s millionaire school teacher because he successfully made the transition from being a government worker teacher and Coach to being a successful entrepreneur who had operated and opened successful businesses and under 5 years. And he did it with the help of the business coach of his very own.

That is Is Right clay staire’s had his very own business coach when he was first starting out. And it really helped him organize schedule and track the sales growth and His prophets so that he could then become the entrepreneur that he wanted to be who could spend less than and less time working in the business and then get him to a point where he could work on the business. That is why he wants to help other small business owners do the same. Because of business is there to serve the owner not the other way around. Are you feeling like you’re held hostage by your business or being held hostage by your employees? Then call us at 918-798-0852 because we would love to talk to you and do this every business assessment.

Play stairs can be found at the number 918-798-0852 and he can do a free consultation with you over the phone or if you are in the Professional Development Training Tulsa area surrounding area you are more than welcome to schedule a morning or afternoon to meet Clayton person at our office and as well as meet the team behind the scenes of the leadership initiative. That is right you not only get a one-on-one business coaching could you also get an entire team to work behind the scenes on your website make you brand new website graphic design photography videography accounting sales scripts and more.

You get all these services for one monthly payment every month. There are no surprises whatsoever. It is a month-to-month service there is no contract involved. And another bonus is at after the first 30 days you are not fully satisfied with the work that were giving you or the work that we are producing for you then we will give you all of your money back guaranteed. But I can say with confidence that we really do this because people begin staying positive changes and actual growth in their company after the first month. So Jump On In on jump into the train of the professional development training Tulsa training call 918-798-0852 or go online to our website

Professional Development Training Tulsa | Rest Assured

You can rest assured and know that the leadership initiative alongside the professional development training Tulsa training from the leadership initiative located in Tulsa Oklahoma has your back. Call 918-798-0852 to set up a free consultation phone call with Clay stairs the owner and operator and chief executive officer of the leadership initiative and Eagles to find Us online to view our website and do our client video testimonials on our website at

It is time for you to take back control of your company. The best way to do so is higher on the tire team to help you with the best science seen such as marketing advertising videography and photography graphic design sales sales scripts systems and processes to help make your company runs like a well-oiled machine so that you didn’t have to spend all your time and effort in the business. Now is the time for you to take back control of your company so that you can have more time for him and Financial Freedom to live a life that you were truly designed to live.

It’s coach so, Free that is online and we’re on the phone if you’re actually feeling like you want to come in and meet clay face-to-face you are more than welcome to do so. So the best way is actually good early morning or afternoon phone call to sit down with clay in person or by phone. And you can do so by calling 918-798-0852 or you can do a contact form on our website just leave your name phone number email and what service you were looking for from clay stairs and Leadership initiative on our website at

Now is the time for you as a business owner to no longer be a spectator of your company. It is now time that you get off your hands and knees with a hammer and nails in your hand and put those things down to that you can be a real entrepreneur that is helping your company Crow reach your financial goals as well as reach your full potential in the business. Too often many business owners are actually not entrepreneurs but workers. They have that work remind set and have all the emotion but no productivity and no proven systems or mentorship. To have a successful business model you need these things you need High execution proven systems and processes mentorship and expanded leadership. Without these you cannot go to the next level.

The next level 2 really ensure that your company is running like a well-oiled machine is to have your business go from a business model to a mature business. Have a mature business you need High experience scalability accountability trust in Freedom. So in order to get to these you need to be able to be more disciplined be have take the self initiative to get things done. As well as hire and fire those who are not necessary for the company or who are being toxic in the environment. You as a business owner need to be a business later to help Inspire your employees to be their absolute best both in the office and the office. You want to make sure that they are creating a good example and for your company. Call 918-798-0852 and ask about the professional development training Tulsa training program let’s all go to our website

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