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Winner chicken dinner if you want to be a winner in your business and you want the business to be working for you not against you need to get more information about professional development training Tulsa today. The program is run by Mr. Clay Staires owner and operator of the company called the leadership initiative. We are located in Tulsa Oklahoma and we are here to help you. If you are a business owner and you keep thinking that you’re tired of being in the trenches or chasing your tail when it comes to making a profit on what you’re producing then you need to give us a call 918-798-0852 for more information about this program or go to

And what I can do for you. Take only 30 minutes of your time to have a scheduled free consultation with Mr. Staires. That’s why he’s here. Won’t take too much of your time out of your day if you want freedom both financially and time then you give us a call if you want to find and keep better employees give us a call if you want more structure and systems in your business you give us a call the number again is 918-798-0852.

Professional development training Tulsa by Clay Staires. He started out as a football coach and a science teacher plan found out it would be a dead end and didn’t get him where he needed to go there was the hit the glass ceiling financially so he decided that he still wanted to help people and he decided that he was going to go out on his own and become a business coach. He knew that there was greater potential to help people if he was being a coach himself. Now he helps small, medium, and large business businesses with their structure, employees, leads, time, and cash flow. If any of these sound familiar that you seem to be struggling with give us a call 918-798-0852 or visit us on our website and you can read his bio how he got to start and where he is why he is also good or testimonials hold that is full of real client video testimonials. These guys were in the trenches of their business and then they called Clay. They experience the freedom and time and finances to be able to live the life that they were truly designed to live that’s why Clay does what he does and he wants to give people the freedom to do what they want to do when they want to do it.

Call the number 918-798-0853 for more information about professional development training to us about Clay Staires. He is an investor and entrepreneur and would like to help you grow your company to its fullest potential. Do not give up on your business this is what you want to do you want to be a business owner so that you can be free to do the things in life that you want to do. It might be hard now and it might require hard work, but I can guarantee you if you fall the systems and procedures that Clay puts in place you will experience the freedom that you have so long desired but never retained.

This is Clay’s direct phone line so you’re not going to be getting some random color in India that’s going to patch you through or take a message for Sister’s phone and if he doesn’t answer the phone right away you can always leave a voicemail and tell them your name your business and what you were looking for out of the professional development training Tulsa program or out of business coaching.

Professional Development Training Tulsa | Rated #1

This content was written for the leadership initiative

Professional development training Tulsa and write another one by our small businesses in the Tulsa area it has been created by Clay Staires the owner and operator of the leadership and the Clay Staires is an entrepreneur and investor with multi-million dollar companies in hell Oklahoma. Believe me, go to his website for the nation or you can call him directly at 918-798-0852 information about this program nation about his business coaching. I’m telling you it would be a smart decision but not only that but a smart investment. You need to invest in the future you need to invest in you that you need to ask for help if you keep chill and get things right. If you’ve been in business for a year or you been in business for 40 years and it doesn’t matter you can always learn something new there are always new tools of the trade and business that you can learn.

Call 918-798-0853 for more information about professional development training Tulsa Oklahoma. Clay Staires was a teacher and coach before he went into business consulting and he knew that teaching and coaching to get in so far in school Clay please so he went into business for himself because he wanted time freedom and financial freedom something that he could never get as a teacher. He began his business as a business coach and knew that this was the path that he was supposed to go down until he decided to retire as a millionaire. He helps small, medium, and large businesses of all sizes and their CEOs with their marketing, their sales, their employees, their sales flow, their cash flow their time, their management, and organization.

If you want to find out more information call 918-798-0852 for more information about the professional development training toss it will be the best decision if it makes no matter what you’re going through as a business owner if you want to make more profit and you want to have more time for yourself and your family then you need to get it is life-changing but you have to be the one to make the call Clay Staires will never force anybody to do anything he will give you everything you need on a golden platter but you have to take it and you have to implement it into the action required to make your business successful. Clay is not the owner of new business you are a business so if you want to succeed you have to work at it.

What is better than financial freedom and time freedom? Absolutely nothing as a business owner this is why you start a business in the first place, or the business will work for you and you don’t have to work for your business. If you find yourself working in your business and you are not being profitable and you seem to be in the trenches every day but don’t seem to have time for yourself and you need to give us a call at 918-798-0852 for one information about professional development training at pico stairs. Clay Staires is one-of-a-kind he is a great coach and great mentor for those who were asking for his help. Go to our website and look at our testimonials page these are testimonials from past and present clients who have worked with Clay in the past.

These business owners were just like you. They were struggling in their everyday life as business owners whether it be dealing with their cash flow, time, employees, or more structure in their business they were like you and they took the chance and called Clay to get more information about him at the number to call is 918-798-0852 and the phone call is free it’s a free consultation only 30 minutes of your time and I can guarantee you have 30 minutes to spare. It’s not going to be a waste of your time amount and see what he can do for you and how we can help you out it’s all depends on your unique needs and stressors. Choose the guy who was rated number one by Arsenal business owners, to go for information about the professional development training Tulsa program.

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