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This content was written for The Leadership Initiative.

With professional development training Tulsa training by Clay Staires you will receive helpful tips that will get you the progress that you desire. Call 918-7980852 or go to to set up a consultation by phone or in person if you are in Oklahoma area the appointment lasts about 30 minutes so it’s really no time at all it’s just an introductory phone call Brittany Clay and see if this program would be a good fit for you and for the business. This program by far is probably one of the most beneficial programs out there today. A lot of programs and trainings or feel good dreams they give you some really great quotes and then they tell you to buy their book in order for you to succeed. With us that is not the case.

There is no upsell‘s so if you’re wanting to grow your business we have a proven system that is designed to help you with the life that you were truly designed to live. Now of course there is no contract involved it is month to month and if after a month you are not satisfied with the results that your company is getting and we will give you all of your money back. That is our company wow factor. So if this sounds appealing to you in anyway call us and and we can set up a day and time that works best for you to take have a free 30 minute phone appointment with Clay either by phone if you are out of state or you can come to our office in person if you are in the Tulsa or surrounding areas. Clay would love to meet you face-to-face and also introduce you to the team and give you a tour.

So make a smart choice and choose the leadership initiative and Clay Staires to be your business coach in development training. We help businesses who may be financially stuck or who are looking to improve their yearly growth. If you seem to be held hostage you can’t seem to have a moment to yourself as a business owner call us at 918-798-0852. We can help you create sustainable systems that will allow you to have a time freedom and financial freedom that you desire. Clay Staires is an entrepreneur business growth coach and investor as well as a successful offer. He is a well-known person in Oklahoma who is actually even more voted number one motivational speaker in Oklahoma. He is a dynamic and engaging individual who hooks you within the first 30 seconds.

We help business owners create a time freedom and financial freedom that they want and deserve as business owners. We do that by helping you establish revenue goals as well as including the branding such as website in your advertising as well as improving your marketing doing what we call a three legged marketing store so that you have more structure and how your marketing is done and ran. We also help you create sustainable customer acquisition cost and I am establish the number of customers we will need to break even but also get you to that goal of financial freedom. So if this is an ideal situation that you want to get into calls 918-798-0852 website If you want to have a growth it will come through continuous struggle and hard work on your part. For more information regarding professional development training Tulsa training by Clay Staires and the team here at leader ship initiative call 918-798-0852 or go to Clay is a well-known strategist entrepreneur Americas millionaire schoolteacher and business development coach. This is a man that you want to meet this is a man you want in your corner. So what are you waiting for it let’s hope grows a company with your growth percentage as well as your rent revenue. So stop what you’re doing and call us today’s free 30 minute appointment with Clay.

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This content was written for The Leadership Initiative.

Professional development training Tulsa gets you to propel your business and yourself into the stratosphere. Call 918-798-0852 and visit us online There is a whole lot of information. A cornucopia of information to get you started on knowing who and where and what and how Clay is doing what he is doing. So he is a man who is a man of his word. He is a dynamic and engaging individual who brings the energy into any situation. So I can tell you that if you spend 30 minutes on the phone with Clay he will be amazed and you have your socks knocked off because the perspective that he has a business growth is something that you don’t care a lot of. This is the man you want to have in your corner this is a man if you want to have a conversation with. Propel yourself into the next level so that you can for the business growth that you desire. I don’t mean that rather than working in the business all the time you should be working on the business.

That is why he created the business or started the business in the first place. This can be a life-changing experience for you if you just make a time to talk with Clay. We can set you up depending on your schedule a morning or afternoon is better for you call us at 918-798-0852 and we will set you up a time and day to talk with Clay Staires. It is about a 30 minute consultation with Clay Staires just so he can do a assessment with you and of your business to see if this would ultimately be the best fit for you as well as be a good fit for us. Clay doesn’t work with just everybody because he wants to work with diligent boys and not have your happy hopers. Which one are you? So get on the path to life change today. If this is something that you have been curious about maybe you had someone mentioned having a business coach or trainer in their lives and maybe you saw that it could benefit you in someway call us and will all get up on our calendars a time to talk with you about your company and where you would like it to be or maybe you have a business that is between the round and I take them back into a certain direction. If that is the case,‘s and will set you up with a free appointment with Clay Staires there is no obligation of course Clay will discuss any kind of benefits or packages that we have depending on your unique needs of stressors so that you can then verify and see if this would be a good fit for you.

Clay Staires has been named Americas millionaire schoolteacher as well as Oklahoma number one motivational speaker as well as teacher of the year and Missouri State coach of the year for his efforts and ability to teach and train individuals whether they be young kids or adults. It does not matter how long you have been in business it does not matter how old you are we have a proven system that was designed to help business owners of any age of any gender to get their business to where they can run without them in the business only themselves can’t live the life that they truly desire. If that is you and you want to have that time freedom and financial freedom call 918-798-0852. Professional development training Tulsa training was designed to set business owners free.

Call 918-798-0852 and or to propel yourself and your business into the stratosphere. Now it will take some work on your part of course. Because success is a choice if you want this business to work you have to put in the work. It might even mean that you have to work like hell and more hours than you would want but in order to get your business on the path into the goals that you have said then you’ve got to put in the work. So if that is you, so situate with the free 30 minute consultation with Clay so that he can do an assessment of your company as well as do a free website report to make sure that it is running the way it needs to be in order to benefit your business.

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