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Intentional wins the race especially when you get on board with the professional development training Tulsa program at Clay Staires. It is the number one rated business training out there. If you’re interested or even curious about business coaching call 918-798-0852 or go to to get more information or all the information you ever want or desire. But do not take my word for it go to war website and look up our video testimonials. It is a great page to visit especially when you are doing your research. All these past and present ever worked with him as business coaching clients.

There are many things about Clay. Within about 30 seconds of the meeting and you will be booked. His personality is one that is unlike any other person out there. He has been hours and expertise as a business customer so that your business grows. If you want growth call us at 918-798-0852 over to our website to get information more about him. He’s actually started out as a teacher for his postings actually a science teacher and at he was really good at it but he knew that that vehicle when I get him if you want me to go. Where do you want to go? Do you want to go down the route to time freedom and financial freedom. If that sounds like something that you have been striving for but have yet to fully break down that barrier give us a call 918-798-0852.

He’s the best of the best and he is all about intention. If you want to be successful business owners about how you spend your time and your money. Intentionality is the key to a successful business owner. Success is a choice did you know that? Did you also know that 96% of businesses fail well only 4% actually have a long-term successful business? Well which one are you are you in the majority that fail or are you in the minority that succeed. If you are in the majority and you want to keep your business going to seem to be just going month to month I’m not really earning any profit anymore give us a call if you want to help you with my help you grow. If you’re struggling with keeping your business afloat because of your employees you can’t seem to keep people or you can’t seem to find the right people for the job cost.

Play is by far one of the best business coaches in the business professional development training program by Clay Staires is probably one of the best out there. He works with clients all over the United States not just in Tulsa Oklahoma. Oklahoma is it melting pot for entrepreneurs investors. A lot like you are feeling stuck or they seem to be chasing the tail and can’t really seem to get out of the rain. If it sounds like you need 798085 to get all the information you could ever want. Clay Staires is a man who is trustworthy he’s an encourager he’s an investor he is an entrepreneur is a motivator he’s a trainer and he is a coach. He has all of that in one person. He make sure that everything that he is coaching is it something that you guys can grasp and something that you can implement into business with your team.

The Professional development training Tulsa training 918-798-0852 or But your business thrive. With business coaching by Clay Staires you will see a total difference in how your business is running even after month. Sidenote if after a month you were not fully satisfied with the results that you were getting for your business we will give you all of your money back. Yes I said all of your money back. Guaranteed. So cold today your life will get better when you make the first move. What are you to do anything we want you to be intentional and we want you to implement everything that we gave you.

Professional Development Training Tulsa | Mark My Words

This content was written for The Leadership Initiative.

Mark my words that professional development training Tulsa program by Clay Staires is one of the best in the whole United States. Call 918-798-0852 or visit us online at Clay Staires not only works with business owners and their businesses in Tulsa Oklahoma I might add the center of the universe but he also works with businesses of various sizes all over the continental United States. If you are one of those businesses I can say that he can help you. Sometimes we work with business owners who you know not even sure what their main issues are until we then talk to them and are able to uncover the problems that they might be having. A lot of the times most business owners are struggling with their leads.

Now with the leads problem that might be their phone is not ringing or I’m big issue is there just not aging out to leads that they get. Now with us we will help you begin to filter out the lead so that they become strong leads and give you a better profit. Fun fact Clay has helped his clients grow an average of 30% year over year. Every year a client has brought their numbers up. That is a good problem to have. A lot of these business owners that were working with didn’t really know if they wanted to coach or you know even needed a coach.

Another one that is a huge issue for a majority of the clients that we talk to or are currently working with is cash flow. However leads and cash flow go together like peanut butter and jelly. If you do not call your lead you are not going to get any cash. Or they have cash coming in but they just don’t know how they are spending it or where it is it is all going. Then they end up racking up a huge credit card bill just trying to pay off bills because they are not really sure how much money they have or how much they can spend. If that is something that you are really struggling with right now I can say that we’ve had business owners just like you and your situation begin working with Clay and begin to clarify or to uncover this issue and then begin to get practical proven steps to get them on the path to bettering their financial situations.

Or I would like to call this the big kahuna. Majority of all business owners whether it’s a small business your start up or you are a large corporation every business deals with not having good employees. But, here at Clay Staires’s office we have the formula the magic formula I should say to help you find and filter your recruiting process to find the hidden gems. I can’t say that those hidden gems or as I like to Colin the unicorns do exist. It is just giving you the prunes hiring system that you can then implement into your business so that you can begin filtering out all the bad apples that will then reveal unicorns. Once you find those unicorns you will not want to let them go. They are in valuable to any business that find them. If maybe you have one employee that you feel is that a player then that is the basis of which to go on to find more like them. Here at Clay Staires office and his professional development training Tulsa training we can add you know begin to run you through that proven recruiting system. But you have to call us. That number to call is 918-798-0852 or if you want to do your research first go to our website and there is a contact form on there that you can fill out and we usually get back to anyone who filled out the online form we get back to you within a day.

This phrase professional development training Tulsa program. Also if this is of interest to you call 918-798-0852 or you can get a hold of us through our website Either way it is two great ways to get a hold of us. We want to help you in anyway that we can. Whether it is in the area of recruiting or it might be in the area of knowing your numbers or maybe just helping you with your website call us. Your life will get better when you do. We want to help you in your sales systems. We want to give you and systems that are designed to help you better your business. Now you simply have to call us you need to make the move. We will never force you to do anything but if you want to change the way your business is currently running call us.

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