Do not let yourself and your business go over the cliff before you have a chance to speak with Clay stairs owner and founder of the leadership initiative in the professional development training Tulsa training program and other such business coaching services that we offer right here in some of the universe Tulsa Oklahoma. Give me a call 918-798-0852 now so go to Is it our website today to see that we are legit business with a legit services that are actually helping small businesses and their owners actually grow to have time for a new Financial Freedom. It’s up to you to be able to decide what you’re willing to put in order to get your company out of the rat that is currently in.

What are you waiting for? What are you looking for? What are your issues? What things are you trying to address by yourself that you can’t seem to just be drowning in? If you want a position where you’re just having to do with that employees and bad managers who simply just turn up for a paycheck but not really do the work that you’ve asked me to do or do not have the mindset to grow and are just stuck in their ways never really actually developing themselves in to become better people into having more better person with the bonuses that they can a better career development.

Dune read do not risk your business closing because you were afraid to ask for help. It is time for you to actually pull up your big boy pants and actually do the job as a leader and they ask for help when you need it. There’s nothing wrong with that there is no shame in it. That is why clay staire’s himself when he was starting out with his business he was actually reached out to visit coach and is still working with the same business today. Within five years he sell 600% growth in his businesses. He started 6 successful companies in under 5 years and they are still running like a well-oiled machine today.

We live with we want to help you get to a place in the business and as a as a place as Business underwear you can lead rather than having to be the worker. It’s time for me you’d be a business owner and not just a manager or an or a worker. That is why you have managers and workers who will do the work for you so that you can actually be deleted that you need to be that is effective and efficient and growing your business and putting more money in your pocket. It is time for you to you know collect yourself and time to invest in business coaching.

Call 918-798-0852 to discuss the leadership initiative and how we can get you off the edge of the cliff and keep you from going over the cliff today. The professional development training Tulsa training is made just for this reason to help you become a better leader while also helping you develop your people so that they know exactly what the systems and procedures are and they follow them to the tea. It’s time for you to be in charge again. Call or go online to our website for additional information at

Professional Development Training Tulsa | Intent on Growth

Professional development training Tulsa is just what you need especially if you are a business owner who is has a struggling business to struggling to keep the lights on to the doors open and who is someone who is intent on growth. Of course you need to be able to take this into your own hands and it is okay to ask for help and that is why the leadership initiative than it is here located in Tulsa Oklahoma to help small business owners like you to have time for my Financial Freedom to speak with Clay stairs today he’s the owner and founder of the company and he’d like to discuss more depth detail about what you’re struggling with what your needs are and see if we can have to help you with our business coaching services so call 918-798-0852 and also check out our website at

It’s time to leave the old ways of doing things behind you. Embrace our business coaching systems that were designed specifically to help small business owners like yourself all over this great country of ours actually have time during the Financial Freedom. A lot of business owners think that is not possible or the struggle that they haven’t dated a in the business is actually normal. I’m here to tell you that it is not normal. You was a business owner have the right to have a business that works for you not against you.

You are the owner that means that you were going to have to be the worker your. Do not spend 24 hours at 7 days a week in a business having to do all the work picking up the back of your employees. It is your employees and managers job to do the work to keep the company running while you actually are just the overseer of it and Sue actually can grow your company. Do not let yourself get lost in the small things. It is about you getting to a point where you actually as as business owner can sit back and relax and watch your company grow and be more intent on the grill if your company.

Do not let your employees are managers get in your way. If your managers and employees are not on board with the changes that you and Clay are putting into your business then that means that they’re not the best fit for your company and then need to find another job. It is okay to have some competition professional development training Tulsa with your employees because you were the business owner of the business is there to serve you. The business is not there to serve your employees.

Your business is there to make a profit so that you can have more money in the bank to pay your people but also to pay yourself. That is why people going to business in the first place to be their own boss to be there or not renew her. But if you ever find yourself involved in that kind of place of Ben call 918-798-2852 to discuss clay stairs about the professional development training Tulsa training. Also visit us on the web at

Clay Staires