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This content was written for The Leadership Initiative.

The business will be better than before when you take a chance on the professional development training Tulsa lead and created by none other than the incredible Clay Staires. It will definitely be worth your time at the conversation with Clay to find out more about the program is it only takes about 30 minutes of your time and again to 30 minutes that you’re talking to him is free it’s a no obligation. The number to call is 918-798-0852 or go to for more information that is Clay Staires’ direct line so you’re not going to get some random collar in India or China to get your message or pass it on. If he doesn’t answer your phone just need a simple voicemail telling him your name your business and what you were looking for in the program or in business coaching.

Professional development training Tulsa is something I believe that every business owner needs whether you’ve been in business for one year or been in business for 35 years it doesn’t matter you can always learn something new but you have to be able to or willing to learn new things. Old dogs can learn new tricks but can’t be stubborn about it Clay Staires has a lot of information again he has a lot of systems and tools that he’s created that are guaranteed to help business owners but you first have to be the one to implement them and take action.

If this is, you go ahead and give us a call at 918-798-0852 for more information about the professional development training Tulsa or just in general questions about the business coaching provided by Clay Staires and his team. You can also go online to we also have a page dedicated to client testimonials. Client video client testimonials are from both past and present clients and these clients have seen real change in their business all because they gave Clay Staires a call.

And if that’s you we definitely are here to help you that’s why we reach out that’s why we won’t these articles so that anyone who is curious about professional development training in Tulsa or curious about business coaching they can give us a call at this number 918-798-0852 or go online to our website for more information about this program or about business consulting.

If you want your business to improve for your life to improve got to give us a call you have to take action we give you a call to action by giving me the phone number to call and I get this phone number is Clay‘s direct line if you don’t get them the first time go ahead and leave a message 918-798-0852 or you can go to one website again the website is and we have a contact form that you can fill up with your name number and what you’re looking for and we will get back to you within a day. Remember professional development training Tulsa.

Professional Development Training Tulsa | Star Power

This content was written for The Leadership Initiative.

Clay Staires has the star power and he created the program professional development training Tulsa to help small medium and large businesses succeed not short-term but long-term. If this is something that you can strive for but still been hitting a wall call the number 918-798-0852 or go to our online website for the professional development training Tulsa or you can even just type in his name into Google and his Google business page will pop up with our mini-reviews that you can Venmo me for real clients that we have worked with a passion present.

On our website, we have a ton of client testimonials that we’ve worked with over the few years that we’ve been in business. Now if you’re still unsure then you can even go as far as reading Clay ‘s bio on his website that tells you to look at more about how he got his start and why he is indeed coaching business. He loves business coaching he actually used to be a teacher and coach for a number of years and he was awarded teacher of the year and coach of the year or even but he knew that that path was only going to take him so far and he decided to do what he was really passionate about but teach adults rather than kids.

Mr. Staires has a lot of knowledge to give and he wants to be able to give it to you but you have to call the number to reserve a spot or just talk to him about whatever stressors or unique issues you’re having within your business. When you start a business, you want the business to work for you and not the opposite. If you feel that you’re just constantly working in your business all the time and you don’t have the energy for time or even the finances to do anything that you really want to do then give us a call we thrive in situations like this we want to be able to give you the financial freedom and the time freedom that you have so long desired for so many years but still have not yet grasped it.

Clay not only has the star power but he definitely has the knowledge and the expertise to get you where you want to go but you again you got to make the first move by calling 918-798-0852 to get the information that you need it again the consultation is free so you’re not spending any money just by talking to him like you’re still reading this article stop what you’re doing get your phone out and dial the number or go to Your life gets better when you do when you make the conscious decision to better your circumstances to better your business your life will then begin to change whether it be in a week a month or even a year but it is well worth just having a conversation with Clay.

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